Friday, 27 November 2015

A Postacard a day - Friday 27 Nov 2015 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning! It's Friday! 

Caption translates: " You don't it Friday already?"

And that means I can link up with Friday Smiles and 'Rocking Your World Friday'.

As my blog is primarily about postcards, here is my first postcard that i hope will make you smile:
 I recently bought '100 Postcards from our Past' in a box from English Heritage. This is one by John Gay from the late 1950s.
Although English Heritage is  best known for preserving England's historic sites and artifacts, English heritage is also custodian of an archive of more than twelve million documents and images that includes photographs of architecture and social history. 100 Postcards from our past from English heritage gathers together some of the archive's best black and white historic photographs from the late nineteenth century to the late 1960s.
Here is another one I like:
Again it is by John Gay and it is entitled: "A tractor being driven through the doorway at St Etheldreda's church in Hatfield', 1960.

So... what have I been doing this week? Last Sunday was our 23rd wedding anniversary (See previous blog for all the photos). My husband continues to build our apartment and has finished the bedroom which is going to be tiled tomorrow.

We are enjoying the company of our little (8 month old) kitten Precious and are teaching him to use the cat flap. Not much success so far. 

Wednesday the 25th of November was 'Stop violence against women' Day here in Spain (and perhaps internationally). In our village there was the annual demonstration through the village (with police escort).
We all carried a night light with the name written on it of a woman in Spain that had died through violence. In the park we all read out the name and placed our candle in the centre, after which we observed a minute's silence.That was very moving. 

We then gathered into one of the rooms of the town hall, where one lady read out two poems she had written as a victim of violence, and a painting by a local artist (my art teacher as it so happens) was revealed depicting a woman dying through violence. Not everybody's taste but it brought home the message.

The young lady that posed for the painting is here explaining why she accepted this posing job. Note all the night lights along the edge of the stage.

The talk (by a man) was about male domination and domestic violence through (recent) history reflected in popular songs (coplas). He had a very good voice and sung (a capella) all the examples he had collected. Brilliant!

Here in southern Spain this day is more about 'macho' violence than violence in general. Domestic violence is rife here and women are up in arms against it. I know domestic violence happens in other countries too, but here in Spain, finally the women have found their voice!

Finally a few funnies I have found on the internet:
 I'm sure there are quite a few knitters amongst you..

This one is quite cute don't you think?

Quickly, I'll tell you what I am reading: The Bees by Laline Paull. Has anyone read it? I am enjoying it immensely.

Gosh, I've gone on a bit. Lets call it a day.
have a great week




  1. Good morning Lisca. You have shared so many smiles today....thank you. I love the little one in the first pic...think his face says it all :-) It was really interesting to share all about the Stop violence against women demonstration....very moving I'm sure. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Annie x

  2. Morning Lisca, I really enjoyed seeing your postcards. That baby's expression is wonderful, so old fashioned. It was interesting to see the tractor going into the church. One wonders what that was all about. Well it seems we were doing very different things on Wednesday. The demonstration against violent to women sounds very moving. How awful to have to live in fear like that.

    I smiled at your funnies and finally I love the photo of your little Precious peeking out of his little house. What a lovely name you've given him. Have a happy week. Barbxx

  3. Morning Lisca, a great post from you this week, I'm loving the postcards, we are members of English Heritage and get to visit some amazing places, they do some great work - so it's lovely to see them sharing their archives as it were.

    Glad the house is coming along and loving the photo of your kitty - so cute, hopefully the cat flap will become second nature eventually.

    It's good to see that Spain is trying to address the violence against women, unfortunately it is all too common and it takes momentum and a voice to make a difference.

    The painting is very graphic but brings home the reason why people should speak out!

    Unfortunately I'm not a knitter, although I did like the little emoticons.

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!

  4. HOw cute is that last it.

  5. Hi Lisca, late today as I've been out with the girls for coffee. Great post, love the old postcards and the little-ones at the end are gorgeous. You kittie looks to be settling in well too. Better go and catch up now. Have a good weekend, Angela x

  6. Haa Haa Haa!! Love your pictures and your postcards.
    I am the dropped stitch knitter right now. I am using a very soft 3ply with alpaca and they drop and also the wool splits!! Nearly there now and I will soon be wearing it.

  7. I have really enjoyed browsing your postcards Lisca. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Blog. I wish you a very happy weekend. Judy x

  8. I have really enjoyed browsing your postcards Lisca. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my Blog. I wish you a very happy weekend. Judy x

  9. What a wonderful post, sure made me smile! Take care Zo xx

  10. "You don't it Friday already?" is too cute. Why would anyone drive a tractor into a church? Everyday should be "Stop Violence Against Women Day" everywhere. Those two little guys are cute.