Tuesday, 13 February 2018

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 13 Feb 2018 - T for Tuesday

Just a quick note to say I am having computer problems. Somehow my laptop doesn't register the SD card of my camera and consequently I cannot show you any photos.
This is from the internet:

I thought that was handy...

On top of that I forgot to bring my postcards (on Tues I always blog from our weekend home).
Very frustrating.

Anyone thinking of opening a coffee shop? Can I offer a suggestion?

This laptop is very old and I am thinking of buying a new laptop. My sister is trying to convince me to buy a proper iPad. Does anyone of you blog with an iPad? I will have to look this up on the internet, but I doubt whether an iPad has an SD slot for my photos and in that case I cannot blog with it. Any advice ? 

As this is T for Tuesday, I can assure you I am sipping a cup of tea, even though you cannot see it. It is mint, green anice and camomile mixture.
So my birthstone is definitely not a coffee bean, lol.

That is it from me,
Have a good week all of you,
Happy T-Day,


  1. Hey , you did a great job putting something together to post. Unique mugs:) and I LOVE the coffee/teacup chairs-so cool! I only just got an iphone but do not have an ipad so I can't help you with that. Good luck. and a happy T day too!

  2. Wonderful images this T Day! The mugs looks so bright and colourful and I'm now wondering how much liquid they hold as they have to be put down at an angle ...lol 😉. I'm loving the teacup chairs too! My personal preference is to use my laptop to download and process photos and create my blog posts as it's just so much easier and I tend to use my tablet/iPad to comment on other people's blogs. Happy T Day! J 😊
    p.s. The iPad does not have any kind of memory card slot. Apple does sell optional connection kits that supports SD cards, though these have limited functionality.

  3. so glad you posted any ways as I loved the photos-those chairs are amazing!! and your tea sounds delicious-I would love that. I don't know anything about ipads or smart phones-sorry
    Happy T Day Kathy

  4. A coffee bean as birth stone, lol - but I also drink tea and no coffee.
    I prefer writing on a keyboard - I do not know if an iPad has any keyboard?
    Happy T Day! Rike

  5. The coffee/teacup chairs are so cool ! I hope you can fix your problem soon Lisca!
    You did a fabulous job on posting after all!
    Happy T-Day !
    oxo Susi

  6. Sorry about the computer problems, hope you soon find a good solution. Love the birth-stone! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Oh Lisca, if only I were better at computers! I will tell you that I figured out a way to manage this myself. I have lots of photos on my phone too, but I email them to myself. Then when I open my email on our Notebook, I 'save as' to the Pictures file on the Notebook. Then I can use the Pictures file to post on my blog. Does that make any sense at all? Anyway, glad you came for tea, despite your computer problems. Love those tea cup chairs!

  8. A great set of photos, those chairs look great fun. You did well finding this selection on the internet. Sorry you are having computer problems. I cannot give any advice as I have always used a lap top or the family computer. I think its all down to what we need and what will work for us.
    Happy T day wishes.
    Yvonne xx

  9. Sorry you are having computer problems! You certainly found some unusual photos- love those seats! I can blog on my phone if I have connection but it is not easy! Mine is an android phone and does take an SD card - in fact I use it for music and to extend my photograph storage! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  10. I apologize for being so late for T. I would have been by sooner, but I ate something at dinner last night that did not set well and I got very ill. I'm still fighting it.

    Sorry about your computer. My keyboard works about 1/2 the time, which is very frustrating when I'm trying to play catch up.

    My friend Sally has an iPad, but all she does on it is watch videos. I asked her how she copied and pasted a site she wanted to visit and she said she didn't use that function. HUH???? I guess it depends on what you want to do with your computer. I have too much invested in my home computer, I can't imagine ever giving it up for anything else.

    You found some wonderful photos on the internet, especially the chairs. I especially LOVED your birth stone. Thanks for sharing your internet photos with us for T this Tuesday.

  11. Sorry to hear you are having computer problems. But you found some great photos. I actually have an iPad I got at work but I can't say I have ever really gotten into using it. So I can't really help you. Hope it was a happy T day, and Happy Valentine's day to you. Hugs-Erika

  12. I forgot to answer your question which was "New Orleans has had bad flooding with the hurricane a few years ago. Is that restaurant still standing?"

    The restaurant is in the French Quarter which was NOT affected by flooding from Hurricane Katrina in 2005. So, yes, it is still standing and going strong. Their lunch menus are now out and you can order certain luncheon meals for $20.18 (USD).

  13. You did a great job posting without having access to your photos. I love the coffee shop photo and your birthstone is same as mine :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog, it's always great to have visitors ♥
    Happy T Day!

  14. I'm glad you came to T despite the extra challenges, Lisca. Those cup shaped chairs are really neat. They even look comfortable!

    You might not have had one with you, but did you know that you can download photos from most (if not all) digital cameras directly to your computer with a USB cable?

    I have an Android tablet but use it mostly for reading. I don't like using an onscreen keyboard, so wouldn't like to write blog entries using my tablet.

    You may not care, but the iPad can't show videos from Youtube and a lot of other sites because you can't install Adobe Flash on an iPad. Hope this helps.

    Happy T-day! Hugs, Eileen

  15. my birth Stone is a coffee bean, haha, i have to remember that one!
    These Cup seats are very original. i´m sorry i don´t have a clue on Blogging with ipad. hope things will work out find, this tech stuff is always so annoying:(
    have a good week anyway, xox, johanna

  16. Love those colourful mugs, and the fabulous teacup chairs! Your tea sounds delicious.
    Hope you're having a lovely week!
    Alison x