Friday, 19 June 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 19 June 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people, 

Today we share (at Annie's) what made us smile this week. 
Well, my biggest smile was this week when I received a beautiful postcard from Braunschweig in Germany. It was sent to me by none other that Iris Flavia! 

It is called the Happy Rizzi House in the old quarter of Magni. This really makes me smile and I keep the card on my desk. Every time I look at it, it makes me smile.

I found some info on the Internet:

DESCRIBED AS “THE HAPPIEST HOUSE on earth,” the Happy Rizzi House (Rizzihaus) in Brunswick is a day-glo masterpiece of cartoon-inspired architecture set smack in the heart of a staid German historic neighborhood.
Standing in stark contrast to its old world surroundings, the Happy Rizzi House is the vision of New York pop artist James Rizzi (perhaps best known for designing the cover for Tom Tom Club’s 1981 debut album) and architect Konrad Kloster. Representative of Rizzi’s style, the structures are decorated in wild shapes and faces colored in bright pinks, yellows, and greens reminiscent of an 80’s music video.

The psychedelic cluster of buildings was not an instant hit with the surrounding city since the tall buildings’ cacophony of color is in direct visual opposition to both the business district on one side of it and the old world European architecture on the other. However the goofy faces with unevenly spherical eyes (which are also windows) have come to be accepted as a unique and important part of the landscape, acting as the unofficial border between the two portions of the city the site straddles. 
Unfortunately Rizzi passed away in 2011, but the Happy Rizzi House, as easily his largest piece of work, assures that his off the wall vision of the world will live on for years to come.
Here are some details:
Thank you so much Iris!

What else have I been up to? What else has made me smile? 

Here is my week:

On Friday we went out with our friends to eat pizza for the first time since the beginning of lockdown. It was lovely to get together again and the pizza was delish.
 Saturday pancakes for breakfast are always a treat.
 On Sunday hubby cleaned my desk-top computer. he does this once a year as the fans get so dusty with the almond burner and wood burner stove we have.
 I bought some pretty glasses at Lidls. I didn't really need more glasses, but I couldn't resist.
Hubby has had to use his scythe to cut the high (dry) grass. It is a fire risk in this hot climate.
 On Tuesday we went to the garden center to buy more flowers and we had lunch with our friends who happen to live near the garden center.
 The plants we bought were not in the best condition. I had 5 geraniums and I spent the afternoon thinning them out. Big smile!
Yesterday hubby hung the first jigsaw on the wall of our stairwell. I'm really pleased. 
The puzzle image is by artist Colin Thompson and is called The Bizarre Book shop 2. 

And here is a detail:

That was my week.
I hope you have had a good week too with lots of smiles. 

As usual I will leave you with some funnies at the end, but for now I will say goodbye, and have a great weekend!

(In the UK, if you get fined for speeding four times, you lose your license)


  1. Oh, Lisca, I´m really glad I did decide for this card after all!
    I actually wanted to send the real Henry, but this house always cheers me up and now it´s great to learn it does the same to you!

    Crazy, though, it took so long!!! I didn´t know it´s considererd the happiest house ON EARTH, it will make my smile even bigger when I pass by, thank you! :-)

    And Pizza, oh, yum! Ohhhh!!! A reaper in the house, I´d RUN! Love the puzzle. Bet it was a challenge... Beautiful!

    Good jokes, too. Many here should get a bicycle! Oh, yes, condensation...
    A nice day to you and hugs

  2. What a fabulous happy house, Lisca. Iris did good when she chose that postcard. It's adorable, quirky, and so colorful. It's great you found all that information, too.

    As always I love reading about your daily life. I can't believe you and your friends weren't wearing masks. I hope you are at least socially distancing. I know it's less likely to catch the virus if you are outside.

    Cute funnies as always. Loved the twins. That was clever. Hope your day is great and your weekend is even better, dear.

  3. I could live in that house, I love a bit of colour.
    You’ve given us a good few chuckles today. Thanks Lisca.
    Have a good week
    Lynn xx

  4. What an amazing house....would make a wonderful jigsaw :-) Thanks for the giggles esp the twin photo cos I've had them here for a visit today and you certainly do get a lot for your money :-)
    Annie x

  5. Not surprised they call it the happy house, made me smile lots. That's one busy week you've been having and I can see that food took an important part of it naturally! Loving the jigsaw and I'm in full agreement about peoples race, love them all unless they are a T..T Hee! Hee! Have a great weekend. Hugs, Angela xXx