Tuesday, 3 April 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 3 April 2018 - T for birthday lunch, the Netherlands, books and flowers

Hello peeps,
Here I am again after a lovely stay in Holland with mother. In December I visited her but I was so ill, that I told her I would be back as soon as I had recovered. So I went in March, which also coincided with my birthday. My mum’s friend invited us for a birthday meal. Mum’s friend is ten years younger.
Here she is on the left and my mum is on the right.

There were appetizers, then a first course, followed by a main and a sweet. All very small portions as mum doesn’t eat so much. Accompanied by a lovely glass of ros’e. The perfect birthday treat.
Today is T for Tuesday, so the above photo is my qualifier as it has a drink in it. I will link up with Elisabeth and Bluebeard at Altered Book Lover and I hope you will join us too.

Now for my postcards:
This one comes from the Netherlands and it is an advertising image from 1972. 

It brings back memories as all my friends in school had mopeds like these and were dressed like this girl. In fact I wore mini skirts too, although I didn´t have nice legs like hers. My dad wouldn't let us have a moped. His motto was: nothing in between a bike and a car. To be fair, my sister and I both had driving lessons when we were 18, but daddy wasn't rich and we didn't get a car.

And this postcard came from Germany recently:
It was actually shaped like that, in the shape of a book. Quite novel, isn't it (pun in tended).

Talking about books, I have just finished Robin Sloan's Sourdough. I had read the author's previous book: 'Mr Penumbra's 24 hr bookstore', which I loved, but this book was a little weird. 

It's about a young female computer programmer who works on robotic arms. She has no idea about food and how it is prepared. In fact she feeds herself with a nutritional substance called 'slurrie'. She gets given a sourdough starter, which she learns to tend and keep alive. She even learns to bake sourdough bread. But the starter begins to take on a life of its own...

Still on the subject of Holland, I suppose you all know that one of the export products of Holland is bulbs and flowers. It is a country of flowers. People buy flowers almost daily. My mum is never without one or tho bunches of fresh flowers in the house. So the flower shops are big and numerous. Here are some photos of one flower shop in the little covered shopping presinct where mum lives.

This is the front of the shop.

The idea is that you pick a few bunches and the attendant wil create a lovely bouquet.
I can't remember what these purple flowers were called, but they are gorgeous.
These are ready combined bouquets

I just love tulips. At Eur 1,99 not expensive at all.

This corner of the shop displays vases and pots etc

This is the shop seen from the outside of the presinct.

I hope you enjoyed our little visit to the florist.

That is it from me today. 
Happy T-Day all,



  1. Hi Lisca,
    So nice you could go back and visit with your Mum.
    That book does sound pretty weird haha. I always enjoy your postcards. and wow I love all of those flowers. I think most places I have lived here in the States most people do not have fresh flowers in their homes. I think that is awesome that Holland does that. I always loved fresh flowers on the table. My husband is Jewish and his family never believed in cut flowers as they prefer them to grow in the ground. So after 35 years this year I did make myself a bouquet of daffodils for our table. He just looked at me and I said well these don't last that long outdoors either-I got 4 days from most of them. he just smiled haha
    Happy T Day hugs Kathy

  2. Oh what a gorgeous flower shop- a colorful feast for the eyes!! And to have the varieties so readily available and not expensive...
    What a really nice dinner and celebration with Mom. And I love the "novel" postcard! Have a great week and a happy T day too!

  3. Wow- those flowers are not expensive at all. I would love to be able to buy some every day to brighten my home. And it's nice to see the photo of your mother. She looks wonderful and like she is enjoying her celebration. Perfect for T day. Hope you have a happy one. Hugs-Erika

  4. That looks like the most beautiful flower shop ever. I love all the varieties especially the pretty purple ones.
    Glad you were able to go back and have a lovely celebration with your mother.
    Happy Tea Day,

  5. Glad you enjoyed staying with you Mum. The flower shops are gorgeous, we have lots of Dutch flower shops in Düsseldorf, too. They are renowned for their good prices. I had a Batavus roller back in the 70s till we got a car, that was fun! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  6. a nice visit at your mom, she surely appreciated it:)
    yes, flowers in the house are so uplifting, the color is what we need now after a dreary winter!
    happy t-day!

  7. It sounds like you had a lovely visit with your mum, they were lovely photos of the meal you had together.
    The tulips and flowers look beautiful so cheerful to see happy colours on cool dull days.
    The book sounds interesting, my husband makes sourdough bread, so the thought of it taking on another life would make it a good read.
    Happy T day wishes Lisca
    Yvonne xx

  8. Your birthday lunch is awesome. You can keep the Ros'e, and I will have an extra deviled egg, which looks fabulous. SO glad you could share it with your mother. I'm sure it was good for both of you.

    I enjoyed both postcards and really liked the shape of the book postcard.

    WOW, those flowers are perfect. I can see why they are so popular and why your mother keeps a bouquet in her flat.

    Thanks for sharing your postcards, the floral shop, and your lovely birthday lunch and drink with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. I visited Holland many moons ago and went to the Keukanhof (spelling) Gardens...Wow! Gorgeous... What a great looking Birthday meal Lisca and your mom and friend look fabulous.. Great postcards. Happy T day! Hugs! deb

  10. I'm glad you got to go back for a visit once you were well :) What a lovely birthday meal, and such a pretty table! I loved seeing how the flowers are set up. No wonder people buy so many. Happy T Tuesday

  11. So glad that you had a wonderful time visiting your mum and the meal you enjoyed looks so delicious! The postcards are amazing especially the one shaped like a book 😁. Wow, those flowers look so beautiful too - Happy Spring! Sending you Happy T Day wishes too! J 😊

  12. Looks like a nice visit with your mum...the salad is so colorful and appetizing! Fun postcards, and Love he flower shop photos! Happy T day!☕

  13. That looks like a lovely meal, Lisca. It was so nice that you could visit your mum again when you were feeling well and especially for her birthday.

    I laughed at your "novel" pun. Very clever postcard indeed.

    The abundance of beutiful fresh cut flowers in Holland's shops is breathtaking.

    I'm late to T again. Sorry! I'll catch up one of these days ;-)

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. So pleased that your return trip was a success! Your meal looks delicious! I would so have loved to visit the flower market! Happy T day Chrisx

  15. Love that book postcard! How unique! I'd love to have fresh flowers all the time...what a treat that would be.
    Happy T day!

  16. A great post Lisca! I love the postcards, and glad you had a good visit with your mum.
    Belated happy T-Day!
    Alison xx

  17. Sorry it has taken me all week to come visiting, but I thought I'd still just pop in before I post again tomorrow.
    I would love to live near that florist shop. How lovely are they. I think the purple flowers are a type of campanula but I am not sure.
    I was amused to read about your book as I have a big sour dough plant growing in my kitchen right now, and I think it is taking on a life of its own! It is a sweet plant and tomorrow it will be divided into four parts to make four big cakes for after-service teas at church on Sunday. (The recipe is called 'Herman the German, sour dough Friendship cake', because you are supposed to pass the fourth portion on to a friend to start the process over again).I'm not sure I would choose to read a book about it though. Kate x