Tuesday, 27 July 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 27 July 2021 - T for looms, canyons and badlands

 Hello lovely ladies! Good morning!

Sorry i have been AWOL last week but my sister and her husband were visiting and I did not find the time to write anything.

Let me show you my postcard for today. It comes from Ukraine and shows the national costume of the country.

The embroidery is amazing. And the stamps that were used reflect that. 

Two weeks ago my mail box was super happy as a parcel arrived from across the ocean. It was sent by Kathy in Ozark. Beautifully wrapped, and there is a card with it.

It is a vintage mini loom with a couple of examples. Isn't it cute? Thank you so much Kathy.

Luckily the instructions are still in it. I love the vintage look of the fonts.

I shall be having a go at this when the weather cools down (Like in winter). That will be a nice little project.

Also a couple of weeks ago Kokopelli Designs made Turkish Flatbread, and showed it on her blog. (I can for the life of me not remember her name. I spent an hour going through my blogs but I am none the wiser). Anyway, that lovely person had published the recipe in her blogpost (Thank you) and I made it the next day. 

It's not perfectly shaped but it tasted very good. It could probably have done with a little more oven time, but i didn't want it to go all hard.

Today is T for Tuesday, hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard, and here is my beverage:

We (Hubby, sis and her hubby and I) had done a walk in the hot weather and were having a well deserved drink at the end of the trail. My sister is a Coca Cola drinker (With or without rum).

I thought I'd show this as I know that in the US the glass bottles seem to have been phased out. Here they are still in use, especially in bars and restaurants.

The walk we had been on is a trail in Castril

Here are some more photos:

We also took my sister and her husband to see the sunset at the Geopark. They are affectively the badlands near where we live. But we find it very beautiful:

My sister

This is a photo from the Internet as I was not able to capture it so beautifully:

I think I will leave it at that.

Well, one last thing:

Happy T-Day to all!


  1. Hi Lisca, so happy that the little vintage loom made it over the ocean safely. Looking forward to seeing what you make.
    So glad you were able to spend time with family, and I was going to say wow a glass coke bottle and then you mentioned it. I think it tastes better in a glass bottle too. Yes that photo looks just like our Badlands-that's cool-you had a nice hike-loving that bridge, and the quote too-Happy T wishes hugs Kathy

  2. Wow Lisca, you have some gorgeous scenery around you. It looks like you had nice outings with your sister. I haven't made the flatbread yet but it is on my list. Yours looks wonderful. And nice happy mail too. That looks like a fun little loom for sure. You'll have to show us what you make. I hope you have a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. What a lovely gift and a wonderful small loom- I can see you are going to be making some great looking things as well as what Kathy has shared with you. Your flatbread looks fantastic! I will try that recipe myself one day;)
    And oh what gorgeous scenery along your hike!!! I do remember the coke bottles in Europe and always got a kick out of them. When I was much younger my cousins in France introduced me to whiskey cokes and I never went back to rum cokes again:):) Happy T day!

  4. That's a beautiful postcard. I knew very little about Ukraine until our former president got impeached over trying to influence our election with the help of the Ukraine president. The new Ukraine president wasn't going to play ball, much to my delight.

    I've always known Kokopelli by that name. I am not sure she ever shared her name other than that, which is fine by me. You made some great looking flat bread, though.

    I've commented to Chris when she and her husband go to France, they get coke in bottles, too. In the states, they serve soft drinks from a machine when you order them in a cafe. Glad you shared this with us.

    That trail is scary, but I'm deathly afraid of heights. Even seeing the photos you took had me feeling a bit queasy. Glad you and your sister enjoyed it.

    The badlands in your area look very similar to the ones here in the states. Of course, our are not within walking distance of where I live. Thanks for sharing your postcard, your sister's coke, your trail hike, and the badlands with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  5. Beautiful stamps indeed!
    And what a very cool gift!
    The bread looks yummy. And yes. Blogger´s search is crap. But then, blogger is for free, I am thankful for that!
    Oh! I haven´t seen such a coke in ages, how cool.
    Great walk!
    You and your Sister really look so much alike (just like my Brother and I, yet they asked him once if I´m his girlfriend. I´m 5 years older, too).
    Great, great quote. Have a happy T-day!

  6. You received a wonderful postcard and stamps, enjoy. Glad you had a visit from your family, you visited some great places. But that bridge looks scary! Nice of Kathy to send you a gift, looms like that are fun. Enjoy! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Lisca the postcard and stamps are so pretty. I'm pleased to hear you were missing because of the family visit, I did wonder if you were OK.
    That walk looks amazing, I've seen something similar on the TV, not sure if its the same walk though.
    I think you and your sister are alike!
    Happy T Day

  8. Such a pretty postcard and postage stamps! So lovely to spend time with your family, you all look like you're having fun and I enjoyed your walk, the trail and views look amazing 😀. Take care and Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

    1. Thank you for your comments on my blog! In answer to your question, I use frozen berries rather than fresh and I don't defrost them 😀. Happy T Day! x

  9. Lisca, this is such a lovely post with pictures of your visit from your sister (some gorgeous places where you live!). How lucky to get a vintage loom from Kathy - what a treasure!!! The post card and stamps are very interesting and I that bread looks very yummy (her name is Dagmar). A coke always tastes better from the glass bottle to me - I miss them.

  10. I remember looms like that :) You have gorgeous views! What a wonderful place to walk/hike and get scenic photos. The bread looks delicious. Happy T Tuesday

  11. Thank you for your comment - is this the series? (I would need to order it via DVD...)

  12. Oh, LOL! I just watched the trailer on YouTube. Heavy British accent!!! But interesting, thank you! We never go to the cinema (some reasons) so.... I think I can afford this for fun.

  13. Lovely loom. It will be a fun project in Winter to weave on it. Beautiful scenery. I walk in the mornings and that is when I commune with God and nature. It is so lovely to hear the birds sing their morning songs and the critters moving through the brush. Love the quieter mornings. Happy T Day.

  14. OK unless I missed it are you and your sister twins? What a lovely gift. Yes so nicely wrapped. What a beautiful place to visit. Have a great day, which you already are.

  15. The loom does look like it will be a fun activity. I hope you will show what you make when you give it a go.
    Your pictures are beautiful! I especially like the ones with the water. I can certainly see a resemblance between you and your sister. That is great that she was able to come for a visit.
    Your flatbread looks delicious!
    Happy Belated Tea Day,

  16. Sorry, I'm a bit late! We've still got Coke in glass bottles over here too, I think it tastes better. Some really fabulous pictures! That water looks so refreshing but very powerful! Happy T day (Lyn)

  17. Love that postcard! Great surprise from Kathy - I think you are going to have fun!
    Your walk looks amazing, as do the 'badlands' views. Great that you could get together. (our turn next - planning a visit to France - where they also have Coke in bottles!) The bread looks delicious! Hugs, Chrisx