Tuesday, 17 November 2015

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 17 Nov 2015 - T for.... corkscrews

Good Morning! Good Tuesday!

Today I'm going to show you something that is drink related so I can link up and join with T for Tuesday. Do join us if you can. Here is the link: altered booklover.

As you all know, I do Postcrossing. So what I'm showing you here is a postcard. I received this one from Germany a while ago. Can you see what they are? They are cork screws! Aren't they amazing? Some of them I wouldn't have a clue how they would work.

And some of them look quite familiar.
I love to drink wine so the cork screw is an important item in our house hold.
My favorite is this one:

This is what we use at home (not featured on the postcard). These are expensive and bulky so in the campervan we have this one:
I think a version of that is on the postcard.

As we are talking about wine.... This was our dinner table on Thursday. 
I cooked guinness pie. I only got one bottle of Guinness, and that got used to cook the meat. So we didn't have Guinness with our dinner but good ol' red wine. As you can see, we are still eating outside in the day. In the evening it gets cold, but in the day it is quite hot in the sun.

Now just one final 'Aaah!':

This is our little Precious. The kitten that turned out to be a 'he' and not a 'she'. But we still call him Precious!

Wishing you all a lovely T-day,




  1. Precious is well named.... I am drooling at the thought of Guinness pie and wine, how lovely. Great postcard with all the corkscrews, I have quite a variety here and can never find one when I need it....Have a great week, hope it stays warm for you! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I can´t decide if those corkscrews look vicious or are aesthetically pleasing, particularly in such large numbers. I guess the object is what´s important, opening that bottle, and enjoying it with a loved one! Oh, the pie, I looove steak&ale pie! And aaah... the cutest kitty! Happy T-Day! :-)

  3. Fascinating to see all those corkscrews! That is an important gadget in our home too:):) Thanks for sharing your Guiness Pie as it just reminded me to get the ingredients to make a Cottage Pie ! How wonderful you can still enjoy eating outdoors. Precious is just that. Happy T day!

  4. I have a version of your second opener. I had to buy it when I served wine once time during a dinner I was hosting. Only used it once, but it was well worth the price I paid for it. I even have one similar to one of the two from the left in the postcard, but it is only good for breaking the cork. Not so the more expensive one.

    I've never had Guinness pie, but it sound wonderful, and needless to say, fattening. It certainly looks good, though.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely postcard, your Guinness pie AND your wine with us for T this Tuesday. If it weren't so early here, I'd want some of that savory pie for breakfast.

  5. this postcard is awesome! i photographed a collection like this in a rum store in Flensburg (northern Germany). your meal makes me hungry, it Looks so delicious!
    happy t-day!

  6. The postcard is fascinating and yes some of those do look questionable :) Your Precious is adorable . We have an Ella who turned out to really be a he but the name stayed. Your meal looks great :)

  7. How nice that it's still hot enough to eat outside for lunch. :) I miss patio dining when it cools off, but I love the autumn colors.

  8. Oh, you had me at wine! LOVE the post card and all the cork screws pictured. I think I have enough of them to fill a picture post card too! Seems I always leave without one, when we travel, end up buying an other one, carting it back home and putting it in the drawer with all the others......haha! I even have a battery operated one, that I normally use here at the house.
    It has turned cold here, so see you have your meal outside, in the sun, was enjoyable....and the food looks yummy!
    Happy T-day

  9. Fabulous postcard --- I have a very modern version in orange plastic material..but I need it seldom.. great meal! Happy T-Day!

  10. Oh, you have such a handsome cat! I am a real cat lover. <3

    Some of those corkscrews look really complicated. But what an interesting subject for a post card.

    Funny, but I haven't thought about HCl as a chemical since high school chemistry class. "I love Hennepin County Library" sounds much better than "I love hydrochloric acid," doesn't it, haha? :)

    I hope you will be able to continue enjoying dining outside for awhile. It's definitely too cold (and dark) to do that here in Minnesota in November.

  11. That postcard looks beautiful. I'm hearing about Guinness pie for the first time. But it definitely looks yummy
    Happy Tday

    1. You'll find recipes of it when you Google 'steak and ale pie'.

  12. Hi Lisca, you thought you would escape because you've not done WOYWW today well you're wrong and here I am. Love the corkscrews so many different ones and your kitties looking well. Thanks for the visit to mine and happy woyww, Angela x

  13. That's a lot of corkscrews! Love the photo of Precious! Belated Happy T day! Chrisx

  14. Hi Lisca! Thanks for popping over to my blog! I don't think I've seen any bottles with a cork in years! Sometime around the early noughties they stopped making them. Now everything is screw top. Well, the cheap Californian wine that I like, anyway. Much easier to open too, though not as classy as cork, admittedly. Precious seems to be doing very well! He's so lucky! We may be getting a kitty too - we're gonna look at one on Saturday and see if we can bond. If we bring her home, you can bet my blog will be full of kitty photos, LOL! I've only just had dinner, but that picture made me hungry again. Have fun with your PhotoBook. Hope you're back for next week's WOYWW! zsuzsa

  15. What a gorgeous post, the previous one are too!Love the postcards and the bottles with cork!Precious is such a handsome young man huh!Happy T day:)!