Wednesday, 3 June 2020

Talking about food..... Wednesday 3 June 2020

Good morning, buenas días, goodday,

I was introduced to Sherry's picking this morning, and thought: this is just my cup of tea, so I decided to join you on the spur of the moment.

Let me introduce myself: My name is Lisca and I am a Dutch woman living in southern Spain.  I have lived in Italy for 15 years, where I acquired my love for good, honest home cooked food.
I cook all my meals from scratch and we try to eat healthily. (We try to avoid processed food).  My husband and I go through phases of types of food. We go vegan for a month at least once a year and I am always looking out for new recipes and new cooking adventures. 

We have a plot of land which my husband has started to cultivate this year. So far (we are now at the end of spring) we have harvested broad beans and spinach and peas. Here is a row of broad beans:
 Hubby brought back a haul of peas and spinach:
 Broad beans and spinach:
 Too much to eat ourselves, so after we have given away quite a bit, the rest gets blanched and put in the freezer:
 This month we also bought some tomato plants (we were too late to plant seeds):
Although I did manage to plant some chili pepper seeds in these incubator things that i bought specially (I don't know what they are called). 
A month has passed since I planted the seeds and they have all come up and are about an inch high now.

When I look back at my photos, there are not many of my meals. I will try to remember to take more pictures.
Here is a pork stew I made:
We are a couple that enjoys breakfast. I know in many families they skip breakfast, but we like our breakfast too much to do that. (Being retired will have something to do with that I suppose). 

On Saturdays we usually have pancakes:
Here we have microwaved the blueberries a bit so they go all soft and gooey. On other occasions we have oat pancakes or American pancakes (raised, small ones).

My husband is British, so on occasion we have 'brunch' and he will cook us a 'Full English Breakfast', which consists of bacon and eggs on toast with baked beans and plum tomatoes.
I also love baking and used to bake at least one or two cakes a week. But with the restrictions we have had, there is nobody to cook cakes for, as we are not going anywhere and we have no visitors so far. 

But I have been challenged to start a Herman Friendship cake. It's where you make a dough starter which has to be stirred every day and fed occasionally. At the end it becomes more like a sourdough starter. Anyway, after 10 days, I baked a cake and gave part of the dough away:
This one is apple and walnut.

I hope I can write a blog about food once a week and I will try to include at least one recipe. At least this is a start.

Stay safe, stay healthy,
Keep cooking!


  1. Thank you for writing about your food and life in such a remote place -- at least remote in todays fragmented and isolated world. It seems very idyllic to have such a big and productive garden for your own kitchen.

    be well... mae at

  2. Nice garden produce Lisca. And all your food is making me soooo hungry. Hugs-Erika

  3. wonderful post Lisca-enjoy all that food in your garden-awesome what do you make with the broad beans?

  4. Hola Lisca. I so enjoyed your post. What a wonderful garden and the meals look fabulous. Thank you for stopping by my blog.

  5. How nice to join a new blog site and one that includes food. I'll need to remember to NOT be hungry when I visit here. I love the British breakfast your husband made, although I would skip the meat. Everything vegetarian looks wonderful, though. BTW, I eat one meal a day, so my breakfast would be about 4 p.m. my time, which is when I normally eat.

  6. What fun to read about your cooking and see your garden in Spain. I love the international posts on IMK. I have planted broad beans in the past but gave up because they are so much work, they do make lovely soil though. Stay well.

  7. lovely to 'meet' you - and your garden is amazing. Enjoy all you grow in it :)

  8. hello lisca
    lovely to see you. always nice to meet a new blogger. are you going to join in with in my kitchen this month? is this the post you want to add? just let me know. If you can add it yourself via the linky on my post that would be great, but if you want me to do it, i can do so for you. cheers

    1. oops! i see now that of course you have already added your post to the IMK linky! sorry:) cheers sherry

  9. I loved this post, and wee, Lisca, I´m hungry again.
    Burned my onions today, bu-huu, I´m still a beginner in this.
    Wow, where in Italy did you live? I love the sound of the language, we went to Tuscany a couple of years ago and I enjoyed hearing (not understanding) the language immensly!
    Got basil and now parsley on the balcony. Well... let´s see! :-) Hugs!

  10. Forgive my curiosity, but your home doesn't look like a cave! How did it get called a cave house? I love breakfast as well, too much to skip, and a favorite is the Dutch Baby :) with blueberries. I add them to the butter at the bottom of the cast iron skillet and pour the batter on top. Marvelous!

  11. Oh I enjoyed a read of this this morning, your food looks lovely and I love the idea of the hermann bread.

  12. Wow Lisca I am absolutely in awe of your broad bean plants! I love them so much but fresh broad beans are not easy to come by in Australia, would love to plant them one day!