Tuesday, 14 March 2017

A Potcard A Day - Tueday 14 March - T for butterflies, beaches and a flowering pine

Hello lovely T-Gang! 

We have experienced an extreme change of temperature in 24 hours. Yesterday I was dressed in a t-shirt, having meals on the terrace in the blistering sun. Today the temperature is  around freezing point and it has been snowing heavily since this morning.

This is my postcard for today. It came from India. It shows a beautiful butterfly. It's called the Constable. The Constable (Dichorragia nesmachus) is a species of Nymphalid butterfly found in Asia. There is a wide distribution range extending from India in the west to Japan in the east. This butterfly has a wingspan of 7.0-8.0 cm. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the colour.

It's T for Tuesday so I will link up with Elizabeth at Altered Book Lover and show my drink. But before I do that I would like to share some more photos of our recent little trip to Cartagena. Here is a photo of some modern architecture:

It's the local police station.

It certainly is a city of palm trees:

On the second day we visited the mining museum (see previous blog) in a village called La Union. I spotted this remarkable building there:

When I got close enough to read the writing, I learnt that it was the covered market.
It has an entrance on each side. This is the side and the back, where the car park is. The main entrance was even more spectacular, but it was in a narrow street and I could not get a decent shot of it.
I did notice the crooked top....
We looked around for a place to eat and in a little back street we found this unassuming bar/eatery:
The meal was cheap and cheerful. In Spain we get the so-called menu del dia, which is a three course meal served between 2 and 4pm and includes wine or beer and desert.
This was our first course:
I had a potato salad and hubby spaghetti a la carbonara. The mixed salad is to go with the main course. We were drinking lager with lemon (the lemon juice makes it cloudy).

On the last day of our trip we went to the Calblanque natural park and walked along the (touristically) undeveloped beaches.

This beach is known for its fossilized dunes.
The rocks behind my husband were sandy dunes in geological past.
The flowers on the beach were magnificent. This is an Asphodel:
And there were pines growing that seemed to be in flower:
We've had several power outs while I was writing this (It always does that when it snows heavily, I suppose the weight of the snow on the local powerlines....)
So I hope I get to post this. 

Wishing you a happy T-Day all,


  1. Enjoyed your photos Lisca. Those fossilized dunes are cool and those flowers are gorgeous. We've gotten really cold too with a blizzard coming tomorrow. UGH! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  2. I loved seeing the photos of your trip! The contrasts between the architecture look wonderful - both beautiful in their own way! Your first courses look huge - I don't suppose you rushed your meal though! Hope it warms up soon for you! Happy T Day ! Chrisx

  3. what a beautiful town-gorgeous structures! and what I wouldn't give to be seeing palm trees about now as we brace for a huge snowstorm overnight and into tomorrow:(:( Sounds like many places even across the pond are having weird fluctuations with the weather. Would love to have such a leisurely meal like yours. oh, and that postcard is gorgeous! Happy T day!

  4. Cartagena is an inspiring place. So many lovely things to see!Your postcard is stunning and your first courses look delicious!Happy T Day!

  5. Really enjoyed you taking us back to Cartagena. I like that there were both modern and old buildings. The scrollwork on the building was unique, even the crooked top was unusual.

    We dropped about 40 degrees F in one day here. Seems the whole country is bracing for this cold. I can't believe the same thing is happening half way around the world.

    I have a love affair with palm trees, but they don't grow here. I really LOVE the one you showed us.

    I really enjoyed the meal. We don't get those here. Wish we did, though. Thanks for sharing and explaining these meals, although I know you have explained them before. Thanks, too for sharing the lager with us for T this Tuesday.

    You asked if I sewed the tea bag by hand. NO, I don't sew anything by hand, because I have no pinch grip. However, I DO sew on my machine.

  6. What a wonderful place your visited, the town looks great, and that beach is fantastic. Lovely to see the asphodel flower. Your food and drink looked great, too. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  7. Sounds like the weather has changed dramatically. I hope it settles down again for you. The photographs are very beautiful and the food looks scrumptious

    Have a happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. The butterfly pictured on your postcard is so pretty, imagine it being that big and flying around - wow :-) . I loved joining you in Cartagena, both the modern and old architecture is beautiful! The vibrant green of the police station and the covered market with it's crooked top made me smile, thank you! Your meal looks so fresh and delicious, and that's a huge portion too :-) . The fossilised dunes look a lovely place to visit and the flowers and views of to sea are stunning! Hope you are staying warm and cosy with the snow that's forecast and wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. wonderful photos - great architecture, and Palms always put me in great mood! we also have the Alternation between freeze and sunny spring. awesome Indian postcard!
    have a nice t-day and rest of the week!

  10. Wonderful photos of your trip and I loved the buildings you showed us and those flowers.
    Your meal looked delicious and I think I would have been full up after eating the first course.
    Happy T Day
    Yvonne xx

  11. From sunshine beaches to snow. It seems to be the theme around the wold this week. We have had the opposite.....sweatshirts last week and tank tops this week! That's California for you!
    I enjoyed all your trip photos a lot, and the butterfly, on the post card is gorgeous!
    Your meal looked and sounded wonderful.
    Happy T-day

  12. That butterfly is beautiful!! Going to the beach in the Fall or Winter is my favorite time to go to the beach.. less people! and you can enjoy the solitude... Just love seeing all your pictures Lisca. Stay warm!! Its cold here too... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  13. I love seeing your photos and think it must be a great place to be. I enjoy seeing how different it is from here -architecture, natural environment, restaurants. Thx!

    Happy T Tuesday

  14. Hi Lisca, you always have such interesting posts-loved all the photos-that butterfly postcard is just awesome, lovely flowers very neat adventure looks like
    we have been really cold here too but no snow like some parts of the country here.
    Happy T day Kathy

  15. That butterfly makes me what to get out some paints. What a beautiful color scheme it shows. Those beach flowers are quite unique too. The pictures of Cartegena are lovely. The one of you on the beach is especially nice. Memories .. aah.

    Happy T-day, Lisca! Hugs, Eileen

  16. Your weather sound a bit like our weather. Two weeks ago temps we were in tee-shirts and some of the flowers started blooming. Today, we are having a blizzard. So far, the electricity is still with us. Knock on wood. So it was lovely to get outside because even if it wasn't warm, the palm tree, impossibly blue sky, and a trip to the beach make it seem so. I like the archetecture of the marketplace. Wonder what the significance of the crooked top is? That butterfly looks amazing. Cool postcard to use for your artwork. Thank you for the armchair tour. Happy T Day

  17. I agree, that is a gorgeously patterned butterfly! Always enjoy your travel photos, and colorful scenery that you share. Happy T day!

  18. Amazing photos Lisca, those fossilized dunes are cool and the flowers are gorgeous. Happy belated T - day. Hugs-Susi

  19. Such lovely photos of your trip!!! I do love the butterfly ♥ THanks for visiting my blog too. Happy Belated T Day!!!