Tuesday, 18 May 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 18 May 2021 - T for mountains

 Hello lovely ladies,
How are you today? Are you all ready to visit the T-Party? Get you beverage and join us at Elizabeth and Bluebeard's T-Party.

I would first like to show you some postcards. I have some mountain cards. The first one comes from Germany, but it doesn't actually say which mountain it is. 

The stamps are gorgeous. The stamp on the right is Lorelei, which I featured in my blog of the 4th of May
The flower on the left hand stamp is Wiesenschaumkraut. Cardamine pratensis, the cuckoo flower, lady's smock, mayflower, or milkmaids, is a flowering plant in the family Brassicaceae, native throughout most of Europe and Western Asia. The specific name pratensis is Latin for "meadow". Wikipedia

The second mountain card features the Yangtze River Gorge, and this is in China of course. The card was sent from Hongkong by Eden who tells me he lives in a small town near China (Hongkong is not so small I thought)

The stamp is a Christmas stamp (This card was sent in early January) and has Father Christmas practicing Tai Chi and the gingerbread men joining in. The dark part of the stamp is in reality gold foil, but it doesn't scan very well. 
Here you can see it better. (Together with the other stamps in the series).

The last postcard comes from the Philippines. It features the Mayon volcano. According to the info on the back of the card the Mayon volcano has the world's most perfect cone. It is pictured here with the Cagsawa Church, a reminder of the eruption of 1841 when 1200 people perished.

Wikipedia states that this eruption was in 1814. (Who is right?)

Here is another picture of the volcano

There was no stamp on this card, only a machine cancellation.

It's been a bit of a hospital week as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings were spent in the hospital for various things. Hubby had his chemo therapy and I had my oncology check-up, hubby had his Covid test and we both had blood tests on different days. 
This is the hospital entrance. A member of staff is  checking the temp of the gentleman coming in. I'm in the hall waiting patiently for hubby (I'm not allowed in).

He has not been feeling very well these last few days, but we know that the side effects of the chemo gradually ease off, so tomorrow he should be having a normal day.

I have had my hair cut, now that the warm weather has arrived. 

All of a sudden we are having a heat wave! (It was 32 C or 88 F)I have spent all yesterday sorting out my summer clothes.

Last Tuesday our friends came. He helps me with my photography and I give them lunch and Spanish lessons.
I made a another quiche:
The theme for the photo entry was: mirrors. So I borrowed a pair of mirror sunglasses and we set up on our patio:

This was the result:

And this was the lunch:

Wednesday afternoon we popped into the village to empty our recycling bin.
These things are colour coordinated. Blue is for cardboard and paper. Open the door and the paper/cardboard will fall into a large underground container.

The yellow container is for plastics and tetrapaks. 

Do you have Tetrapaks in the US? 
As far as I know it is a Swedish invention, so I just wondered...
They flatten very easily:

So they are easy to recycle.

Last but not least I would like to show you my jasmin, which is flowering and is giving out the most wonderful fragrance:

That's it from me today. Looking back I see that i have several beverages for the T-Party.
Happy T-Day everyone!



  1. Wiesenschaumkraut?! Oh, boy, that sure is a cliché for the German language!
    Good on Santa & Co to practice.
    Scary with the eruption.
    As helpful as they are, I hate hospitals. The smell alone makes me gag.
    I like your haircut - and the glasses! Yay for summer visiting. And the quiche looks so yummy.
    Great shot with the glasses.

    You have to go to a place to dump your stuff?! Ours are in front of the house, luckily. Oh,you really have warm weather. 9C here.
    Tea... a happy T-Day and best wishes to your Hubby.

  2. Good morning, I always enjoy your postcards and stamps those christmas ones are so sweet.
    sorry you had to spend so much time at the hospital. when we moved to the lake we no longer have a close place to recycle, yes we have those carboard cartons too but they do have plastic tops.
    enjoy your warmer weather we are still chilly and way too much rain. Happy T wishes Kathy

  3. Wonderful postcards and stamps, thanks for sharing. Sorry you have had to spend so much time in hospitals / at the doctor's, I'm happy at the moment that my very long hospital time is over, at least for the time being. You look good with your new haircut. Good, too, to meet up with friends and swap food and information! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Wow, that Phillipino postcard shows a really amazing volcano. I enjoyed reading about that. And sorry to hear your husband's chemo is tough going for a few days. That should hopefully mean it is working. And I like the haircut too. Your photography looks like fun. My camera died this past week. It is very very sad for me, especially with the nice weather finally here. Guess I will be spending some money soon as I really want a new one. And yes,here in the US we have some drinks in tetrapaks. Especially juice boxes for kids or adults. Hope you have a great T day. Loving your haircut too. hugs-Erika

  5. Sorry you have so many medical concerns, which I hope go past quickly.

    We have many of those types of container here in the US for a variety of beverages. I wrote about one particular type, the juice box, on my blog a while back, and when researching it I read about their history, which is interesting.

    best... mae

  6. A wonderful post, except all the medical stuff. The cards are lovely and the photo of the sunglasses turned out amazingly. I think your friend is lucky to get that nice lunch. Your hair cut looks beautiful. Have a great day today.

  7. I hope the medical stuff goes well and that the side-effects ease. I know how hard all that can be. The quiche is inspiring me to look up my recipe and add to my grocery list. That'd taste good, and yours is so pretty! Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Lovely postcards and stamps. We are all about volcanos in our family as my oldest son was really into them for a time. I would tend to trust sources other than wikipedia. Anyone can edit information on wikipedia so no one really knows if the source is trustworthy.
    So sorry that hubby is having unpleasant side effects of the chemo. Hospitals are not a fun place to hang out for sure.
    I would never think to photograph sunglasses like that. I loved that you showed the finished photo along with the zoomed out version of the set-up.
    Th quiche looks delicious!
    Happy Tea Day,

  9. Don't you just hate to get metered mail? I know I sure do. Your postcards are beautiful and the volcano and mountain theme is great. I enjoyed the Christmas stamps, too.

    Sorry to read about you and Graham spending so much time at hospital this week. He looked good when he got rid of the paper. I've heard of tetrapaks, but never seen one. I like how you recycle. We do so little of it here in the states.

    Nice hair cut. Mine is even shorter than yours. Don't you feel so much lighter? I did.

    I love the mirror challenge. If that doesn't win, I would call fowl (or foul). It is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your postcards, your haircut, your quiche and lovely meal, your trip to the hospital, and your Tuesday coffee with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca.

  10. Sounds like you've had a busy time visiting the hospital, I hope your hubby is doing ok and sending him healing wishes! Your meal looks delicious too 😀. I love jasmine and I bet it smells amazing - so beautiful! The scent always reminds me of our holidays to Italy. Happy T Day wishes! Hugs, Jo x

  11. Wow, your mirror project is fabulous! So impressed. Your lunch looks fab too.

    All great pictures and insight into little snips of your life. I like your hair and I am so sorry you are having visit the hospital so much. Hoping hubby is feeling better. Happy late Tuesday.

    Love all the stamps and postcards too - I used to collect them both but have no idea where they are (lost in the last move or two)....

  12. I love Santa and the Gingerbread men practicing T'ai Chi. The meditative movements are a wonderful way to get through the stress of the holidays. 😺 Very cool photograph. I like the reflection in the sunglasses. Jasmine. That must smell heavenly. Hope Hubby is feeling better. Happy T Day

  13. The postcards and stamps are so interesting. You must have quite a large collection of them by now. I like your haircut.