Tuesday, 9 February 2021

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 9 February 2021 - T for triptych, socks and Yesterday

 Good morning lovely peeps,

I hope you are all well and ready to join the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bleubeard. All you need to do is add a beverage or something drink related to your blog post and link up with Elizabeth.

I'm leaving my beverage for the moment and I'd like to start with my postcard of the day. It arrived a few days ago from Germany. I happen to like windows and doors, so I was very pleased with these beautiful windows. The building is called the Cranachhaus. As per usual I go and find out more... (info from Wikipedia)

Here is Weimar (in the middle, to the east):
The Cranachhaus is the left of two almost identical Renaissance houses on the east side of the market square in Weimar , directly opposite the town hall .
The painters Lucas Cranach the Elder and his son Lucas Cranach the Younger lived in the house in the 16th century . 
The striking house, richly decorated with columns, shell niches and round arch ornaments, is an important and listed Renaissance building with a floor area of ​​approx. 1500 m². The construction time of the Cranachhaus stretched from 1547 to 1549. It was built by the Renaissance master builder Nikolaus Gromann for the ducal chancellor Christian Brück , who married Barbara Cranach, the daughter of Lucas Cranach the Elder. Lucas Cranach the Elder Ä., One of the most important German painters of the Renaissance, spent the last year of his life in the Cranachhaus. The painter, who only came to Weimar in 1552 at the age of 80, founded a workshop in the house before his death and took on two students. Despite his age, he himself was still active and began the famous three-winged altar painting in his studio (the attic under the roof), which can be seen today in the Weimar city church of St. Peter and Paul ( Herder Church ). The work was not completed until 1555 by his son Lucas Cranach the Younger .
 The Weimar altarpiece is a prime example of the Reformation’s visual propaganda. It is composed of a number of different scenes (approved by Luther himself) that explain the meaning of Christ’s death and that combine to form an elaborate allegory of salvation. Cranach the Elder (second from right) and Luther (far right) stand next to John the Baptist (third from right) in the foreground of the panel. Luther points to a passage in the open bible, “The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us of all sins.” The blood spouting from Christ’s wound falls on Cranach’s head, thus offering a literal illustration of the biblical text.
(Info and the triptych photo below from  German History in Documents and Images (GHDI))

"This is an explosive political commentary: it indicts the Catholic Church and states no priest is needed to stand between the common man (Cranach) and God." 
(Lance Longwell of the Travel Addicts) A great link if you want to know more about Lucas Cranach and Weimar.

The Cranachhaus was badly damaged in the Second World War and was later rebuilt true to the original. There are other Renaissance houses in the vicinity of the house.

This is what the square looks like today:
Today the house is home to the theater in the vault , which mainly performs smaller plays by Goethe , Schiller and other classics. Otherwise it is no longer accessible to the public.

The stamp features the U-Bahn (Underground) station Marienplatz in Munich.

Translated:Always flow towards the good, real and positive.
That is my drink reference for today and it is also my motto this week as my husband is ill and we don't know what's wrong with him. We're seeing a doctor again today, in the meantime he is in bed with constant (abdominal) pain. Not nice. And I'm worried of course.
So I need to stay positive.
So I did something I rarely do: I watched a film. With hubby in bed, evenings are my own, so I found this film on Amazon Prime (My only source of films as we don't have tv).
It was a lovely 'feel good' film about an English singer who, after a freak cosmic event, finds out that nobody remembers the Beatles. So he records Beatles songs, passing them off as his own, and he becomes a super star. Of course he can't continue to live a lie because there is also a love story woven through. Anyway, I enjoyed it, and sang along with all the songs.

This is what we woke up to this morning.
This is what happens when the rain hits the windows with gale force winds. Luckily it only rains a few times a year.

I have also been knitting my socks. I bought a nice colour yarn and this is the first sock:

The second sock has been done up past the heel, so only the cuff to do. 

And I cooked a mean lasagna:
We had some for dinner:

The rest goes in the freezer.

That is it from me today. I'll keep you updated about my hubby. 
Wishing you all a very happy T-Day,
Stay safe and stay positive,


  1. Your information on the Cranach family is very interesting. I have seen many of their paintings in museums (they were really prolific painters!) but did not know much about their lives.

    I wish your husband a speedy recovery. You have been saying that he was feeling ill, and I hope the doctors can diagnose and treat him.

    best... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Oh how I love the old buildings and the architecture! Great info about the paintings too Lisca. Yummy looking lasagne!
    I'll see if I can find that movie- sounds like one I'd enjoy.
    So sorry to hear about your hubby. Yes, please keep us posted. Keeping him in my thoughts and prayers. Happy T day!

  3. Wishing your husband good luck with his tests. Hopefully it is nothing serious, and he feel like himself again soon. I did enjoy your postcard and the story behind it this week, and I love seeing your sock. It's your lasagna that's making me hungry. Have a wonderful T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. That lasagna looks SO yummy! I would love a piece. I am so sorry to hear about your hubby's abdominal pain. I will pray that the Dr.'s are able to make a diagnosis so that the pain can be resolved.
    That water looks like a mess to clean up.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. I’m sorry to hear your husband is ill. I hope you find the answers soon, and he recovers quickly. Your work is beautiful and that lasagna looks wonderful! Delicious!

  6. Mind you, after all those years it´s still.... good but crazy to see Germany like that. We used to be at the edge and now we´re right in the middle - a good feeling, somehow.
    A beautiful house. And, as luckily always (!) interesting story behind, thank you :-)

    Very, very sorry to hear about your Husband. The very best wishes from here,I know more than you can guess in what shoes you´re standing. Yes, stay positive. It does help. My Mum yelled these words at me and it really saved my arm.

    I hope no one ever forgets The Beatles!!!

    Ew. SO much rain. Here it´s white and Hubby stays home, his car is stuck.
    Oh, socks-pics´ll be up soon in my place :-)
    (Certainly Ingo´s Granma´s wonderful work, I cannot do that).
    Ohhhh, lasagna!!! YUM!
    A happy T-day, hugs and you sure are in my thoughts with your Hubby.

  7. I visited the Cranach house a couple of times, and the wonderful paintings of the Cranach family are well known here. Sorry your husband is ill, all the best for him! Your lasagne looks highly desirable! Have a great week, hugs, Valerie

  8. Hola Lisca, its been a long time. So sorry to hear your husband is not well, I hope the doctor can sort him out and find out what is wrong
    I love Lasagne, always tasty and one of the few things I actually cook nowadays, not being the chef here!
    we also have rain problems if it is blowing in the wrong direction, where our conservatory meets the house wall leaks sometimes, we haven't had rain for ages, it was forecast yesterday but it passed us, shame as we had the sahara sand for two days so could have done with it to wash it away
    Keep safe and hope your husband soon feels well again.
    Jan S

  9. I love the old religious paintings. There's so much more in them than what appears at first glance. I'm sorry to hear your husband's ill. I hope they discover the cause soon and have a quick fix for it. Your lasagna looks _delicious_! Yummm! Happy T Tuesday :)

  10. Thanks for the great information about the house, the painting and the artists. Knowing those facts makes the postcard all the more interesting. So sorry your husband is ill, it is such a worry when waiting to find a diagnosis.

  11. Wonderful postcard and interesting information too 😁. So sorry to hear that your hubby is unwell, hope that he isn't in too much pain and that it is all sorted soon! Happy T Day wishes! Take care and wishing you both well! Hugs, Jo x

  12. I love fancy/different windows and doors too. So I love this postcard and all the great information you shared about the Cranachhaus. I'm sory to hear your husband is still having stomach problems and it sounds like they've worsened since the holidays. I hope the doctors find answers soon and can fix the problem.

    Chris & I enjoyed the movie "Yesterday" too. Your lasagna looks very tempting.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  13. I knew nothing about the Cranach family until you shared this information. Thank you for sharing the info and the lovely postcard, too.

    Sorry to read your husband is STILL having stomach problems. He's been sick since before Christmas, so I hope they find out what's wrong with him soon.

    Thanks for sharing your postcard, your drink, and your lasagna with us for T this Tuesday, dear Lisca. Please keep us informed about your husband, too. Let him know we are thinking of him.

  14. Nice post with some history. I love the photos. Ohhhh nooo you get rain like I do. LOL Love the lasagna. That is what we are having for dinner tonight. Not much else feels better on the feet than hand knitted socks. Have a great day.

  15. Terrific history ~ I'm sorry to hear hubby is still not well. I hope he gets some relief quickly. Your new socks are cute! and your lasagna looks yummy ~ Blessings and prayers of healing sent your way!

  16. I'm pleased you postcard led you to such fabulous research! The Triptych is stunning.
    I loved seeing the pics of Weimar too, the buildings look so beautiful! I hope your hubby gets some answers from the doctor and begins to feel well soon. You surely did get a battering of rain at your window - good job it doesn't happen often!
    Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

  17. The postcards, architecture, and history all very interesting. With all that is going on with you, what a pain to have to deal with a puddle of water in the house. I hope your husband is feeling better. Take care.