Friday, 27 April 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 27 April 2018 - Friday smiles, good news, South Africa and chips.

Hello lovely people,

It is Friday and looking back on my week I have alot to smile about.

Let me start with the beautiful postcard I received from South Africa yesterday:
It was sent to me by Nadja. She tells me she lives in Germany but was visiting her parents in South Africa, where she herself had lived. Nine years in Cape Town and a year and a half in Vanderbildt Park, (one hour south of Johannesburg). The postcard shows Cape Town from the air with the Table Mountain in the back ground. She would love to move back there. "Despite the water crisis, we would move back in a heartbeat!" she writes.

By far the biggest smile this week was yesterday, when I went to the hospital for my cancer check-up and was given the all-clear for another year!

 I had breast cancer in 2011. I had an operation and all the treatment (radiotherapy and chemo therapy and tablets for 5 years). The above photo shows the little angels that my friends gave me at the time to remind me of God's presence and His angels around me. They are still on my bedside locker. So again, I am very thankful for another year in good health. God is good!

Monday we went shopping as usual at Lidl. They have a centre isle of non-food ítems on offer which are different each week. So if you see something you like, better buy it as it will be gone the following week. Monday I spotted this:
It is a hot air fryer. I had not heard of them and don't know anyone who has one (but my mum says they are very popular in Holland). Anyway I bought one as I have a husband that loves chips (or 'fries' in the U.S.), but I don't care for them and the smell of my deep fryer turns my stomach. (even though I use it outside on the terrace, it still smells).
This is what it looks like. And on Wednesday I chopped up a large potato and made some chips for hubby. This fryer does not use any oil although they recommend you brush or spray the chips with a tiny bit of oil otherwise they won't brown.

We were both very impressed with the result. The chips were tasty. Crisp on the outside and soft in the middle. Very nice. (the chicken was a left-over from another days' roast dinner). I will definitely use it again and I was not disappointed.

On Sunday I spent a day out in the mountains with the photo club to learn about macro photography. (Photographing very small things like flowers and insects).

The weather wasn't brilliant but it was dry and I enjoyed it very much.
At the end of the day we were given our certificate.
That was my week. Lots of good things.

Have you had some smiles this week? Please join me at Annie's at A Stitch In Time and at Virginia's Rocking Your World Friday.

I must admit I forgot to hunt for the funnies. So I have pinched Denthe's 'deeper' smiles. 

Greetings and keep smiling!


  1. Hi, Sounds like a very nice week! Congratulations on your continued good health-love those angels.
    Beautiful post card, and thanks for showing us the air fryer, I have not heard of those-I may look into that.
    Your photography class sounded like a wonderful day outdoors.
    Loved all the funnies-Happy Friday Kathy

  2. THats the best news I’ve heard for a while Lisca. I’m so thrilled you’ve had the all clear again. I love your angels....they are doing a good job of looking after you. Well done you with the photography certificate and those funnies really made me chuckle. Thanks for sharing with us.
    Annie x

  3. Hello sweetie, loving the post, the South Africa postcard made me smile as said 17 year old holds that place very close to his heart after his visit there.

    I'm so glad you got the all clear for another year, long may it continue, I love your collection of little angels - I have one at work that a colleague and friend gave to me years ago and another work colleague gave me in another job, both said to remember I always have an angel by my side.

    Your photography course looks brilliant, I'm sure it will bring you lots of pleasure.

    I'm also loving he funnies this week.

    have a great weekend and week ahead


  4. A lovely happy post Lisca. I have, of course, responded to most of it on Facebook so I won't repeat myself. Some of those funnies really did make me smile. Kate x

  5. Hi Lisca, yes I know it's Sunday not Friday but been a bit busy with stuff! Pleased to hear everything is good with you. That chip fryer thing looks good. I'm afraid he never gets them unless he pops out to the chippy as I don't eat potaotoes in any form I don't tend to cook them very often so we tend to eat more rice and pasta. It's quite funny really because when we take mum out she will comment on how nice the chips are, she looks at me and then say "Oh! you don't like them do you" One might expect that by now she might remember! Have a great week, Angela xXx