Friday, 30 July 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 30 July 2021 - Friday Smiles

 Hello lovely ladies,

It's Friday again and time to review the week and pick out the smiles, the silver lining and the positive things. I'm a person who's glass is always half full, so there is always a silver lining somewhere.

Let me start with my postcard. This one actually arrived this week and I immediately thought of you Friday ladies! 

It comes to me from Finland from someone called Iiris. She tells me that Finland has been chosen as the happiest country in the world in 2018,'19,'20 and 2021!

The postcard shows an artwork by Arja Kotiranta and it is feltwork.

This is Arja:

And this is another of her works:
The artist at work:

I think Annie calls it dumphing or something like that. (Please correct me Annie)

The stamp has beautiful pansies on it.

Now for the highlights of my week:
Friday nothing much happened but I did accompany my dearest to our plot to check on all that grows. The oleanders are flowering and our new trees are doing well. We have had to protect them from boisterous puppies by putting chicken wire around them and now they are doing well. 
On Saturday we had our Intercambio group (Spanish conversation) in the park. It is fun to see everyone go by. And we met some old friends.

Sunday was a very special day as there were some baptisms in the swimming pool. Again we saw many old friends we hadn't seen since the beginning of the pandemic. I had made one of my nice cakes as it was a 'bring-and-share'. There was so much food! The church has many members from South America in the congregation, and many cooked their country's speciality. There were people from Chile, Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. 
In the photo my hubby with his Mexican friend. I love his T-shirt:
Just an example of one of the dishes. This one made by my friend from Peru.

Needless to say it was a very joyous occasion and we had a lovely time.

My Danish friend had her sister over to visit. On Monday she was due to fly back to Denmark, so she came to say goodbye. 
I'm developing my sourdough starter and I think it is ready to be used.
I tried to make a dough to make bread, with the stretching and folding technique. But I still think it's too wet. Anyway, I'm not going to throw it away. I'll leave it in the fridge and bake something tomorrow.

I baked the dough in my Dutch oven and the result could not be called a bread, but it was delicious. I'm doing better with my fermenting and have done another batch of Kombucha.

Today (I'm writing this on Thursday) there isn't much to report other than it's still very hot. I have been busy cooking all the raw meat from the freezer as the door had been left open and some things felt semi defrosted. So I'm cooking absolutely everything just to be on the safe side.  My Instant Pot and the oven have been doing overtime. One lot of meatballs to do and then it's done. So no photo collage of today.

Of course there will be some funnies at the end.

Now it's over to Annie at A Stitch In Time and to Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a great weekend,
Take care and keep smiling!


  1. What a talented artist Arja is....yes I’ve done some felting(but not for ages) and we call it Dumfing because of the noise we make when doing it lol.
    I loved your funnies and just had to share them with my hubby today.
    Annie x

  2. Great to see the artist at work.
    Crazy they are the happiest, but... in Perth, where I would be the happiest I see more and more people on drugs, and I wonder why, what else do they need?!

    Fish Fingers, good idea!
    Love the pic of you two laughing :-)
    Cool T-shirt, too!
    And great when people meet and mingle, also food-wise.

    "Freedom", haha... Cuuute doggie! RIa tree, LOL!
    OMG, the tits!! And the Dr.!!! Who could resist doing this?
    Thanks for the smiles. Happy Friday!

  3. Oh you look like you've had a busy week. The baptism in a pool looks amazing, obviously it is fonts in the churches over here, I'm assuming the ample pools mean you can do it in the pools for a more realistic service.

    Your meet ups look lovely as does the food, the kaki cake has me intrigued and the dish made with the olives on it looks amazing, but I can't imagine what it is.

    Your bread looks delicious even if it didn't turn out as you were hoping and washing drying in an hour sounds like bliss, we've got Storm Evert hitting today, climate change is definitely doing strange things to weather systems.

    I hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend and week ahead.


  4. Looks like you've had another busy week. Love the felted picture, that's really nice. Oh my the new Knob! I'm sorry but it attracted me straight away as I have a thing for them and have a small collection, always meaning to use them in my crafting but it has to be something special to deserve one of those. The bread looks...well interesting. The funny about the mask is very good just hope people understand it, you definitely have to read it all. Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Another wonderful post. You are always so busy and full of life. enjoy your day.

  6. What a busy bee your are. I love that you made something delicious out of the 'failed' dough. "Waste not, want not" was always the motto at home when I was growing up.
    I love the felted designs on the postcard. And the stamps are beautiful.
    Your oleanders are beautiful. As we drove to Almeria this morning I was sad to see the council workers cutting down the ones on the central reservation even though they were in full flower, but I think they were obscuring some of the road signs.
    Your multi-national baptism service looks fun. What a lovely gathering of friends.
    Kate x

  7. You are always on the go, you live life to the max! I’m sorry to hear about the freezer door mishap, I’ve had that happen too, always better to be safe than sorry concerning meat isn’t it. I went through a sourdough faze this past winter but you’ll not believe this but my husband can’t stand sour dough bread! It was so sad, my starter was amazing it did wonderfully, , I made pancakes, biscuits, cinnamon rolls, Eve pie dough and pizza with the discard ,he liked those but he didn’t like the sour dough bread, he doesn’t even like it from the bakery! I still keep mine going, on smaller scale, I think sour dough bread is wonderful fir our gut health.

  8. What a busy time you had! I love Arja's art - haven't done any felting for ages.
    I had a starter for ages but let it go - think I need to get one going again in the Autumn. Hugs, Chrisx