Monday, 2 April 2018

Second on the second - A post from March 2016

I'm posting this as a "Second on the second" so you can see a blog post from 4 years ago. I no longer participate in Whats On Your Workdesk Wednesday (WOYWW), but perhaps i should start again, as I have started scrapbooking again. The scrapbook page is this one:
It's about Tracey, my step daughter. Coincidentally, she will be visiting us next week with her husband and two boys. We are both looking forward to that.

Here is the post:

What's on my desk

Today is Wednesday and many bloggers do a Workplace Wednesday or My Desk on Wednesday or something similar. I don’t know how to link up with these initiatives but I’ll show you my desk nonetheless. You can see what a craft room in a cave looks like and also have a peep at my next lay out.
This is my next project. A lovely photo of me and my step-daughter Tracey in a colour scheme suggested by this week’s Color, Stories and Inspiration. CSI for short.  CSI is a weekly scrapbooking challenge that inspires you to try new colors schemes and to tell your stories. Their Case Files provide inspiration that will get you thinking about scrapbooking in a whole new way.
A new Case File opens for investigation every Friday evening at 6:00 p.m. EST. Come join the design team and CSI members in a live chat every reveal night!
CSI is all about inspiration and sharing and, most important, fun!
This is what I bought this week: decorative thread. It’s meant for making bracelets, but I’m sure I can do nice things with them in my scrapbooking. The red on the right is exactly the red colour of the CSI challenge, so I might do some real stitching!
I’ve been experimenting with paper flowers. This one is my first attempt, inspired by a tutorial by sreechinnu2007 published on YouTube in 2012. In April I will start my first craft workshop for women in the village and I have been asked to do flowers, so they can cover the big wooden cross with paper flowers for the festival in May. So I’m practicing. I think this one is very pretty. Next I’ll try a smaller version of this.
A last glimpse, just to show you my birthday cards (It was my birthday last Sunday).

Thank you for looking. Have a good day wherever you are in the world. 
God Bless and until next time.


  1. Hi I enjoyed the second look-and a first one for me.
    Happy second on the 2nd hugs Kathy

  2. Nice page and you must excited for your company. I am glad to see people scrapbooking again. It had seemed like it had totally gone out of style for awhile. Enjoyed your post. Hugs-Erika

  3. It's been forever since I joined WOYWW, too, but Julia always welcomes us back regardless how long we are gone. I really enjoyed this look back and see it was also close to your birthday, too.

    Scrapbooking is something I can't seem to get into because everything has to be acid free, etc and formulaic. One nice thing about this layout is, you will be able to pull it out when your step daughter is here this week.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us as your second look on the 2nd.

  4. I still try to join in at WOYWW when I can - it's such a friendly group and I'm sure you will find yourself welcome any time! You certainly look very organised! Enjoy your time with your visitors!!!Chrisx