Friday, 26 February 2021

A Postcard A Day - Friday 26 February 2021 - Friday Smiles


Hello lovely people, 

It's been a difficult week for us this week. Hubby has his operation this morning. But there is a silver lining: I allow myself to eat chocolate! (Why is it that we women reach for the chocolate when the chips are down?)

It's no surprise that my postcard for today features sweets. In fact they are old fashioned Dutch sweets. I can actually remember all of them, (which makes me feel ancient..) The little logs bottom left are cinnamon sweets as are those 'cushions' with red stripes. The yellow ones are 'buttery' and the pink ones are what we call boiled sweets. 

The stamp is typical Dutch, with a bicycle on it.

This week I have tried to get rid of my nervous energy through walking. I have tried to go out in the fresh air every day.
Last week you saw the huge parcel that had arrived in the post. Well, here is the new keyboard Hubby can't wait to play on it and with it. I have mounted it onto the other piano by means of a special frame.
Hubby had been in hospital for a week without food (only a drip). On Friday he was allowed to eat something. He was given fish. He doesn't like fish, but now he does!
On Saturday I was going to our allotment to water the plants and our neighbours said they'd walk with me. (I asked them to lower their masks for the photo).

On Sunday I stayed indoors as it was raining. I needn't have watered my plants!

On Monday I went to the post office to collect my mail and there was another parcel. It was a prayer journal. I look forward to using that.

On Wednesday I went walking again .

Yesterday some friends from Italy helped with the olive trees. Hubby had hard pruned them and now they needed fertilizer. The ground around the tree must be prepared and the boys (three of them) did a wonderful job. 

I also spent time with Roy, their dog. Such a sweetie. At a certain point, while the boys were working,  I was sat there feeling a bit sorry for myself. Roy, the dog, came and snuggled up to me to comfort me. We had a cuddle and I felt better after that. Dogs are very perceptive.

That is it from me today. At the end are some funnies as per usual. The one of the doormat is hilarious. 
Have a lovely weekend (including Friday),


  1. Another week! I m glad your husband finally an eat, healthy meal as well. Such a lovely way the dog snuggled in to comfort you,, take care my friend, almost there, once the surgery is behind you things will be better. Take care, that mathma chicken joke is so funny I almost choked on my water lol,,

  2. I am glad Graham's surgery will soon be over. maybe you will be able to relax a little too. I don't like fish either but I can understand that he was pleased to be able to eat something - anything! You are both in my prayers each day. Stay safe and strong. Kate x

  3. Long time in hospital prayers for you both-I understand the nervous energy well-hugs. you have the best garden-olive trees-wonderful. I love hard candies like the photo. great funnies this week thinking of you Kathy

  4. Those sweets you've shown us today are the same as something called A Yorkshire Mixture, very similar and you can still get them on Amazon. It's good to hear that Graham's getting food now. It's a difficult time for you but you are lucky to have such nice friends. You are right about dogs they know so much. Years ago a dog that we had was refusing to go near my mother and a few weeks later we found out that she had a cancer maybe he already knew before the doctors. I know they take some looking after but I would be lost without mine. Looks like one animal decided it was far too cold to go out that day! Great funnies Lisca, just what we need. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. I hope Graham's surgery goes well today. I'll certainly be thinking about him. Once again, you have done a lot of work and kept busy. It's absolutely wonderful that you have friends and neighbors to help you while Graham is in the hospital. Have a safe and hopeful weekend, dear. We'll be thinking of Graham today.

  6. Sending all the very best for Graham's surgery. Sending love and hugs to you as well.

  7. I’m sorry to be so late in visiting this’s been one of those weeks 😀 I’m pleased to here Graham has had his surgery and really hope he makes a good recovery now. Please send him our love.
    Take care,
    Annie x

  8. Sorry I've only just seen the question you sent me. The school is a state run also known now as an Academy as the funding comes directly from the government rather than local council, it's not a boarding school. It's quite new as the old one was really old so they knocked it down about ten years ago and built three schools together, infants, juniors and secondary so it's quite big. I hope by now you have heard from the hospital. It's pretty much the same here. Dare I tell you that one of my Orchids is at least fifteen years old. Once you find somewhere that they like you're on a winner but the main thing is to always drain the water as they do not like to be standing in it and let them dry out a little before watering again. Take care and have anice weekend, Angela xXx

  9. fingers toes crossed and a whole heap of prayers that hubby is now on the road to recovery, I should imagine it has been a tough week for both of you but you seem to have some brilliant friends in the locality, able and willing to help, it is at these times in our life that we remember what is important. I hope the sun is shining and that you are feeling much more positive.

    Sending you biggest hugs


  10. Hope all goes well with your Hubby.
    Glad you kept your humor.