Tuesday, 30 January 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 30 Jan 2018 - T for snow, churros and Precious

Good Morning Folks,
I'm back behind my desktop computer with its enormous screen, enjoying the images that I have just uploaded. I'm looking at the card I received not long ago from the Netherlands. It wasn't through Postcrossing this time but it was sent to us by some dear friends of ours with Christmas wishes.
It is one of my favorite cards. It pictures Holland as I remember it. The skating on the rivers and canals beside the ever-present wind mills. These were used in the old days to pump wáter in and out and keep wáter levels right. (Now they use huge diesel pump stations) .

Talking of snow.... we have had some snow this week. On Sunday morning we woke up to this:

The structure you see on the terrace is the table minus the glass top, which is safely in the living room tucked behind the sofa. 
Our house is built on the side of a mountain and from our back door to the village is a small but steep slope. But the snow prevented us to get our car up there. (When snow or ice is predicted, we leave our car at the top of the slope as a precaution, but this snow was a surprise).
We couldn't go to church, so we decided to walk to the nearest bar and treat ourselves to 'churros and chocolate'.

Most of the local bars are open on a Sunday morning to accomodate the hunters that go out early and have a coffee, a chat and get lunch bags made up. We had a coffee and ordered thick chocolate to dip the churros in.

The churros were freshly made there and then and were too hot to pick up (hence the serviette) But I couldn't wait!

I thought I'd show you a photo of our cat called Precious. He is lying on a cushion that I use for the lounge chair on the terrace. I often sit out in the afternoon sun and read a bit. But with all this cold weather, the cushion is lying on the back of the settee and Precious has taken posession of it. What does he look like!

Talking about cats: Look at these little spoons. Aren't they cute!

One last photo of what our view looks like now. It has stopped snowing and the sun has come out. Roll on spring! I can't wait.

Now I'm off to Elizabeth and Bleubeard to join the T-party. My glass of chocolate qualifies me for joining in with the fun. Please come along with a blogpost that has a drink or something drink related in it. See you there!

Bye for now,


  1. Lisca... hi there!!! That is a beautiful postcard of Holland.. I saw Holland it must have been in the Spring on a bus tour..All the fields of flowers were just gorgeous and we saw the Keukenhof (spelling?) Gardens and the parade... I could smell the floats before they came.. and we stopped at a cheese Farm... Can you believe i have never had a churro?? You sure make them look good.. They are fried in oil aren't they.. Your kitty looks very spoiled and loved .. just like mine.. lol Stay warm ! Happy T day hugs! deb

  2. Hi Lisca what a gorgeous view you have-I love it.
    Your cat looks soooo comfy and and I love those cat spoons-too cute.I really like your postcard too and it has sheep-loving that haha
    Yum the churros dipped in chocolate sounds delish I have never had them before I wonder if I could make them gluten free they always looks so good. Happy T Day Kathy

    1. Hi Lisca to answer your question-yes I cut up my cake in pieces and froze all but two pieces. hubs cake got shared with friends and breakfast for him a couple mornings. they really did turn out awesome

  3. That snow makes it very pretty. It looks like it will melt fairly quickly-which is good. But those churros and chocolate looks yummy. I have had churros but never dipped in chocolate. :) Have a happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Wow, I was surprised you got so much snow. I love the view and I love your postcard, too. It sure has lots of snow shots in it.

    I LOVE churros. I've never had them with chocolate, but with honey. I adore the photos and saw a coffee cup, I suspect that belonged to your husband.

    You have LOTS of mugs and cups this week, including the one with the cat spoons which are adorable. Your darling cat stole my heart, and Bleubeard is so happy you included Precious in your post so he's not the only feline present for T this week.

    Thanks for sharing your many cups and glass of chocolate with us for T this Tuesday, dear.

  5. I too was surprised to see the snow by you. What a pretty postcard of Holland. Never had churros but they sure do sound good all warm and dipped in chocolate! Precious looks oh so comfy and cosy. What a sweetie. Cute kitty spoons too. Happy T day!

  6. Your kitty is so lovely and: wow, these spoons! For me the Netherlands are nearby... and I cannot wait for spring too, although our winter was thender with us until today. But we are waiting for the big cold next week.
    Happy T-day from Germany :)

  7. Looks really cold! Your kitty is making the most of the cold spell, he looks great! Churros and chocolate, just yummy, what a great idea. Love the beautiful card, it really is typical for Holland. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  8. The view from you home looks lovely, but cold with all the snow.
    I loved the photo of the cat looking so comfortable on the cushion, cats do do know how to look relaxed.
    Your cat spoons look wonderful as well
    The churros sound and look delicious, dipped in chocolate, what better way to start the day.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. I love your Holland postcard too, it looks so beautiful in the winter time! Those churros and chocolate sauce looks so yummy and perfect on a cold winter's day, or anytime of the year ...lol 😉. Your cat looks so cosy and happy on your pillow too! Thanks for the smiles and wishing you a Happy T Day! J 😊

  10. I'm in Pennsylvania helping my Eldest get settled in her new apartment. We had snow last night and sounds like more snow is on the way. I am so done with winter. Precious has the right idea. Just sack out in a comfy spot and hibernate. Your kitty spoons are precious, too. I'm having a protein bar for a snack right now, but I wish I had one of your churros actually I'd be happy with just the chocolate. Happy T Day!

  11. What a lovely snow, and such a stunning view from your terrace! Your cat has the right idea ;) and those cat spoons are perfect lol

  12. What a super postcard, I like the colors and the layout. I'll take the churros and hot chocolate but can I have them without a side order of snow? I only like snow in pictures.

  13. Wonderful postcard, Lisca. I have similar memories of growing up in Wisconsin - ice skating on rivers and ponds - but no iconic windmills like Holland! Beautiful.

    What a nice option you had when you couldn't drive to church. When I can't get the car out, it's because there's no electricity for the neighborhood gate. So I'm stuck at home.

    Your chocolate dipped churro makes my mouth water.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  14. The snow sounds like the best excuse ever for having Churros and Chocolate! It does look beautiful as does the snowy postcard! Precious does look as though you may have a rival for that comfy cushion! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  15. What a very lovely view you have. It sounds like a wonderful spot to live. Churros and chocolate sound like a yummy treat. I have never had this but it looks amazing. Its that straight chocolate melted that you drink or is it mixed with something else?
    Happy Tea Day,

  16. i had to look up what churros are, but now i can imagine them with chocolate very well. mouth watering...
    this Card from Holland really is wonderfully wintery.
    haha, cats occupy everything;) and These Little spoons are funny and cute!
    a bit late for tea-day, but maybe "cheers" with coffee? ♥