Tuesday, 2 February 2021

Second on the 2nd - Tuesday 2 February 2021 -

 Here is a blogpost from February 2015. I had been on a beginners course patchwork and really enjoyed it. 

Hello lovely blog readers,

Saturday I went to our nearby town to do a beginner’s course in Patchwork. I’ve always wanted to do this.

In the morning we made a cushion cover with strips of material. (Log Cabin I think she called it) We sewed (by hand) onto a backing that had a pattern on it. Every piece on the backing was numbered to make it easy, and it felt a bit like ‘painting by numbers’. It really was easy.

This little chicken sat on the work table. 

We were given the pattern so we can have a go at home with whatever scraps we have. She looks cute doesn’t she?

Here are a few action shots.

This is a shot of the shop. I was like a kid in a sweet shop! All those gorgeous fabrics! Lovely! 
In the afternoon we started on the hexagons. That's very pretty but very labour intensive. In fact I haven't finished this project yet. It will be a cushion cover matching the one we made in the morning.

I shall definitely come back to this shop to buy more of these gorgeous fabrics and perhaps make a tote or a zipper bag. There are so many tutorials on the internet. I'm going to have some fun!

Thanks for visiting my blog,
See you soon


  1. It’s beautiful, I just posted a blog post about the log cabin quilt my husband made lol,, your pillow is really lovely, time well spent!

  2. oooo you know I love quilting! Join us won't you! yes it's a log cabin that if you google log cabin blocks you'll see about a million ways to set them for different designs!

  3. I need a class like that. It was so fun to see yours Lisca. Your quilting came out beautiful. I'm glad you shared this with us a second time. Hugs-Erika

  4. I’m so sorry that I’m late visiting. I felt better on Tuesday than I do now. I'm even so late, you have already posted your Friday Smiles post. I can only sit and read for so long, then get a headache and have to stop.

    I remember this post especially because of the awesome fabric and the old treadle sewing machine in the background. Thanks for making it a great Second look on the 2nd.