Tuesday, 23 June 2020

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 23 June 2020 - T for breakfast, a praying mantis and a bore hole.

Hello lovely ladies, sorry I'm late to join the party but we had some important business to attend to and so everything else had to wait.

But here I am and as Bluebeard and Elizabeth are organizing their famous T-Party, I will show you our Saturday breakfast table. I had the window built at the hight of the table so I could look out onto our little patio and enjoy the flowers in the hanging baskets and window boxes.
 We had pancakes (as every Saturday) and tea. I also have a glass of grapefruit juice.

Yesterday my friend and I decided to go for an early morning walk (9 am for me is early morning). We spotted the first apricots growing on a tree. They are not ripe yet though.

We also saw wild caper bushes. Their flowers are gorgeous. 

Wikipedia says:  Capparis spinosa, the caper bush, also called Flinders rose, is a perennial plant that bears rounded, fleshy leaves and large white to pinkish-white flowers. The plant is best known for the edible flower buds (capers), used as a seasoning, and the fruit (caper berries), both of which are usually consumed pickled.
I always wear my boots when walking in the country. Not just for the ticks, but mostly for the 'pinchos', those dried sharp parts of plants that travel inside your trouser legs and scratch and pinch you. Very uncomfortable. Look what my boots looked like when I took them off!

 I'm afraid I have no postcard for you. I haven't been to the post office yet. But I can show you our first garlic! 

 And the gym on the football field. The season of our gym club is finished now, and to close the season (that was hardly a season at all because it stopped in March) the village council organized a sports event on the football grounds. We were one of many groups and we had to stand two meters apart on the astro turf (grass doesn't grow here, so they have fake grass) and we did a full hour of aerobics. I was absolutely shattered at the end of it!
 Over the weekend we witnessed the starting of the water pump of the bore hole above our land. It belongs to our friend Shaun, who lives abroad, so we and a couple of other friends look after the estate for him and one of our friends managed to get power going and the pump still worked! It had not been used for 12 years, but it works! Here is the pump sitting in the bore hole.

And here is the first water gushing out. It is still quite muddy, but it ran clear a few hours later.
We were on the highest point of the estate.  The view over the village and surrounding area is stunning. (Our house is the white building below the red stripe)

 I know in England the garden center sells pampas grass, but here it grows wild.
 Here is a little friend that visited us the other day. He sat under the table as we were having coffee on the patio.
 My kombucha did not turn out well. I had left it too long and was undrinkable, so I started again. This time I had large 10 litre glass pots. I made the sweet tea and then I filled it with (cooled) boiled water. I was able to use the scoby (culture) from the previous one and now it's a waiting game while it ferments.
That is all that has been happening here.

Happy T-Day and have a great weekend,
Take care,


  1. Looks like you are having a good week!

    be well... mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Wow that garlic looks great! Your breakfast does too ~ Enjoy your week!

  3. What a fun post! There's a lot going on in your world. Hope your kombucha turns out well this time. How lovely to see that praying mantis. What a wonderful view you had from the top! Have a great week, take care, hugs, Valerie

  4. You have been busy, and having some fun too! I love that you built your window at table height for the lovely view. And a yummy looking spread too. How cool that you have capers to pick- but those pinchos-ouch. Garlic looks really good. Good luck with your kombucha and happy T day!

  5. I never knew how capers grew. That's interesting. We have those "pincho" things too. They just grab hold of everything and have tiny barbs that make them difficult to remove.

    Thank you for your kind comment and concern, Lisca. Do you know the saying, "To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail?" My cardiologist was looking for a heart-related cause. My rheumatologist looked for a flare up of my autoimmune condition. So I went to my G.P and he diagnosed acute sinusitis. I started antibiotics yesterday aand have more energy already.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen xx

  6. As a kid I thought capers are whole animals, head and all and refused to eat them..
    Wee, those boots sure protect you!
    Interesting water-solution - so you don´t get it from the city?
    A great weekend? It´s Tuesday ;-)
    Happy T-day and hugs from here

  7. I so enjoyed walking with you and I can see why you wear boots, socks and trousers those barbs look painful! Your first garlic looks great, your hubby is doing such an amazing job at the allotment 😁. Wishing you a wonderful week and a Happy T Day! Take care! Hugs Jo x

  8. Nice assortment of photos. Happy T-Day!

  9. Having breakfast while looking out on your patio and seeing your pretty flowers is bliss.So that’s where capers come from! The view of the state is just gorgeous.Take care and Happy T Day

  10. Hi Lisca I am late too for T drove to the woods house this morning. I love your breakfast set up-how nice to be able to sit there. I never knew where capers came from either so thanks for that. never thought of pampas grass growing wild-but everything did at one time.
    The views at the estate are awesome-Happy T Kathy

  11. Perfect place for the table and what a lovely view :) I'd forgotten all about apricots. I used to like those but haven't had any in ages. I'll look for them at the grocery tomorrow :) Your praying mantis is a welcome visitor. Happy T Tuesday

  12. What a wonderful post Lisca. I enjoyed it very much and the photos are lovely.

  13. My apologies for visiting so late. My internet went out last night, then came back on again, only to go out a second time. It often happens when it rains, but it's been so dry here, I didn't realize it would be a problem.

    How ironic. I have those pinchos all over my yard, too. They grow on a green plant that I can't seem to get rid of and it multiplies like dandelions in spring.

    Praying mantis are great for the garden, so I'm sure that pleased you. Your garlic is beautiful. I'm in awe.

    I love that you thought to have your windows built to a height you can enjoy your flower boxes outside. And your tea and grapefruit juice are perfect for T this Tuesday, too, dear Lisca.

  14. I forgot to mention that those are chili peppers that are stuffed with cheese and covered with eggs, then deep fat fried. I hope that helps.

    As for smoke free, we've only had that ordinance a few years. You are allowed to smoke at outside tables if the restaurant permits it. Many smokers know where to go and favor those places with their business.

  15. Sounds like you've been busy. I like your Saturday morning breakfast. I have been wanting pancakes lately and I should make some. I like to add fruit to mine. And I also enjoyed the photo looking into your town and that you marked your house. Your area has a very different climate/ plant types than where I am in New Hampshire. It is really fascinating to see what it is like elsewhere. Hope you had a great T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  16. Your pancake breakfast looks yummy! The apricots would be something I would love to grow in my yard. They give me gas in excess but they are certainly delicious. And that garlic looks great!
    Happy Tea day,

  17. That was excellent foresight putting your window at that height! Your breakfast sounds delicious! I can certainly see why you wore boots! That's a huge garlic bulb, sure to better for growing it yourself! I don't think I would enjoy exercising so much in the sun, unless there is a good breeze! Love the pic of the praying mantis! Belated Happy T Day! Chrisx