Friday, 21 January 2022

A Postcard A Day - Friday 21 January 2022 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

Here we are again on Friday. This week has just flown by!

Here is my postcard for this Friday:

It was sent to me by Anna. She asks if this card will put me in a good mood. I don't know about that, but it certainly makes me hungry for pancakes. We used to cook pancakes for breakfast every Saturday, but have lost that habit and now we hardly ever make pancakes.
The stamps are the usual Russian stamps, but i don't mind as they are quite pretty.

 Our week has been a quiet one with a couple of highlights. Here we go:
I made a nice fish pie on Friday. It was delicious. We can't get smoked fish here (I always used mixed smoked and unsmoked for my fish pie) but instead I added some shrimps. 

The weather is lovely in the day and on Saturday we ate on the terrace again (like most days).
In the evening we went to Intercambio (conversation group) and I decided to bring hot drinks and cake. I had a two liter flask with a tap and had filled that with boiling water. But when I took it out of the bag, the bottom fell off and everything fell to the floor in thousands of pieces (plus the hot water). So no hot drinks. I was annoyed as I had only used the flask a couple of times. I don't know why the bottom should come off so easily...

I have no photos from Sunday, but it was a usual Sunday: church in the morning and Hubby going worship leading in the evening (I stayed home). 

On Monday I went to the gym again and I made myself an Oat-so-simple in the microwave. After the gym, I went to my friend Antonia for chat and prayer and stopped by the post office as I had a pile of cards to post. When I got there the postmistress told me there was a parcel for me, so I signed for that and then went home. Totally forgot that I had cards to post! Silly me!

Tuesday was the day that our friends came to see us. They asked me to meet them in the market so I could help them doing some shopping. They then wanted to go to the health center so she could book her booster vaccination (with my help). All that done, we went to the post office to check their post box. What a shame I didn't know this or I'd have brought those cards that needed posting!
My friend had brought me some parsnips from her garden. They are huge! We love them what ever their size as parsnips are not for sale here (the Spanish don't eat parsnips).
I made a lovely cabbage and bacon pie (did all the prep this morning before they came) and we ate outside.
Gym again on Wednesday, and from the gym I immediately went to the post office to post those blasted cards. There were lots of children in the park doing games and activities.
Thursday is my 'day off'. I try to keep that free of appointments because I spend the day in my craft room. Hubby goes and lights the wood burner as soon as we get up, so it's nice and toasty by the time I go up. I worked on my recipe book and made several basic pages. After lunch I like to sit outside and I work on my jigsaw, while listening to some music. I also do some crossword puzzles, write in my prayer diary and generally relax, as I don't 'have to' do anything.
We got a phone call from the surgeon this morning. He wants to see hubby tomorrow (Friday) at lunch time. We had asked our GP to chase up the results of the scan, so this must be it.

That was my week. 

As per usual I will be visiting and linking with Annie at A Stitch In Time for some smiles. And I will post some funnies (mostly cat funnies) at the end.

Wishing you a week full of smiles,
Stay safe,


  1. Another batch of fab collages. I really hope the news is good at the Drs.
    Annie x

  2. The eagle looking evil is a really great photo, and the caption is very funny. Good photos. You seem to be having a good week.

    best... mae at

  3. Well we have some things in common this week Lisca. I guess we are a bit more English influenced down here as I bought parsnips this week, but it was in Iceland so they are probably from Ireland. I'll be roasting them again on Sunday. Also, if you are evr in Vera, in the little road that runs alongside Iceland car park there is an excellent fresh fish shop where I have often bought smoked fish as Chris loves it.I give my fish poie a 'lift' with the smallest tin of tuna, as we are not shell fish fans.
    Your day off for crafting sounds like a good idea. I tend to do bits now then, which isn't alwys satisfactory.
    I hope nyou get some good news from the doctor this morning. Kate x

  4. awesome funnies Lisca, sounds like a good week, and that is nice you set aside a day just for you. I do allot of jigsaw puzzles online at jigsaw planet-you can upload your own photos too.
    I would love to know how you make your fish pie sounds good and interesting as I have never had one.
    Happy Friday and weekend hugs Kathy

  5. Wow a full and wonderful week. So much goodness there. Have a wonderful day.

  6. Those look a bit like crepes rather than pancakes. In the states, pancakes are thicker. I only got hungry once today when I saw your week. Sorry to read about the flask. Sounds defective to me.

    I hope Graham's visit to the surgeon is a positive one.

    Loved some of those cat funnies, especially the cat waiting at the base of the coocoo clock. Have a great weekend, dear friend. Glad you are well.

  7. Hi Lisca, a lovely post and I really enjoy your daily collages. I found it interesting reading about parsnips and how difficult they are to find where you are. We take them for granted as they are easy to find at this time of year. And smoked fish too. Living in the land of smoked fish, I can't imagine what it must be like doing without. I love a good fish pie. The funnies are great, especially the cat ones. Hope the news is good for your husband. Have a good weekend. Elizabeth x

  8. Love the old photos, but the cat funnies stole the show :-)

  9. Evening sweetie, just having a catch up on a Friday night whilst we are on with our aubergine cheesy bake to cook in the oven. Your food always looks lovely although I must admit parsnips are one of the root vegetables I genuinely cannot eat, although hubby and said 21 year old love them.

    Your Thursday day off also sounds like bliss, I've managed a few hours this afternoon gelli plating envelopes to go with the Christmas gonk Christmas cards I've made which was fun. I really need to get a scrapbook kit together as I had a load of photos arrive the other day.

    I hope the news on your hubby is good, thinking of you both.