Friday, 7 October 2022

A Postcard A Day / Friday 7 October 2022 / Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies, 

Here I am again. I went AWOL on Tuesday. In fact, hubby was taken to hospital urgently with bowel obstruction and then transferred to the main hospital in Granada for a possible operation. But luckily it wasn't as bad as we thought and he spent a week on a drip and his bowels are working again, so no operation and we are back home again. Phew!

I booked into a hotel 100 meters from the hospital and enjoyed the tapa scene in Granada. But really apart from going to church on Sunday, I didn't stray far from the hospital.

Today I have two cards for you. Two because they are from the same artist. The first one is this:

This card was sent to me by someone who lives in Salt Lake City. She is the same age as me and her birthday is also in March. I have been to Utah many years ago and I remember seeing the Mormon temple.
I was very pleased to see she had used four pretty stamps:

The black one is one of a series about cowboy fashion.

The second card is from the same artist/editor Lou Paper. This time it is South Carolina:

I have never visited S. Carolina, so I had to look that one up on the map.
The stamp is the orange flower. It looks like a Gerbera. Of all the round flower stamps, this one is my favorite.

I'm afraid I have no nice photos this week. Only this photo of the little park near our house, called the Paseo. Autumn hasn't really set in yet but there are a few dry leaves because of the draught.

But I do have a few funnies for you at the end.

And I have my hubby at home now, so that is my big smile for this week. Now off to Annie's A Stitch In Time! I'll see you there!

So, that is all from me. Short and sweet!
Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Hi Lisca, I feel for you both and just pleased that everything went well. I love the new postcards and stamps and the funnies are brilliant but Oh! the headstone is just amazing, what a wonderful father to have that made. Take care both of you and hope the weekend brings more happiness for you. Hugs, Angela xXx

  2. It is so good to know that Graham is home and feeling much better. Our prayers are heard and answered. That is certainly a good 'Smile' for this week.
    I am still chuckling about the chicken legs.
    have another smiley week. Kate x

  3. Great your Hubby is home!
    Real good funnies, too!

  4. Good morning dropping by to say hi. so glad your husband is back home and not needing the operation. my favorite funny was the first one happy friday and weekend Kathy

  5. You have lots to smile abou this week but the biggest smile iss that Graham is now back home with you. :-)
    Annie x

  6. So glad he is home without the need for an op xxx