Tuesday, 2 June 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 2 June 2020 - T for Tuesday and Second on the 2nd

Hello lovely ladies.

How are you all? Today we are invited to the T-Party hosted by Elizabeth and Bluebeard, and on top of that, it is also the second of the month so we also share an old blogpost.

First off is my postcard for today
It comes from Finland and it is a black and white image of a female soldier, but there is no date to indicate from which era this photo was taken. It was sent to me by Kaisa, who lives in Helsinki and tells me that she visited the Lotta Museum. This museum is all about the history of Finland. If I am not mistaken, Finland has just celebrated its 100th birthday. I hadn't realized that it is such a new country.

The stamps are beautiful. I have no idea what the angry young man making rude gestures is supposed to represent, and I have no time to look it up as I am late as it is. Sorry.

My 'ticket' for the T-Party is this photo, taken by one of my friends in the photo club. It pictures a cup of (I assume coffee) on a balcony overlooking our nearby little town of Baza.
This is where I will be going as soon as I have this blogpost sent into the ether: Baza. I'm going to order some new fly screens. I have taken the measurements and I will choose and order them so I will be ready for summer.

Below I will show you a blogpost from June 2015. We had been travelling (oh delight!) and you will see the arched windows of the house (Next door) we are now living in. 
Wishing you all a very happy T-Day,
Stay healthy,


Hi folks! Sorry I had to miss last week, we were still travelling through Europe. We've now finally arrived home (Thursday). Oh its good to be home! I'm still not completely sorted out and I haven't washed everything, but hey, easy does it.


 Here is the photo of my desk. No project on the go as yet. (although I should be making a card for the first birthday of one of our grandchildren) Instead you can see two scrapbook albums with page protectors that I bought in the UK. In the foreground is some artwork by Hannah Dunnett, whose work I love.

Work on our house is continuing and we now have window frames in both arches. Hopefully the glazier will put glass in soon.
I've had to stop Postcrossing the two months I was travelling but I'm back in the swing of sending and receiving postcards again. Here is one of the cards I received. I love turtles and tortoises, so I really love this card. 

Today was the first sunny and warm day after a cold spell. I'm sitting in the shade of the vine.  Our neighbour pruned it (the vine) properly at the right time of year and the right position of the moon etc. Look at the abundance of baby grapes growing!

That's it from me today. Hopefully I'll have a more interesting page next time.
Have a great week everyone, 
God bless,


  1. Great assortment of art and photos. Happy T-Day!

  2. The cup of coffee in front of the picturesque town is like a postcard itself!

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  3. Ah, those were the days when we could travel freely....But I'm quite happy staying home just now. Love the row of turtles! Hope you get your new fly screens, that's something I need to replace here, too. Have a great month, happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  4. Goodness, Lisca. I'm so proud of you. You actually read the fine print! I guess I confused a few people when both posts were the same. And yes, to comment on YOUR comment, that was the youngster I gave the cookbooks to.

    I hope you are able to get your screens, or at least get them ordered.

    I like that postcard, but like you, I can't tell the era of the soldier. She was certainly pretty, though. And that man DOES look angry in the stamp, but sometimes anger and celebration can look quite similar.

    The coffee/drink on the balcony could be a postcard itself. I absolutely LOVE it. Thanks for sharing this with us for T this Tuesday.

    I know you must have been happy about getting that postcard with the row of turtles. Be sure to visit Kathy for T because you will enjoy her post, too.

    It's amazing that we lament traveling. I am sure you and your husband miss it, though. This looks like a WOYWW post with your desk showing. It's amazing how much has happened since the post went live, like you have now moved into that home and made it a beautiful place, too. Thanks for sharing this Second look on the 2nd.

  5. Interesting postcards I didn't realize either Finland was such a young country.
    I am thinking you and your husband can't wait to do some traveling again. Happy T and second on the 2nd Hugs Kathy

  6. The view from that balcony is inviting :) Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Fabulous postcards! I love the one from Finland of the black and white image 😀. The teacup and saucer on the balcony is a beautiful composition too! Enjoy your trip to Baza and sending you Happy T Day wishes! Stay safe and well! Hugs, Jo x

  8. Love that postcard Lisca. Lovely balcony view- wow! Fun look back to an older post too. happy T day!

  9. I love the Hannah Dunnett art and the turtle postcard - so cute.

    I miss going to church on Sundays so much. I wonder how long it will be before I can go. The rules for church gatherings from our governor are draconian. It's hard to imagine how they can be met. Sigh.

    Happy T-Day! Eileen xx

  10. Its a lovely postcard and interesting post. I knew that Finland was a young country , but not that young.
    Enjoy your trip out.
    Happy T day wishes
    Yvonne xx

  11. That postcard is lovely. Black and white images are so classic. And that photo that your friend took is fantastic. What a view!!
    That piece of art is very pretty.
    Happy Tea Day,

  12. Happy T day Lisca. I am late getting around so I hope it was a good day. I really enjoyed your postcard this week. My grandfather came from Finland around 100 years ago (to the US) so maybe it wasn't even a country then. And nice second on the second art. It is nice to see that people's work spaces look as busy as mine usually does. Happy June. Hugs-Erika

  13. The teacup on the balcony is the perfect image for T Day. I hope you were able to get your screens. Fun to see your desk and the projects you worked on. The light from that arched window must be amazing. The grape arbor made me smile. My Godfather had a grape arbor and we had lots of happy times sitting in it’s shade. Happy T Day

  14. Oh! I didn´t know about Finland´s young history!
    Reckon that man on the stamp is at a concert? As in "concert". Heavy Metal or such?

    I love this work, at the moment I have a parcel that cannot go anywhere to it´s "owner", so I started a little diary. Words can be strong and fun, right! Maybe I should include some painting, thank you for the input!!

    More interesting? You helped me out big- a belated happy T-day and hugs from here :-)

  15. You asked for the reipe for peanut butter. Erika had just asked how to make peanut butter. So I copy and paste what I told her.

    It's surprisingly easy to make peanut butter. I threw the nuts in my blender and turned it on high for 3 1/2 min. I have a commercial grade VitaMix blender. If I used a regular blender, I think it would take about twice as long and you'd need to stop once or twice to let the motor cool down. It was fun to do! Eileen xx

  16. Hi Lisca, I’m late visiting everyone this week, I love the coffee cup on the balcony with the lovely views. Strange stamp with the angry man, wonder who picked that image for a stamp!
    We don’t often have a big breakfast nowadays, we did have a couple in lockdown, not sure if it was to cheer us up or past the time, ha,ha
    They have some lovely restaurants in Bolneuvo, The oasis does lovely tapas and have lovely seating areas.
    Your loaf looks delicious, I still haven’t found SR flour or baking powder.
    Have a great week and thanks for your visit,
    Jan x

  17. What a fabulous photo of that girl! I hope you have success getting your screens! Won't it be great to get on the move again! Love the photo of the turtles - we used to like visiting a park that always had terrapins sitting on logs in the Summer! Apologies for the late visit, our internet, which hasn't been so good lately suddenly went right down yesterday and was only restored mid morning today(a local issue)Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx

  18. OOh Lisca, those turtles are really lovely, like this photograph a lot. Your cup at Baza is beautiful, you will soon enjoy your trips again, that ´s good. Nice postcard and postage stamp.
    Nice windows you´ll get too.
    I hope you spent a very nice T-day, (sorry I´m late visiting)
    I wish you a great Thursday, stay safe and
    Big hugs