Tuesday, 31 March 2020

A Postcar A Day - Tuesday 31 March 2020 - T for Taiwan, a bakery and spinach

Hello lovely girls! How are you all coping with the shutdown/self isolation etc? We have started the third week of our strict shutdown. I must admit it's no hardship for us. I have a loving husband and a big house to rattle around in. Bare a thought  for abusive relationships and families with lots of children (and a small house). 

I want to show you a photo of one of our bakers, Enriqueta. She has made a special window in stead of the door. Very clever!

I can easily cope and have started doing my exercises at home. I have an old Wii, and I do Wii fit in my craft room. I've taken the tables down as I won't be having crafty friends over, and now I have lots of room to jump about.

Of course Postcrossing is something I do. Karen at Creativeseconds asked me for the name of the community of  postcard senders/receivers. The site is called www.postcrossing.com. 
I received several postcards last week. This is one of them from Taiwan:
It features Mulan (1998) rough animation by Mark Henn.
The stamp is spectacular. I have not been able to find much info about it other than the fact that it is from a series about Yilan County.

My second card also comes from Taiwan, and is a totally different type of card. It is entitled "Educating the kid" (1963). The photographer is Chen-lung, who was born in 1933. The photo is part of the collection of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. 
I am always in awe of the ability of non-European women to sit on their haunches like that!

The stamps are very pretty. I love those little tomatoes. 
Talking about veggies.... Sunday, was the first day in a long time that it didn't rain. Look how green everything is (very unusual here in Spain to see so much green. What a delight!)

This is what we saw through our bedroom window when we got up so hubby decided to go and check on his vegetable patch. It desperately needs weeding after all this rain!
It looks overgrown and untidy. He worked for an hour and than came home with an Ikea bag full of spinach! He says he will go out every day for an hour to tend to his plot.
So yesterday I spent most of the day cutting and washing the spinach. Most of it got cooked and then frozen. But I did cook a lovely tortilla de patatas with some of the spinach:
How silly of me not to photograph our drinks at the same time, then I could have used it as my ticket to the T-Party, hosted by Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

So I'm showing you my drink from Sunday when we had a full English breakfast. Bacon and eggs with baked beans and peeled tomatoes on toast (cooked by my dear hubby). No, we did not have it for breakfast, but as a brunch at about 2 pm. We had a cold beer as it was a nice day Sunday.

 That's it from me today. I hope you have all adjusted to this new life style and I dearly hope that you will all stay healthy and that the dreaded virus will not get you.

Have a wonderful week (don't forget to exercise),
Keep smiling,


  1. I bet the postcard art coming in is especially a welcome right now! Oh what a beautiful view from your bedroom window. How lovely to see the green- and your garden going so well too. I would LOVE that tortilla de patatas-yum!! And that also could have ben your T Day ticket as I spy a portion of a drink bottle at the top left of the photo? :) Happy T day!

  2. I always think our American breakfasts were big until I see a full British breakfast. It does look like a great brunch meal. And wow, you even have growth in your veggie garden. ANy plants coming up in my garden are only a couple of centimeters tall. I find it amazing how different the arrival of spring is in different places. Stay healthy Lisca and have a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  3. I immediately recognized that sketch of Mulan. We have seen it many times as it is one of my daughter's favorite movies. And I really love the pretty fruit stamps.
    Your hubby's veggie patch looks fabulous. Fresh spinach sounds so good. And your dinner with the spinach looks so yummy!
    What a clever way for your baker friend to remain open. Love the window.
    Enjoy your isolation relaxing with your hubby.
    Happy Tea Day,

  4. Your postcards this week are amazing. It's surprising that Taiwan is not under some sort of lock down. I bet people who play, like you, have lots of spare postcards to send.

    LOVE your breakfast. I knew I should have eaten before I came here, because everything looks great except you may have my portion of bacon.

    You will never go hungry with your veggies from your allotment veggie patch. Seems you will be able to create great meals, too.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards, your lovely green spaces, and your great food and drinks with us for T this Tuesday. I may need to go make a meal soon.

  5. Lovely postcards, I could never sit like those people do, and especially now with my false knee. Glad you are doing well at home, and how lovely that everything is green and you have so much spinach, yummy! Fresh spinach is always a dream. I had fish and spinach yesterday, but from the seep freeze! Stay well, stay safe! Hugs, Valerie

  6. Yes, educating kids would be a great idea. I asked my Brother if he does, but sadly they just play games. How boring that must be (Nieces are 5 and 9).
    :-) An IKEA bag. Ohhh, fresh spinach, YUM!!!! Here you only get the frozen stuff - with "blubb", some cream, bahhh... Enjoy yours!
    Cold beer sure does count, right!
    Hugs and cheers, Iris

  7. Lisca I'm pleased to see you like a Belly Buster as some cafes in England call them, my Dad would say food fit for a King.
    I love the window in the bakery door, Steve was saying last night we could use some pan but now we can't just nip out for some, he said normally the garage sell French sticks, I told him he'd be lucky they don't open the door any more people have to push their credit cards through the slit, we were laughing at the thought of the girl squashing the loaf to get it through a slit! sorry we had a mad moment!
    How lovely to have an allotment, Steve only has a raised veg plot as his knees are pretty bad so he wouldn't cope but nice to have fresh produce, It will certainly grow with all this rain, sun weather we've had.
    Take Care, Jan x

  8. I agree with you I don't mind staying home-it is fairly normal for us anyways but we do miss driving to visit our friends, and now going forward I need to decide how to get fresh food in-too many people drove in from the big cities over the weekend to their lake homes-not good-many are not listening here to stay home.
    amazing that you have a large garden of food already-awesome.
    I loved that the owner figured out a way to safely sell her goods-safer that way for sure.
    Lovely stamps this week and postcards-that does sound fun-are you letting the postcards sit for at least 24 hours first before handling them-I am doing that now with our mail-I bring it into the house-wash my hands and waid 24 hours to open it.
    Your food all looks delicious!! Happy T hugs Kathy

  9. Lovely postcards and stamps Lisca and that full English breakfast looks delicious, but I would only be able to eat about half these days, the potions look so large. Its good that you have the vegetable garden, like many items they could be hard to get in the coming weeks.
    Stay safe and well and happy T day wishes are sent to you as well.
    Yvonne xx

  10. Such beautiful postcards and postage stamps! Wow, that's a lot of spinach to process but well worth it as I bet it tastes delicious, you can't beat homegrown veggies 😁. That cooked breakfast looks yummy too, not had anything like that for a while ...lol 😉. Wishing you a Happy T Day, stay safe and well! Hugs, Jo x

  11. Wonderful postcards and stamps, Lisca. We're fortunate like you to have room in our house to accomodate our different activites/hobbies. I work out with online yoga classes in my office/craft room. I'm still allowed to go out for essentials and do so about every 8 or 9 days.

    Your hubby has an impressive garden. Your tortilla de patatas looks delicious. Lovely looking brunch too.

    Stay safe and well.

    Happy T-day! Eileen xx

  12. Thank you for the name of the postcard trading site ~ I was a follower years ago and I think that might be fun to do again. All that spinach is wonderful ~ lot's of work but you'll be so thankful every time you go in your freezer and get some out ~ Blessings

  13. Your garden looks great. The food looks delicious. Lovely postcards and stamps.

  14. I love the little squirrel stamp and I could never squat on my haunches like that. I'm not sure now, I'd be able to get up! 😺Such a big garden. Reminds me of the one my parents had. All that food is making me really hungry and no wonder, it's lunch time! Take care, and Happy T Day

  15. Love those stamps, can you tell - I have 'thing' about stamps!
    Your garden will be great if you can keep getting fresh vegetables - the tortilla de patatas looks yummy! Mmmm...full English...sounds like plan!!! Hugs, Chrisx ps Love the view from your window!!