Friday, 6 March 2020

A Postcard A Day - Friday 6 March 2020 - Friday Smiles

Hello lovely people,

How are you all? I must admit, I'm not too well this week. I have a terrible cold. I am coughing and spluttering with a drippy (and sometimes stuffed) nose. Not nice. But I keep smiling!

Today's blog is about the silver linings in life that keep you smiling. In my case I always like a happy mail box. 
This week I got several cards. These two are from Russia. 
The first one has a turtle on it. My favorite animal! It was sent to me by Katia and Vladimir from Yaroslavl, one of the oldest cities in Russia.
The stamps are pretty too.
The second card is send to me by Elenka from Moscow. The artist is Olga Simonova. I think it is entitled Spring. 
 Again the stamps are pretty too. I like those old looking ones on the right.

This past week, I have not done much but laze about, feeling grotty. But last week, On Sunday, I went on an outing with the local photoclub and I made two collages:
 The first one is just me enjoying myself in the company of friends, and the second one is about the exhibition we went to see.
I did manage to do a few scrapbook pages. I even remembered to photograph one of them:
 It hasn't got a title as it is the companion page of the one with the title (and a photo of hubby eating his pizza) . It was a very posh pizzeria in Madrid that we visited when we were there in December 2016. That finished my year 2016! Hurray! I am now working on 2017.

The other thing that happened this week is that I splashed out on a 'Dutch Oven' as the Americans call it. I'm not sure what the English term is. Cast iron cooking pot I suppose.
It's oval and the thing that made me smile is the price. Normally the really good ones (Le Creuset) cost nearly 300 Euros, but I bought mine at Lidl and paid 35 Euros! It looks the same.....
I have used it today for the first time and made a chorizo, pork and chick pea stew. 

I forgot to take a picture of the finished dish, but believe me, it was delicious. The recipe is from my daughter-in-law who has a food blog. Here is the recipe link.

Another smile this week is my Kalanchoë plant, which is flowering again. 

That's it from me today. It's time to connect with Annie at A Stitch In Time and with Virginia at Celtic House

 Of course there will be some funnies at the end. This time some puns from Indian Hills. Enjoy.

Have a great weekend,
Take care and....
Keep smiling!


  1. Oh, hope you´re well soon! But smiling is a great thing in this case especially.
    Atm Hubby has to open the mailbox. I can´t. Just bad bureaucracy stuff for me in there.
    Your cards are beautiful! As the collages!

    :-) Oh, you´re a tad behind, but isn´t that the fun about it? You´re right back in those years!

    Thank you for the funny ones :-)

  2. Sorry to read you are ill. I worry when I read that a person has a cough. Get better soon, dear.

    Both postcards are beautiful. You got two lovely ones,and I know how much you LOVE turtles. That was an even more exceptional one.

    Your scrapbook pages are great. I applaud you for finishing 2016. You will catch up in no time, now (grin).

    That Dutch Oven looks heavy. I'd never be able to pick it up. Glad you got a good price on it, too.

    All your funnies are great puns this week. Hope you have a great rest of Friday and a wonderful weekend, too.

  3. Hi Lisca, love the postcards but the stamps... now they are special. Great photos and love the scrapbook layout. I think we would call the pot a casserole dish or a stew pot. The ones I have are Le Creuset but I've had them for a long time so no idea what they might cost now. Loving your Cactus plant and the funnies too. Happy weekend to you both. Angela xXx

  4. So sorry you are not feeling well, I haven't felt good is some time either-but I think the congestion everywhere is finally starting to break. take care of yourself-hugs.
    loved the card and stamps, congratulations finding your cast iron pot-they are so expensive aren't they? I have only bought a couple new ones the others found at sales. I would be lost without my cast iron pieces.
    wow your cactus flowers are gorgeous-those funnies had me smiling Happy Friday and weekend hugs Kathy

    1. oh and I liked seeing your scrapbook pages too-

  5. What lovely cards. I have to say, all countries seem to have much nicer stamps than UK. Ours are very plain by comparison.
    We saw the pots in Lidls this week too, but I resisted. I gave my Le Creuset one to one of our sons when we moved out here. My arthritic hands are not strong enough to hold it full of hot food these days. I use my instant pot instead. (An electric prssure cooker/slow cooker).
    My kalenchoe are also in flower. They are so resilient. Evem the ones I thought had dies are in flower. I used to have a bright orange-red one called Flaming Katy!
    I hope you soon feel much better. Kate x

  6. How fun ~ great cards and scrapbook pages. Try a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with molasses, honey, cinnamon, and 8 oz of hot water for your cold. it's not the best tasting but it helps. Good find at Lidl's I'll have to look here and see if they have one for sale. Beautiful cactus! the signs did give me a chuckle ~ Blessings to you!

  7. I forgot to ask you last night. How do YOU pronounce Kalanchoe? I learned it from a Mexican friend in California. She and I pronounce it kuh-lanch-oh. Then I heard on a garden show the person pronounced it cal-an-chlo-E. Just wondering.

    Yours is beautiful. Both of mine died.

  8. I hope you get better soon, we too are suffering but cant tell if it is a cold or some sort of hayfever or allergy. Your postcards are lovely as are the stamps. The collages are always great and the catch up with friends looks wonderful. Your new cooking pot looks great too.

    I hope you have a fab weekend and week ahead.