Friday, 13 May 2022

A Postcard A Day - Friday 13 May 2022 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely ladies,
I am a bit late today as we only came home last night and I haven-t had the time to put something together. So far I have done 5 washing machine loads. Luckily the weather is so nice that one load is dry by the time the next one is ready to be hung out.

The postcard for today have a royal flavour. This one is of the Dutch king Willem Alexander and his wife Queen Maxima. 

With them is Princess Amalia, who now is 18:

The stamps are absolutely gorgeous!

They are from smaller towns in the Netherlands. Top left is Papendrecht.

It's east of Rotterdam, (where I was born).

Some typical houses in Papendrecht.

The stamp at the top right features Woudrichem, which is a little south-east of Papendrecht.

In the above photo you can see the church featured on the stamp.
Bottom left is Schoonhoven. 

Here seen from the air. 
Also in the same general area. It is known as Silver City because of the tradition of silversmiths. It still has an International Silver School and a silver museum.
Some typical houses and the water tower, which I think is featured on the stamp.

I have no idea why the image on the stamp is tulip shaped (or egg even).

Then bottom right is an island in the north called Vlieland:
I have never been to any of these islands. Like all of them, this one is very beautiful.

There was a tv show about photography, where people were taught about photography and had to do certain quests every day and every week one of them was voted out. One year it was on this island, and it was indeed beautiful.

Now for some collages of our week:
When hubby is resting, I often go out on my own. On Friday I visited the beautiful Cartuja (Charterhouse) monastery. Stunning!

My sister and her hubby came to see us over the weekend. We had a lovely time. They treated us to nights out and generally pampered us.

We moved from the airbnb to a proper hotel. What a luxury!

On Monday we met up with a dear friend, and again we went out. Hubby can't eat a lot, but he had a bit of salmon, which he tolerated very well.

Wednesday was our last day in Granada and we packed our cases and went for a little stroll. There is a lovely park near the hotel.

That is it from me. 
I have found some funnies which will be tagged on at the end as per usual. 
Take care,


  1. Beautiful stamps andhouses indeed.
    Yes to the twins and I love the octupus, and the windows. The 1950´s is a good one, too.

  2. For just getting home, doing laundry and I imagine quite worn out you created a lovely post. Try to relax today.

  3. Lovely post, Lisca. The stamps are beautiful and I enjoyed the photos and extra information from you about an area you know so well. I've been to Rotterdam, only stopping briefly on my way to Delft, but I remember the visit well. The islands look well worth a visit. I hope you've bottomed the laundry by now. It's always the downside of a holiday. Lucky you have a good drying day for it. Have a great week. Elizabeth x

  4. Some very lovely stamps on your postcard and some interesting information about the places.
    Welcome home. I am sure you are glad to be back. I hope Graham 's treatment is successful and he will soon get back to a more normal life.
    Well done for making time to collect some funnies and give us all something to smile about. Kate xx

  5. So pleased you're home at last bet you're happy too. All that washing doesn't sound like much fun but sounds like you've got it sorted. Loving the stamps. I think you deserve an early night my friend. Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  6. your collection of humor is great!!! I'm glad you had a good week and visited with your sis. Didn't realize you were from Netherlands... or did I? My memory she ain't so good...

  7. Your washing sounded like mine when we got home from our holiday recently, I had so much it was like a laundrette for the duration of the weekend, however unlike yourself mine wasn't dry when the next one was due out, I had to resort to bringing the clothes horse downstairs and putting it outside as well. I hope Graham is OK, you look like you managed to find some positives in between his treatment. Hope you had a lovely weekend.


  8. My comment failed to publish TWICE before. The third time there was no comment box. I'm trying again. I must be fast because I still haven't created my T post, due in less than an hour.

    What a lovely royal family. Those are stunning postage stamps, too. What sheer beauties. Enjoyed learning more about where you grew up.

    Lovely collages of your week. Great that your sister and her husband treated you like royalty. As much as Graham has been through, I'm sure he was pleased.

    Great funnies. LOVED the twins. If only!