Friday, 16 February 2018

A Postcard A Day - Friday 16 Feb 2018 - Friday Smiles

Hello everybody! Here I am again, a little later than normal, but we had a little crisis to sort out this morning. Phew, that done I can sit down and tell you how my week has been and show you some postcards.
Here is the first one. I received it a couple of days ago from Finland:

Yes, It's Inge Löök's famous naughty aunties. The image is appropriate for nearly everyone at the moment, when there is snow in most countries. The aunties are doing their bit for the community. The card is in aid of the Red Cross, so by buying this card (the stamp is included and printed on the card) the sender supported the Red Cross, a worthy cause.
Ritva, who sent it to me, writes that she is a retired teacher of hand craft and art history, and lives in a village in southern Finland.
The writing on the card translates as: Happy Friend's Day. In Finland they call Valentine's Day: Friends Day. A much better name I think, as Valentine's Day is for lovers. I know in America they send Valentine card to their friends. I remember the first time this happened to me I thought this girl was inviting me to become her lover and was quite shocked!

This is my second card, and you might have guessed it comes from Russia. It is by a well known artist called Tanya Sitaya and is titled 'Robin'. It was sent to me by Tatiana who lives in Kazan City, a beautiful ancient (more than 1000 years old) city on the banks of the Volga river. Tatiana tells me she likes to watch sports, in particular figure skating. I bet she is watching the Winter Olympics now.

I don't have a tv but my mother in Holland keeps me updated on the Olympics. Apparently the Dutch speed skaters are very good and have won many medals.

We've had a good week. On Sunday we had the first praise and worship evening in our new venue. We are a house church, so we tried to make it like a living room as much as posible and managed to find some sofás. It looks quite good.

We haven't finished painting yet. All the walls will eventually be white. The plastic you see is to protect the wood from the paint. 
The youngsters love to play on the bongos and gongas etc. Here is hubby (on guitar) and one of the young men playing congas.

We are a lively lot when it comes to worship. Here are two of my friends dancing.
That área will become the children's área once we put some furniture and toys there. And it needs painting too.

On Tuesday the 'marble guys' came to place my granite worktops in the new kitchen in the flat downstairs. This is what it looked like without the work tops.
Then two lovely guys turned up and in no time they had laid the work tops.
They had measured accurately and cut all the pieces in their workshop.
The floor pieces are fitted too, and 'Bob's your uncle'. (Now that is an expression for our American friends to get their teeth into)

Lots more has happened this week, but I might leave that until next week when I might have less photos.
I have been on a weekend course photography and we have taken our scooter for its vehicle inspection yesterday. All of that another time.

Now I will leave you with a few funnies:well, one funny and a few reflective ones that I pinched from Denthe (have a look at her blog, she is a gifted artist).

I'm heading over to Annie at A Stitch In Time, and to Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday.

Have a lovely week all of you,


  1. Oh Lisca you have so much to make you smile this week. The work on your community room is coming on well and your kitchen really made me smile....I love it. Your funny and reflective sayings made me smile too....I always sit on the side with the sunshine and view 😀😀😀😀
    Big hugs,
    Annie x

  2. Good morning, I always enjoy seeing your amazing postcards-I do not think here in the states they are very popular any more except for perhaps vacations.
    Your church sounds wonderful, a new kitchen will be amazing for you, and I love the funnies especially the one with the cat and the one about texting.
    happy friday

    1. oh and surprisingly melons are available all year here in the stores-I had gotten a honeydew melon that was super delicious so I got a watermelon next time-it was not good at all so I cut it all up for the deer-they loved it haha

  3. Hello. Your Church sounds wonderful, not at all 'stuffy' as some tend to be. The kitchen is looking wonderful. Gorgeous postcards - I really like the Russian one. The funnies made me smile , especially the cat one. have a lovely weekend. Anne x

  4. well that's full of smiles, don't know where to start. Love the funnies and great to see all your friends making the most of their new Church. You kitchen is looking good too. We had some quartz worktops done a couple of years ago and I was amazed at how technical it is now at scanning the area for the measurements but I guess they have to be accurate before they cut it. Have a lovely weekend, Angela xXx

  5. I so enjoyed this post and it appears you are definitely well, finally. That community church room is looking good already, and it appears it won't be long until it will be complete.

    Your kitchen marble top is incredible. Very lovely and goes quite well with the beautiful light wood you have chosen. Someday you'll have to let us know if you are moving downstairs or will be renting the area out. I'm still a bit confused about the second kitchen (and living space) on the ground floor.

    Lovely postcards, especially the Russian one. BTW, did you know you can stream the Olympics on the internet? And apparently, there is an app for your phone, too.

    Of course I fell in love with the cat funny. SO cute. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend, too, dear Lisca.

  6. Oh the kitchen looks fabulous with the worktops in situ. Your church looks like its taking shape and looks like a very happy place to be - with the dancing! Your postcards are great, I can't imagine life without a TV but I can appreciate that you probably get a lot more done in life without the distractions.

    I hope you have an awesome weekend and week ahead


  7. Your new work surfaces look lovely Lisca. I am glad you managed your first worship time in the new premises. I am sure you will soon have it looking like home.
    I love the Finnish post card, and the Russian one is pretty too. It is a good idea to make the Finnish one a charity card.
    Your funnies made me smile as ever. It is amazing how cats can make themselves comfortable almost anywhere. Kate x

  8. Lisca, I just read your question about servants. As a rule, the middle class did NOT have servants. Families were, from what I can ascertain, were about like those in the 1950s. The father worked, the mother stayed home and kept house, the children went to school. Only the wealthy had servants and they were called maids and butlers, cooks and gardeners, rather than the general term servant like I think of in Victorian times England. Thanks for asking.