Monday, 23 November 2015

A Postcard a Day - Monday 23 Nov 2015 - Map Monday

Good Morning! It's Monday again! That weekend has flown by!
My husband and I have celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary yesterday with a lovely meal out. We had a really super day.

Today I am showing you two postcards. They are both maps of Taiwan and are a bit similar in style. Here is the first one:
I cannot find out from which era the map dates but it is written in Dutch. It reads (in Dutch) The Island of Formosa and the Islands of the Pescadoris. These last islands, now called the Penghu or Pescadores Islands, are a group of 64 islands in the Strait of Taiwan. 

The card was sent to me last year by Hsin-yu Chang, a high school student. I don't know whether Hsin-yu is a boy or a girl. I think she might be a girl as there are some 'girly' stickers on the card. She did a drawing of me (a very good likeness after my photograph) and a turtle, as she knew I love turtles.

The second card is an image of a Taiwan map from 1896:
It's very detailed, and the Pescadores Islands are on the left.

The stamps are magnificent:
I can't find any info on these stamps. The one on the left is a coral and the horse no doubt refers to the Year of the Horse (2014). The third stamp features cyclists. 

That were my postcards for today. See you again tomorrow when I link up with Elizabeth at T for Tuesday.



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