Friday, 12 June 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 12 June 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely girls,
Here we are again on Friday. This week has flown by. Restrictions have been relaxed once more and we can do more things now. 
But the one thing that I like doing is sending and receiving postcards. That has hardly changed. 

Today I want to show you this card which I like very much. I have a thing about doors and windows. And this door is beautiful and it is in a wonderful house with a thatched roof. It comes from Germany. 
The writing underneath reads: Reetdachhaus (= house with a thatched roof), im Nordfriesischen       Suderdeich.  (in a place called Suederdeich which is in Nordfriesland, the most northern region of Germany).

The stamps are beautiful too. I like the Beethoven one on the right. (250th anniversary of his birth).

I told you last Friday that it was my mum's birthday. Well here is a photo of my mum while talking to me on the phone.
 We have been cleaning and preparing the downstairs flat. Our house is over 4 floors and in winter we live upstairs where we have large windows which let in much needed light and there is heating. In summer, when it gets very hot, we move to the downstairs flat where it is much cooler and the windows are smaller.
We have suffered grief from weevils in our flour and other products. The pantry has been cleaned, disinfected and re-painted.
 I entered a nice photo into the league at the photoclub. (Theme was: 'Sea'):
I thought it was a rather nice photo, but I got disqualified, because I didn't get the size right.  I'm quite annoyed with myself for that. 
 On Monday we had our first cup of coffee at a bar since the beginning of March. Only outside seats allowed. But it was lovely. Hubby had shoved his mask onto his forehead to be able to drink. Silly man!
I'm starting to frame my jigsaws. This is the first one. We found a large frame at the Chinese bazar.
 More cleaning. I cleaned the fridge and put stuff back onto the pantry shelves.
And yesterday I finally had a haircut! Bliss!
That was my week. Full of exciting moments. Lots of things to smile about.

How has your week been? Have you also had many smiles? Do share them with us at Annie's A Stitch In Time.
I'm also going to call on Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday.

And of course I will find you some funnies to add at the bottom. I apologise if you have seen some of them before. They usually do the rounds on the Internet before I pick them up.

Have a lovely weekend and a good week to follow.

Keep Smiling,



 Text reads:

Wrestlers in action, 2020.
Eli Williams (b. 2016)

Crayola marker on wooden closet door.

Williams, a fledgling artist with a reputation for drawing how he sees it, has honed a style that hearkens back to the Realism movement.

In the latest addition to Williams' Quarantine series, the subject is WWE wrestlers in action. Williams rejects Romantic conventions and delivers the raw emotions of wrestlers Rey Mysterio and Jeff hardy in the ring.

Critics agree that Wrestlers in Action is a thought-provoking composition that challenges the viewer to reflect on their own emotion stemming from being a prisoner in their own home during a toilet paper shortage.

Gifted to the artist's parents, 2020


  1. Lovely postcard, Lisca. I also like the Beethoven stamp.

    You have certainly had an interesting week. So glad your mother had a nice birthday. Chinese food sounds good, but I fear we may never get any here in my town, since the buffets have permanently closed.

    We are still not open for hair cuts, so I'm glad you were able to get yours. It looks great, too. I'm looking forward to getting this mop off the back of my neck, so I know how you felt when you got yours cut.

    I hope your watercress soon sprouts and I just remembered I need to cut my rosemary. It's in need of a haircut, too.

    Really enjoyed the funnies this week. That first one is unfortunately truer than funny. I've seen people who spent that much money to make something they could have purchased so much cheaper. Thankfully, my craft budget doesn't permit that kind of excess. Have a super Friday and a great weekend, too, dear.

  2. Thatched roofs look great and I bet these days they are safe againstthunderstrikes, but, wee, I´d be afreaid they catch fire easily still?
    4 floors, wow!

    Now I can never look at such a Queen´s guard normally again, LOL.
    Great ones! :-)

  3. I'm going to have to make these quick today as we are trying to sort out a problem with the care team for my mum as they didn't turn up this morning until, 11.15am and she had been in bed since 7.00pm last night. I will be back though cos you've got all sorts going on here and I don't want to miss anything. Have a lovely weekend, hugs, Angela xXx

  4. Just remembered that you asked about the cygnets and what happens to them. Next year about February time dad will start encouraging them to do flying practice and when they are good enough he flies off with them and returns on his own. Now I'm not sure where he takes them but I believe it's probably into an area called the Brayford pool which is in the city. There are always lots of young swans there.'The Brayford Pool is a natural lake formed from a widening of the River Witham in the centre of the city of Lincoln in England. It was used as a port by the Romans - who connected it to the River Trent by constructing the Foss Dyke - and has a long industrial heritage'. I have not written that by the way, I copied and pasted it so please don't think I am a bit of a 'know all' cos I'm not that clever! Sending hugs, Angela xXx

  5. I do like those photo formats Lisca. They work out so great as a way to remember days. Is it an online program you use for them? And you asked about how to fix photo size in the new blogger. If you click on the photo a little box comes up. On the bottom left is a little pointing finger. When you click on that it allows you to pick the size photo you want. Definitely not as easy as before. But not hard to do either. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope you get those weevils under control and enjoy moving downstairs into the coolness. Hugs-Erika

  6. Your newly refreshed pantry looks fab....hope that keeps those weevils at bay for you. I love this week's postcard....what a lovely house. I see Erika is giving you advise about the new blogger....I've yet to brave it but I guess I will have to at some point.
    Look after each other.
    Annie x

  7. Oh that was a busy week I'm glad you can now move about more and my mum is desperate for a haircut so I can appreciate how good that feels. I hope your pantry stays weevil free and the move downstairs proves cooling. Stay safe hugs xxx