Tuesday, 4 May 2021

A Postcard a Day - 4 May 2021 - T for Castles , towers and walking

Hello lovely ladies,
Are you sitting comfortably? I've got some nice stuff to show you, and then of course there is the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard.
But first, let me show you a postcard I received in March. It comes from Germany and features the Clemenswerth castle.
 Wikipedia writes: Clemenswerth Castle is a baroque hunting lodge, with a central pavilion surrounded by eight smaller lodges for guests,  It is the only remaining star-shaped hunting complex in the world.  The graceful 18th century buildings unite art and nature to create a wonderful experience. 

Clemenswerth was built in Sögel between 1737 and 1747 according to plans from the reputed baroque architect Johann Conrad Schlaun. 
The museum has a wide range of fascinating exhibits, including pieces inspired by Baroque hunting, fine porcelain, a
nd faience ware from Strasbourg.

Elector and Archbishop of Cologne, Clemens August of Bavaria, who came from the house of Wittelsbach, was the man responsible for the construction of the building. August was also called "Lord of the Five Churches" because he also owned the episcopal chairs of Paderborn, Münster, Hildesheim and Osnabrück.

According to Jan Swafford, Clemens August did not owe his position of power to his "talent, intelligence or reason. In each of his exalted posts, Clemens August was splendidly brainless and incompetent, not in the least interested in governing anything. As Elector in Bonn, his attention would be given largely to pleasure in the form of ladies, music, dancing, and erecting monuments to his glory and munificence." (2014)

The stamp is beautiful and depicts Lorelei.
Wikipedia also writes about Lorelei: In 1801, German author Clemens Brentano composed a ballad.  It first told the story of an enchanting female associated with the rock. In the poem, the beautiful Lore Lay, betrayed by her sweetheart, is accused of bewitching men and causing their death. Rather than sentence her to death, the bishop consigns her to a nunnery. On the way thereto, accompanied by three knights, she comes to the Lorelei rock. She asks permission to climb it and view the Rhine once again. She does so, and, thinking that she sees her love in the Rhine, falls to her death; the rock still retained an echo of her name afterwards.

In 1824, Heinrich Heine seized on and adapted Brentano's theme in one of his most famous poems, "Die Lorelei". It describes the eponymous female as a sort of siren who, sitting on the cliff above the Rhine and combing her golden hair, unwittingly distracted shipmen with her beauty and song, causing them to crash on the rocks. In 1837 Heine's lyrics were set to music by Friedrich Silcher in the art song "Lorelei" that became well known in German-speaking lands. A setting by Franz Liszt was also favored and dozens of other musicians have set the poem to music. During the Nazi regime and World War II, Heinrich Heine (born as a Jew) became discredited as author of the lyrics, in an effort to dismiss and hide Jewish contribution to German art.

Here is a better picture of the stamp:

At the moment my whole body is aching and my legs are stiff! What happened? I went on a hike! I joined a group from our village, but it was a tad harder than we expected.
We went to Atarfe, near Granada city, which is a little over an hour by coach. We were welcomed by the Atarfe walking club and we were assigned a guide and given some merchandise.
To start with we had to climb this hill!
There was a lovely view from the top.
And there was a hermitage called Tres Juanes (Three Johns)

The hike was very varied, as we sometimes walked in the forest 

and sometimes out in the open.

Sometimes the paths were good.
But mostly they were  steep.
And narrow.
 Then there were more hills to climb.
The views were magnificent.
And our guide was gorgeous! He took off his mask for the photo, which is nice as I now know what he looks like.

A large paella was being cooked while we walked. There were many groups from all over the province, so a big paella will feed many.

And that was our lunch. My drink is a Fanta Limon. This will be my qualifier for Elizabeth's T-Party.
At 4 pm we were all ready to go back. Our coach was waiting. Our group was only 24 people, as the coach (that sits 50) was only allowed half capacity (Covid rules). We had to sit separately. Only families were allowed to sit together.
This is what I have been doing on the second of May. Sorry Elizabeth. When I got back home I fell asleep in the chair, so I didn't do a Second on the 2nd.

I hope you haven't fallen asleep with all these photos. They are rather a lot.
So I will call it a day.
Happy T-Day all! 
Stay safe and healthy,


  1. That looks like a fun day out. It might be strenuous, but how nice it was a group so had people to talk with. Did you have to hike with your masks on? You also had some fantastic views. Will you go on another hike also? And that is one giant paella. Wow. It is a great dish to cook in such a big amount though. Thanks for sharing with us for T. I enjoyed checking it out. (And did you happen to get my response to your question about the old stove last week?) Have a great T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. Your walk looks lovely — and strenuous. I learned the Lorelei song/poem in elementary German class many years ago, and I can now hear it in my head, which is nice.

    be safe... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Hi Lisca when I saw castles in your blog title I had to come take a look. Magnificent castle and loved the stamps too.
    Wow this was quite a hike-so awesome you were able to climb these steep hills-I applaud you-hugs the food served looks delicious hugs Kathy

  4. what wonderful photos! I have never come across a castle I didn't absolutely love- even the ones in ruin-so much history.
    What an amazing hike-breathtaking views. And definitely a well deserved paella-yum! Happy T day!

  5. What an absolutely incredible castle, Lisca. That postcard was incredible and your additional research provided some really impressive information. And the photos of the architecture are pretty great, too.

    I was exhausted just following you up that mountain. That was the most exercise I've had all day. You are a serious hiker and I was very impressed.

    Your paella looks delicious. It is definitely making me hungry. And it certainly went well with your Limon. Thanks for sharing your postcard, your incredible hike, your paella, and your Fanta with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. Crazy. I was in Bremen, more than once, that´s but 120km from the Castle and I never knew! ....("in the world"!).
    I will keep that in mind will I ever go there again, thank you!
    Also... I had no idea of the story of Lorelei/Heinrich Heine, Na#i-wise. What did I learn at school, you astonish me over and over again.

    Wow, that is quite some hill! Nothing for me, I´d be afraid to fall!
    The paella looks exactly like the one in an ad for dishwasher! Fairy Ultra with Villariba "against" Villabajo.

    You fell asleep after that short, little walk?! Ts, ts, ts - kidding!!!
    Happy T-Day and hugs.

  7. Lovely postcard, and I have seen that beautiful castle in real. I have visited the Lorelei many times, it's not really far from here. And especially Heinrich Heine's poem is very well known. In the Altstadt of Düsseldorf we have a house where he lived sometime. Looks like a great hike, and a very handsome 'Pied Piper' who led you up the mountain! Happy T Day, Valerie

  8. Such beautiful postcards, I love the baroque style 😁. Wow, that looked quite the hike with those narrow and steep climbs! Well worth the views which were spectacular and that yummy paella too. Take care and Happy T Day! Hugs, Jo x

  9. Lisca that looks so much fun, we once walked in the hills near Murcia city to the monastery, that’s was hard work but worth it for the views.
    Gorgeous postcard of the castle and interesting to read about it and what a beautiful stamp too
    Happy T day
    Jan x

  10. What a great post. Historical information (VERY interesting), pretty scenery, inspired traveling, great looking food, fun drink, and no sleeping here as I loved all your details and pictures! Happy T Day!

  11. What a hike! Sounds like a fun challenge. Thank you for the inviting virtual climb :) Happy T Tuesday!

  12. That Clemenswerth Castle is beautiful! A baroque hunting lodge... castle is certainly a more fitting name. It looks vastly different from the hunting lodges near us. I loved seeing the postcard and reading about this lovely place.
    Your stamps are gorgeous this week. I especially like the last one.
    I loved seeing the photos from your hike! I showed them to my son and he said, "Wow, she is fit." And we were both drooling over that huge dish of paella. I seem to recall another trip you went on (to the beach?) where paella was waiting for you. Every time I see this dish I want to try it. Yum! I hope that your muscles recover quickly.
    Happy Tea Day,

  13. This is a wonderful post. Yes, it was nice to get a photo of your guide with no mask. Have a nice day.

  14. The history of the postcard and the stamps are fascinating. the stamp is really beautiful. What an adventure you had. That’s not a hill, but mountain. Gorgeous scenery and wonderful to have a delicious lunch waiting for you at the end. Happy T Day

  15. I love the research you did into the castle. That stamp is lovely! I hope your aches and pains go away soon, that is one trek you did! Fanta Lemon would do the trick for me after that too! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  16. I would have loved this outing, but not sure I could make it up that rocky hill. So glad you were able to do this. The views were worth it, I am sure. Happy T Day!