Sunday, 8 November 2015

A Postcard a Day - Sunday 8 Nov 2015 Minsk

Good Morning! Good Sunday!

The card I'm going to show you today arrived a few years ago and I haven't been able to figure out which church it is because I can't read Cyrillic letters.
 It's a beautiful sketch of a church in Minsk, the capital of Belarus. I'm going to art classes myself and I wish I could draw like that.

I finally sat down and tried to translate what it says. First I tried with the Russian alphabet, but got stuck. Then I googled Belarussian alphabet and managed to translate it: Church of Simon and Helena.
It is a Roman Catholic church also called the Red Church, possibly because of its colour.
(Photo Wikipedia)

This is the stamp:
The animal on the stamp is the European Pine Marten (Martes martes), which is a carnivorous animal about the size of a domestic cat. They belong to the family of the Mustelids, which also includes mink, otter, badger, wolverine and weasel. Their habitat is wooded areas as they are the only mustelids with retractable claws. This enables them to climb and run on tree branches. They are most active at night.

That's my biology lesson for today! lol!

Have a peaceful Sunday,

CU tomorrow with a map card.


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