Friday, 23 July 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 23 July 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely people,

Here I am again on this Friday counting my blessings. It has been a very good week for me with lots of smiles. I confess I'm exhausted, but very happy. The main reason for smiles this week was the fact that my sister came to see me with her husband and they stayed two nights. I hadn't seen her in nearly two years.

More of that later. First off is my postcard:

It reads: Greetings from the Ruhr area. These cheeky miners must be the German equivalent of the British firemen pin-ups.
The stamp is one I hadn't seen before. It says: The stamp becomes digital

The new Deutsche Post stamps will have a matrix code next to the image to make the letters traceable. The code is scanned at two points along the route. This enables the consumer to see in the “Post & DHL” app when the letter is in the mail center in his region and when it will arrive at the mail center in the addressee's region. The delivery itself is not scanned - the sender cannot see via the app whether the letter has already arrived at the recipient. If you want to be certain of this, you still have to send a more expensive registered mail.
The new stamps, which are slightly larger than their predecessors, will in future be stamped with blue ink. This should allow the recipient to scan the matrix code after receiving the letter in order to get information about the delivery route and the motif. Post manager Meyer praises the new stamps as “attractive collector's items that now document the connection between the stamp and the digital age”. Every matrix code is different, which makes every stamp unique.

A good idea. I have tried to scan the code with my QR scanner, but it doesn't recognise it. Perhaps I need a special app.

Now let me show you what I have been up to this past week:

Last Friday my new knobs had arrived. I still needed one more knob for my bedroom dresser.

It is very hot, and it would stay that way all week.

On Sunday I made some pancakes, which were delicious. We had them in the evening, not for breakfast. But they tasted just as good.
On Monday I was preparing for my sister's visit. They arrived in the early afternoon. 
We took her (and her hubby) to our plot of land. The later we drove 40 minutes to a beautify spot to watch the sunset.

On Tuesday we walked along the market (sorry, no photos) and then we drove 50 km to do this canyon walk (La Cerrada del rio Castril). The video was filmed before Covid (not by me).
In the evening we had dinner with our Danish friends and we sat in the garden (of a local restaurant) until midnight. We had a lovely time.

Wednesday we went for an early morning walk. I had my sister with me and my friend Susanne also had her sister over for a visit.

My sister and her hubby had to go back home on Wednesday, and in the evening we got together with the Danes again (they live next door) to finish up all the leftovers in the fridge, plus some more. Again we had a lovely time. But now I am utterly exhausted.

I have no collage from Thursday as we spent the morning at the hospital and the afternoon resting and didn't take any pictures.
Hubby's platelets are still low (65,000), so the oncologist had arranged for him to see a hematologist. The latter was able to tell us that there is no underlying problem with the blood. After discussing things with the oncologist hubby is going to start on oral chemotherapy again, but a reduced dose.

That was my week in pictures. And as per usual, I have some funnies at the end of this blog post.
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Have a lovely weekend everyone, and keep smiling!


  1. happy visit with your sis! What fun! All that plus your drawer pulls came in? Laughing out loud at your funnies, gotta put that "stupid" saying on my blog! LeeAnna

  2. Oh bless, lots of lovely friends and family around you this week, I bet it has been awesome and not having seen your sister for two years it must have been brilliant to meet each other in person.

    The canyon walk looks amazing but I don't think I'd manage it as I'm not one for heights.

    Your pancakes look lovely too!

    I'm glad there is no underlying issue with your hubby's bloods that must have been a real positive, as for the oral chemo fingers and toes crossed he is OK with it and doesn't feel too rough with the treatment.

    Sending biggest hugs as always

  3. What a wonderful week you’ve had with your visitors. I can just imagine the chatting and should be filled with days like that eh?
    Annie x

  4. That postcard brought tears to my eyes. As a child I lived in a mining village and men like this were an everyday sight. I know it's a hard job but they were a tough lot and had strong friendships that you don't often see now. I bet you had a great week and how alike you two are. Pleased to hear your hubby is able to get back to the medication. The funnies were brilliant too. Take care, keep cool and have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx

  5. So glad to read about your husband. I know that must be good news for both of you, although he might not be as happy as you because of the chemo taking it out of him.

    That is one special postcard and that new postage stamp is really unique. We have nothing similar in the states.

    So glad you were able to spend time with your sister. I know how excited you were to see her. And you sure eat well. I know to not visit when I'm hungry because you always have tempting food.

    There were some cute funnies. I agree that not all humans deserve dogs!! OR cats, for that matter.

    You asked about the spider/airplane plant. I will leave it outside until it gets a bit older, then take it inside for the winter. They do well in the sun and I don't have many sunny windows. Have a super weekend, Lisca and Graham, too!

  6. Kate Perry writes this:
    "Well that was a fun filled week even if it was a busy one. How lovely to have two days with your sister. It looks as though you shared good food with good friends.
    It was so hot last week wasn't it, and tomorrow it is going to be the same. But we survived last week so I am sure we will again. We tend to sit still to keep cool while you two seem to keep busy.
    I am sure the car port will be a good thing. Our car has to stay parked at the kerb and its paint has rally suffered.
    Loved the post card. All those cheerful faces. You can't help smiling at them.
    I am glad they have sorted out Graham's blood. It will be good to get the chemo over with.
    Hope this week is another good one. Kate x"

  7. Glad to hear about your husband. Looks like you had a busy and wonderful week. I really like Mexican pasta. Have a great weekend.

  8. What a fab, funny post! So lovely that you got to spend time with your sister - I am blessed to live just 5 minutes away from mine. xx Jo