Friday, 20 January 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 20 Jan 2017 Friday Smiles

Hello peeps,

Everywhere in Europe there seems to be a lot of snow and we have been spared, until Wednesday, when it started to snow here too. This is the view from my living room yesterday afternoon. And this morning it is still snowing:

As long as it doesn't snow on Wednesday when we will be driving to Malaga airport and we will have to go through a mountain pass. They close the motorway when there is too much snow. But the forecast is good. Fingers crossed.

So what have I been up to this week? Well, we found out it was someone's birthday at our home church meeting. I had already cut up the tray bake I had made:

Then we found out it was Paco's birthday! So we improvised with a few candles on his slice of cake.

Once a week my girlsfriends and I get together for prayer. We usually go to my friend Antonia. Now she has several cats. Here are a few of them on the table in the conservatory. I tried to photograph them but they wouldn't pose!

They're cute aren't they?

This week I did a lot of cooking and baking again. I've been given more kaki fruit so I made another Persimmon cake (or kaki fruit cake). You saw this photo last week. 
It needs walnuts, so I have to start by cracking the nuts:
One cup full takes me about 20 minutes.
I use a Pyrex glass mould and the cake always comes out perfectly. The magic ingredient being ...brandy!

My postcard for today is one of my English Heritage collection. It is a photo by Eric de Mare  (1910-2002). 

The caption reads: Fishermen's stores ('net shops') on the beach at Hastings 1956. The net shops are the traditional storage buildings of the Hastings fishing fleet. They were used in the past to stow gear made from natural materials – cotton nets, hemp ropes, canvas sails etc – which would rot if left in the open, especially when wet. If possible, the items would be dried on the beach first, and then kept dry inside these weather-tight stores.

This week we went to spend a couple of days at our weekend home 50 km down the road. This was a sunset from the kitchen window:

Now for a few funnies:

I can identify with this last one!

Wishing everyone a good week. I'm off to visit (and link up) with Annie at A Stitch in Time and Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday. 

Stay safe,


  1. Thankfully our snow has been minimal so hope yours goes as quickly as ours. Yes I had my machine back last week ( I put it on my post) instead of the quoted £89 it was £113 but as I can't manage without it I just have to pay it.
    I can relate to the bad hair day pics too lol
    Annie x

  2. Looks cold and wintery, but lots of yummy food and good friends always help. Maybe not good for the diet, but helps makes a winter day feel warm. Happy weekend. Hugs-Erika

  3. Ah - wow look at the snow - we've had only a light dusting - you on the other hand have had proper stuff. I hope it doesn't cause problems for you later in the week. The cats are lovely and yes they don't tend to pose well do they! I'm loving the look of the cake, the persimmon fruit is quite subtle raw, does it increase the intensity of the flavour when it is in a cake? I forgot to mention on my post what the counterfeit kit was - you asked last week - sorry. It is a challenge blog, they find an online kit and then ask people to create a similar one from their own supplies, the idea is that you use the kit up during the month and share your crafting. There blog site is Have a beautiful weekend and week ahead. Much love

  4. Hi Lisca,
    You've gotten more snow than we have here. Another storm coming in over the weekend so we'll see what happens.

    The postcard you shared is very cool. Where do you get them? I like the history behind them also. Really brings them to life.

    Good luck with your travels; be safe.



    1. I buy most of my postcards online. Webshops in Russia and Poland. This card is a collection of cards I bought from Amazon.It was a box set of 100 cards from the English Heritage archives. I am a member of where I get to send a card to a random computer generated addres of a fellow member, and then some time later I receive a card from someone (not the person I sent it to). I have been doing this for a good few years and I have hundreds of cards. I scan the ones I send as well as the ones I receive. I have fun looking up more info about places on the internet.

  5. I thought you'd have some snow to show this week. I hope it clears for your journey to Malaga.
    The cakes all look delicious. I miss baking, but if I bake, then I eat, and isn't good for my diabetes!
    I love ll the ginger cats. they look very happy together.
    Hope you have a good week, Kate xx

  6. Wow, you got SNOW. My ice has all melted, so I'm glad of that. I thought your cake with candles was quite fast forward thinking. So glad you had a few candles to put on Paco's cake.

    LOVED the cats. And get used to the fact that cats don't pose. They sulk, they hide, they look away, but they seldom pose.

    I loved Monday Lisa. That was fantastic. Hope the pass is open on Wednesday and you have a good trip. For now, though, have a wonderful Friday and weekend.

  7. I loved seeing the beautiful snow photo Lisca! It's a lovely scene from your window. We are having lots of rain and wind here today in southern California. Hopefully, the roads will be good when you travel later over the pass. I know that snowy roads can be dangerous. Thank you for sharing another lovely cake with us; it looks yummy. Be safe. Hugs, Pat

  8. Hi Lisca, there is always something to smile about on your blog and it looks like you've had a busy week. I believe that they have found some people alive in the hotel that suffered the avalanche. I am pleased to say that the hotel were we are is not in that type of position. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  9. My goodness, you have more snow that I have here in Canada! I hope the weather is good for your trip to the airport.
    I like Monday Lisa, but the other picture seems to be how I look every morning :-)
    Have a fab holiday and visit with your Mum.

  10. Hope you manage to get away when you need to! The snow photo looks really, really lovely. Much better than our 38-40C hot days, I think!!! Those fishing 'huts'? We went there and saw them in Hastings on our last trip in May 16!!! They're still there! Your birthday cake is FUN & those cats..shame they wouldn't pose!!

  11. What a view in the snow! That cake looks delicious too.