Friday, 6 January 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 6th Jan 2017 - Anne Geddes, 3 kings and River of Time

Well hello ladies! Happy New Year!

Shall I show you my postcard first? Here's a card that arrived yesterday from my friend in Italy. It is a cute card by Anne Geddes and she knows I like those:
Anne Geddes is famous for her baby photography. She is Australian but lives currently in New York (according to Wikipedia). Isn't this a cute pupa!

I hope it made you smile, because today is Friday Smiles. (Hosted by Annie).

I have just finished a book called River Of Time: Waterfall. The first of three books that I bought (in e-book form) recently. I only 'buy' books that are free or max 99 pence. I got this one from Bookhub for 1.98 pounds sterling for the three.
It's officially a teen and young adult book (which I don't mind), in a similar vein as The Hunger Games. In this case Gabriella and her sister Lia spend a bored summer in Italy on their mother's archeological dig, when they trespass in an Etruscan grave and get time travelled back to Medieval times. Gabi meets handsome prince who helps her look for her sister from whom she had gotten separated somehow. Lots of swashbuckling adventures with a bit of romance. A good yarn. I am looking forward to the next one.
What else has been happening this week? Well today is Epiphany or in Spanish: Los Reyes (the kings). This is when Spanish children get their presents and they have all been looking forward to this day. Yesterday afternoon the three kings made their entrance with a great parade. I didn't go yesterday to watch, so I have some photos of previous local parades.
 The children on the floats throw sweets and candies into the crowds.
Here is a Three King joke:

And to finish off, a funny of a different kind:

I hope you are not having a bad day. In fact I wish you a great day, and a fantastic weekend to follow.

Keep smiling,




  1. Its interesting how the same holiday can have different traditions in different places. :) Love your older photos and learning about this. Happy weekend Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  2. Hi Lisca! Just bumped into your blog post on G+. Nice to see you're still around, although you seem to have disappeared from WOYWW! I'm sure I'm not the only one who've missed you! Some fun photos on your blog! Happy 2017!


    1. It's so nice to know I have been missed! Thank you. I have not done any crafting but have been blogging twice a week,(as you might see on G+). I will join again once I get back into the swing of things.
      Happy New Year to you too!

  3. Hi Lisca. I really appreciated your smiles this week. I'm just back from yet another funeral...this time of a 94 year old so was really more a celebration of a wonderful life but sad nonetheless. Thanks for joining in and linking's the smiles that keep us going isn't it?
    Annie x

  4. Hi Lisca. I love the Anne Geddes postcard, I used to have a whole book of her photos.
    your Kings parade is much grander than ours, but as you an see from my post, we do celebrate all day today as well. We went to the parade in Almeria city one year, and it was amazing.
    I also love a good book to get lost in. I am not sure your one is quite my style, but as long as I can 'get into it' quite quickly, I enjoy reading anything. Happy new Year. Kate x

  5. Happy New Year Lisca!
    Hope you had a wonderful holiday season. Love your funnies!
    Have a happy and heathy 2017.

  6. Fab post, I was reading all about the three Kings on Kate's Rocking post, it looks like quite a festival! Loving the funnies!

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.

    Much love

  7. Hi Lisca, sorry I'm a bit late but we are in France this week skiing so been a bit occupied since Friday. Love the postcard, how sweet is that photograph! have a lovely weekend and happy crafting, Angela xXx