Tuesday, 6 June 2023

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 6 June 2023 - T for a castle and a mouse


Just to say, I have noticed I am not able to comment on   Blogs from my phone. It keeps telling me to sign into Google. ( of course I am already signed in but that’s obviously not enough), then in the help section it tells me to check my browser settings. Well, I have no idea what that is and there is nobody to ask. 

If anybody has any suggestions, they will be most welcome. (My phone is an iPhone 12 Pro.) Thanks.

Hello lovely girls,

It's T for Tuesday again and I have have a postcard and stamp lined up as well as a drink-. But first the postcard:

Wikipedia writes: The Wartburg  is a castle originally built in the Middle Ages. It is situated on a precipice of 410 meters (1,350 ft) to the southwest of and overlooking the town of Eisenach, in the state of Thuringia, Germany. It was the home of St. Elisabeth of Hungary, the place where Martin Luther translated the New Testament of the Bible into German, the site of the Wartburg festival of 1817 and the supposed setting for the possibly legendary Sängerkrieg. (The Sängerkrieg (minstrel contest), also known as the Wartburgkrieg (Wartburg contest), was a contest among minstrels (Minnesänger) at the Wartburg, in 1207.)

The back of the card has this information:

Translated (badly), it reads: Greetings from Thüringen. The historic castle from the time of the Ludowinger rises proudly and confidently above the city of Eisenach and the treetops of the Thüringer Forest. Hardly any other castle in Germany is so closely involved of the fate of the Germans as this one. Whether the saga of the oath sword, the singing competition or the Bible translation, all of this underlines its status as a national monument.

(The Ludovingians or Ludowingians (German: Ludowinger) were the ruling dynasty of Thuringia and Hesse during the 11th to 13th centuries.)

The stamp features 'der Maus'. Iris, I know you like him and watch his program on tv every week.

Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Show with the Mouse), often simply Die Maus (The Mouse), is a German children's television series, popular nation-wide for its educational content. The show first aired on 7 March 1971.It was controversial because German law prohibited television for children under six years of age. The program was initially condemned by teachers and childcare professionals as bad for children's development, but is now hailed for its ability to convey information to children, having received over 75 awards.

Aimed at young children, the program has a magazine format, with several segments, some humorous, others educational presented in a simple, straightforward manner.  Many of the show's early viewers are now adults whose children are forming the second generation of viewers. It is not uncommon for children to watch the program with their parents or for children to stop watching around the age of 10 or 12 and then come back at the age of 18. The German newspaper Welt am Sonntag found that although the target age was from about four to eight, the average age of viewers was 39.

What has been happening here? I’m going on my road trip! I left Friday morning. A friend gave me a lift to the bus station. I was too early and had a cup of coffee. 

The waitress photographed me under a sign that says: “Today is the perfect day to start living your dreams.”

I got the bus to Granada:
Then another bus to Marbella. I arrived in the afternoon and my sister met me at the bus station. I had a lovely day. In the evening we had dinner in a Japanese restaurant. And as it is T For Tuesday, hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard, I’m featuring a Japanese drink:

Of course it is sake, Japanese rice wine.
I had some fresh ( raw) tuna. Really delicious.

The man in the photo is my brother in law, who treated me to this lovely dinner. (I think he didn’t enjoy it much himself).
On the Saturday we went for a walk along the boardwalk of the beach:

We saw a race for fire fighters along the boulevard. They had to run along the boulevard, then inside this hotel, climb all the stairs ( in heavy gear), I don’t know how many storeys, then back again.

It was fun to watch.

Here is a photo of an underground passage in the town of Marbella. I love all the flowers. Isn’t it pretty:

My sister and I flew to the Netherlands. We had a drink at the airport:

I’m now in the Netherlands and yesterday we celebrated my mum’s 99th birthday.

Here she is talking on the phone to well wishers:

That’s all for today,
Happy T-Day all,


  1. Happy birthday to your mother! It’s wonderful that you and your sister can be there with her for the great occasion. All you travels look good, and I’m glad your scheduled bus and air connections have gone well (as far as you have told us).
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Love your postcard and hearing all about your adventure with your sister. That Japanese meal looks delicious. Raw fresh tuna is the best! How wonderful that your mother is 9! I know you must be soaking up the time you have together.
    Happy Tea Day,

  3. Lisca, yes, we watched Maus this Sunday again :-)
    Thank you for spreading the word!

    Great sign to start your journey!
    Ohhhhh, the beach!
    Hubby was a firefighter and could with all the gear go real high up. I am so glad he is too old now! Was always afraid when I heard a siren. He was but a volunteer yet.... We must be thankful, but...

    Oh, lucky you. Since my Brother is married we don´t do holidays together anymore. His wife is very jealous. To family and your Mum! To be that fit at 99 is a pressie.
    Happy T-Day and hugs

  4. Happy birthday to your Mom. That is a milestone for certain, and she looks great. And thanks explaining Maus too. It looks like you’re having a nice trip. I’m in Iceland right now and not joining T this week but stopped by to visit some blogs while my husband is sleeping in. 😀. Have a lovely rest of your road trip and t day. Hugs Erik

  5. Happy Birthday to your Mum, how lovely and you and your sister are very alike! We have been to Marbella, it was much better than I thought it would be! Lovely road trip and chance to catch up with family
    Have a lovely trip Happy T Day, Jan S

    PS I have the same problem with my iphone, telling me to sign in when I am, that's why I comment from my computer!

  6. How wonderful to go on a road trip with your sister to visit your Mum for her birthday. How special she is 99 and she looks so great! Fun drinks and information on your post card and stamps. Isn't it interesting how people can condem the same show that people later celebrate....our thinking is sometimes a bit off/slow.....Stay safe and happy T-day! Hugz

  7. First, your browser is what gets you on the internet. I have Firefox exclusive to everything else. There is also Safari, Chrome, and Silk. I suspect there are more, especially those with mobile apps.

    What a fun postcard. Enjoyed learning a bit about Die Maus, too. Amazing that "Die" is female in the German language and "Der" is male.

    Sorry your BIL didn't like the raw tuna. I've never had it, but it didn't look all that appetizing to me, either. Warm sake. It makes a great T day drink.

    Happy birthday to your mother. You and your sister look like you are enjoying your time with her. Nice you were able to take the trip together. She looks really good and happy.

    Thanks for sharing your postcard, trip with your sister, meal and sake with your BIL, and your drinks with your mother and sister on her 99th birthday with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  8. Hi Lisca, hope you are enjoying your trip and happy 99th birthday to your mum! Sorry to hear of your phone issues, I don't know anything about iphones unfortunately. Happy T Day! Elle/EOTC xx

  9. Happy Birthday to your mom! She looks great and seems to be pretty fit for her age. What a gift!
    When we still lived in Germany we used to watch Die Maus and always enjoyed it. We got some of the Maus CDs so my daughter could watch it in California as well, and I also used some of the episodes when I was still teaching German to kids. It is one of the best TV shows for children, if not THE best I know.
    Enjoy your time in the Netherlands.

  10. Oh my goodness! Happy Birthday to your Mum Lisca! Happy T day Hugs! deb