Friday, 2 February 2018

Second on the Second - An old post we can look at again. -

This is a post from March 2014. 

Since then we have closed that gap with fly screen as our house is a cave and it needs ventilation.(so we can't close it)
The garage doors are old fashioned concertina doors. Hubby has since rubbed them down to the original wood. They look lovely now and before the heat of the summer we have to stain them and put some protective product on them. The hot sun is merciless here.

Here goes:

What I found on top of our front door

What I found on the top of the front door.

There is a little gap between our front door and the ceiling. The other night we found a kitten snoozing on top of the door. When we got up the next morning it was still there. My DH Graham thought it might be 'stuck', but it jumped off as soon as he approached.
 There are a lot of cats living outside our house (we live out in the sticks). They don’t belong to anyone although people in the neighborhood feed them occasionally. They (the cats) breed enthusiastically and there is a tom terrorizing the young females. I think this little one was fleeing an over amorous male.
 The next day we saw the same kitten, who had invited a friend, on top of the garage doors.  What a strange place to sit comfortably. I bet you’ll all come back to me now with stories of strange places that your cat chooses to sit/lie.

I'd love to scrap these photos and I'm waiting for the right color palette to come along at CSI that I follow (Color, Stories & Inspiration).
That's all for now.
Thanks for looking and... keep scrapping!


  1. These stray cats are too cute... wonder what happened to them over the years...

  2. Lovely to see those door-sitter cats, too funny. Thanks for sharing. Thanks, too, for the nice comment on my blog about Peter Sarstedt and his wonderful song. Happy 2nd on the 2nd, hugs, Valerie

  3. Hi Lisca, you're right I have a story about my friend's cat. She had a couple of girls cats who were quite happy until she introduced a boy cat who was supposed to have been neutered but he didn't seem to understand this and would chase the girls around. One day when we were there we couldn't see the girls so we went outside to look for them. He was stood at the bottom of the clothes post that hold the line and they were both sat on the top and as you know the space at the top is tiny so they looked as though they were sitting on each other to dry and hang on. It was after this that he had another visit to the vet as it wasn't just this but he used to spray too and sometimes he did it in the house which obviously you don't want. It did stop after the visit! Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx


  4. I apologize for not visiting sooner. My internet (and phone) has been offline for over 14 hours. What a fabulous story about the darling cat and her friend. My cats are both neutered and I wouldn't have it any other way. But I feel for those poor cats left on the streets who can't seem to find forever homes.

    Thanks for sharing this second look back on the 2nd.

  5. What sweet kitties. I would have a hard time not bringing them in to become house cats- that is if they would let me. Glad you shared this. ARe these cuties still around? Happy weekend.

  6. How funny! A shame though if they had no where else to go!Chrisx

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    1. They were more than cute! Lovely!
      I have had a tortoiseshell cat from the cat rescue 25 years ago - Pauline was her name, she was wonderful but she had FIP and passed away early.
      Happy Second on the 2nd dear Lisca!

      oxo Susi