Tuesday, 17 January 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 17 Jan 2017 - T for Ecuadorians, Picasso and murals.

Good morning everyone! It's Tuesday again. It comes round so fast!

Lets start with my postcard. It's a postcard from Spain that I sent to someone last week:

Do you recognise this man? It's Pablo Picasso, the famous Spanish painter. He was born in Malaga in 1881 but spent most of his adult life in France. The card gives the date of the photo as 1953 but I happened to notice a book on the pile is Inky Darkling by Luis Grudin. Now that book wasn't published until 1954. Oh well, I'm just being a bit pernickety. It doesn't really matter.

So what's been happening? While most of Europe is covered in snow, we are relatively comfortable. No snow so far but some chance of snow tomorrow. Well we have a four wheel drive vehicle so we should be OK.
I hope electricity has returned to the house of Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover. The weather has been very bad there too. Are you OK Elizabeth? 

I'm linking up with Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover for T for Tuesday. Any post with a drink in it is welcome. So here is my contribution:
 When we were at church on Sunday, our Ecuadorian friends asked us if we would like to come home with them and share lunch with them. We did. There was chicken and rice and guacamole and a large sweetcorn dish  and lots of pork meat too. (not everything was visible on the photo).
Just as we were leaving, their youngest son offered to take a photo:
My hubby and I with our jackets on on the left.

Before I go I'd like to share some more street art with you. I have nearly 2000 images of street art on my Pinterest page, and when I am in a city, I look out for those things. 
When we were in Madrid recently I found this one:

I know nothing about it. We just walked past it. (For those who noticed it, sextienda means sex shop).

I love to see the sides of large buildings (where there are no windows) painted with something beautiful or eye catching. Here are a few examples:

This is by an artist called Aryz. He lives in Barcelona, Spain. In one biography I read he was born in Palo Alto, California. I don't know. He is a young man with spray cans and paint roller and he works all around the world.

The following murals are all by Aeyz. This is in Granollers, Catalunya, Spain.

Aalborg in Denmark.

This can be found in Venezuela, in Maracay.

This last one is in San Francisco.

I hope you liked this collection of murals/streetart/grafitti.

I'm going to love you and leave you as they say....
Happy T-Day,


  1. I've never had Peruvian food before but it looks pretty good. And you have a cool collection of street art. How many of these have you actually gotten to see? Hope you don't get too much snow. We have some more coming this week too. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. What a fascinating array of street art. I really like the work they do in Melbourne down here.... they have lots of narrow alleyways with it decorated, and always changing.... you do get to meet peeps from all over the world in your little corner of the world! I'd be like 'hmmmm' re: that post card too;)!!

  3. The street art is wonderful, love to see good street art. The postcard of PP is great, too. And that food............yummy!
    You asked about my camera. I have a Sony Cybershot DSC-HX300, with a 50x zoom. It has just one objective. My neighbour has one with changeable objectives, but as I can't always use my fingers well, my one is easier for me. Have fun if you join a photography club. Hugs, Valerie

    1. Thank you for that info about your camera. I have decided to buy a new camera. I'm going to Holland next week and have some money on my Dutch bank account. I can just about afford that one. I've read reviews and compared it with other cameras. I'm also looking at the Canon Powershot. It costs a bit more but has wifi. Do I really need wifi? probably not. I'll let you know what I bought in the end. Thanks again.

    2. My old camera had wifi, and I never used it, it was not necessary to send the photos off so quickly....Whatever you choose, have fun. I am very happy with mine because the zoom is just amazing!

  4. Oh my what fascinating street art!! Nothing like that here in my town. Love the Picasso card. I have seen that photo of him before. How nice to have that wonderful lunch invite too. So nice to meet so many different cultures in one place. Happy T day!

  5. Ah the murals are fantastic! Loving the shared lunch too -how lovely!

  6. The street art murals look fantastic, worthy of being in an art gallery not outside.
    It looks like you had a lovely time with friends for lunch, which looked delicious.
    Happy Y day
    Yvonne xx

  7. Happy T Day

    I just love this post with the amazing street art

    Chrissie xx

  8. Isn't it nice when friends invite you to lunch? I'll bet it was delicious. Thanks for the street photo's. Since I'm right in the Bay Area I'm going to have to look up the one in S.F.

  9. I do like the street art Lisca! I tend to think there is graffiti and then theres art and there is a difference..lol This? now this is art... thank you so much for sharing it..

    Love your postcard on Picasso... AND the fact that you notice the date may be wrong... now thats attention to detail! :) happy happy T day Lisca! Stay warm! Hugs! deb

  10. Happy T-day Lisca!
    Your Sunday lunch with friends looks and sounds just wonderful, and wonderful smiles in your photo too!
    The street art is wonderful, they are starting to do a little more of it around here.
    I will check out your Pinterst page too.
    Stay safe and warm.

  11. My friend Sami (see my left side bar for Sami's Colorful World) lives in Perth (AU) and finds these wonderful murals on buildings, fences, and in tunnels. They are fantastic, and I am in love with the ones you shared, too.

    Your Picasso postcard is wonderful. I agree with Deb that you must inspect these with a fine tooth comb.

    I'm in love with guacamole, so I would have joined you and your friends for lunch. You all look very happy, too.

    I have noticed that Coke looks different in Spain. In England (and probably all of Great Britain), Coke looks the same as in the states. In France, it comes in glass bottles, but looks basically the same. I have a large glass bottle of Coke from Mexico that looks the same as the states, except it has "Hecho en Mexico" and "1 Litro" on it. But your Coke looks nothing like ours. So different, except for the red and white swatch. Thanks for sharing these drinks, your postcard, and your wonderful street/building art with us for T this Tuesday.

  12. The food looks fabulous :) and Wow! that street art! I try to notice street art when I come across it, but I seldom see such large works.

    Happy T Tuesday!

  13. The street art is wonderful, great artist! Apparantly there is a Graffiti competition each year in Blackpool, so we hope to check it out this year, I think it would be amazing to watch someone create one of these masterpieces :-). Your postcard is lovely and I had to smile about the book and them getting the date wrong :-). It looks like you had a lovely time with your friends, the lunch looks so fresh and delicious. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. We are always delighted by street art in our travels.
    What an art it is to paint in such a huge format too!
    Those are some interesting ones.
    You could be an inspector of some kind (maybe you already are LOL) with your key for detail Lisca :-)
    Looks like you had a very fine feast with friends.
    Happy T Day to you from rainy and gray Virginia, USA

  15. What wonderful murals and street art. Thanks for sharing them. As well as the picture of you with your Ecuadorian friends and the lovely meal they served. It's fun trying different cuisines and it seems like you are in a very good spot to do that - very cosmopolitan.

  16. I came back to respond to your comment to me:) Yes, Il Volo is similar to Il Divo but more contemporary, much younger , and just darling to meet! I make a fair amount of Valentines because I always send to friends-near and far. Those that have been near and in my life for so many years I like to show my gratitude and love, for it is them, more than family that have been my saviors.

  17. Great postcard!!! THe food looks really good too. ALl of this good food is making me so hungry :) I love street art too and love the photos you shared today !!! HAppy T evening ...

  18. How thoughtful of your friends' son to take a photo of all of you. The food looks delicious and the bottle of Coca Cola made me smile. Universal, I guess. The street art is fabulous. I could never imagine working that large. Nice when a city utilizes unused space for art to brighten a drab area or an uninteresting building. Thanks for sharing.

  19. wow, These works of mural art are spectacular! when i´m travelling i´m always on the lookout for two things: graveyards and Graffiti. so interesting. thanks for showing These and happy t-day (ok, wednesday already;))

  20. Fascinating street art and this food looks yummie! You all look happy on that picture! Always nice to be with friends!
    Happy T-Day on Wednesday dear Lisca!
    oxo Susi

  21. I love street art and these examples you are showing here are fabulous examples! How wonderful that you had that lovely meal with friends! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  22. I love street art and these examples you are showing here are fabulous examples! How wonderful that you had that lovely meal with friends! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx