Friday, 2 February 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 2 Feb 2018 - Friday Smiles

Good morning folks,

Sorry I'm late. I usually prepare something the night before but with one thing and another it never happened.

Postcards.... well I never received any this week, so I will show you two that I sent out myself:

I bought a box set of 100 postcards with New Yorker front pages. The person I sent the first one to said she likes New York and I also read that she had cats. Perfect!  The second card went to someone who asked for fashion and/or vintage. Well there you go.

What have I been up to this week? I have been scrapbooking again. I have a pile of photos from 2017 and I intend to scrapbook them all. I have done January and February.

The main event in March was buying a new car. For the first time in our lives we bought a brand new car. You can tell our state of minds by looking at my hubby's face. 
Here he is on the left hugging the sales person.

The other event in March was a gypsy wedding. The bride is someone we know from church. They had no money and it was a low key thing. Looking at her dress it I would call it a 'short key' thing. (What does she look like!). But as you can imagine, we had a great time and I believe I blogged about it at the time.
I need to write a few details at the bottom but I couldn't find my black pen.

I have two large loudspeakers in my craft room at the mo. The speaker stands that we had, somehow got lost in the move. They are quite expensive so as we didn't need the speakers just yet, we just let it go. But then hubby found his bicycle stand in the garage (which did come over in the move).

 We have no bicycles at the moment so he took the top bit off and made it into a perfect speaker stand! The bicycle stand we had bought at Lidls at the time. Well, this week they had them in again. (Only 29.99 EUR! Much cheaper than a proper speaker stand) So now  we have two speakers stands. Hurray! 
The speaker stands have come very timely really, as we can now use them for church. We go to a small house church. For a while now we have been looking for premises as we are getting too big for a sitting room. As from next week we will have a lovely venue. An ex-bar/restaurant. So it has a kitchen, lots of chairs and tables, a small stage and a bar. Some members are involved in the Red Cross food distribution and want to be able to start one up in our village. Bingo! Lots of prayers of thanksgiving are going up, I can tell ya. (Photos later)

Now lets have some funnies (the theme is sales and shops):

That is it from me today. I'm going to go over to Virginia at 'Rocking Your Week Friday' and link up with her and also with Annie at A Stitch In Time. See you there!

Have a good week,
Blessings and hugs,


  1. Good luck with your church developments my friend. I really hope all goes to plan. I chuckled at your funnies.... Thanks for sharing them.
    Annie x

  2. Ah I remember the photos of the wedding, I love the layout - really lovely and a great combination of colours. I'm also loving you document your new car, I remember doing the same for our car but that's years ago now.

    The postcards are lovely too and the funnies always make me smile.

    The speaker stands are genius I'm glad you were able to resolve and at a bargain price.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend and week ahead.


  3. You are very good at finding just the right postcards to send out to people.
    It doesn't seem like almost a year since you got the new car, but I remember you posting about it.
    How wonderful to have premises for your church. It will be so much better in many ways, and I am sure you will all be working to help your community from there. Thanks be to God!!
    I can relate to your last funny. I hate escalators, especially the 'going-down' ones, and once I am on it, I don't budge for anyone unless it is an emergency. have a happy week. Kate x