Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 7 March 2017 - T for statues and Cafe Asiatico

Hello lovely T-gang!

We have just come back from a few days away in our campervan. We went to a place called Cartagena, about two and a half hours drive from here. Cartagena is an ancient harbour town. Even before Roman times it was an important city. Of course we went to see the Roman theater (see Friday's blog). Here is a view of the theater.
 This is the harbour front:
There are lots of sculptures to be found. This one was fun:
This fellow was huge. I should have stood next to him for comparison. I could just about reach his elbow. (We called him Gulliver).

I think this is a sailor enjoying some shore leave.
 I found some street art too.
 I couldn't get near this one. There was a fence erected in front of it (with photos on it).
This could be a soldier. (He has a different uniform to the previous chap). He looks very pensive.

Now it wouldn't be T for Tuesday if it hadn't a drink in ti. Elisabeth and Bluebeard invite us to join with a drink. This is a very special drink. It is the speciality coffee that Cartagena is known for: Cafe asiatico.
This is how it's made:
It was very yummy.

Now let's not forget my postcard for the day:
It comes from Taiwan. This eroded rock is called The Queen's Head. They say it resembles queen Elizabeth's head on the British stamps.

I hope our T-Day queen, Elizabeth, is feeling a bit better today. She has been feeling pretty rough lately.

That is all from me today. I hope you enjoyed a little bit of Cartagena.

Happy T-Day all.


  1. You are so fortunate to be surrounded by so much history and beautiful towns Lisca! Thanks for taking us along on your adventures- and yes, I'd love to try that coffee:)Happy T day!

  2. Wow, what a cool and interesting town. I think you picked a great place to travel to...how fun to go off for these journeys. :) Happy T day Lisca. Hugs-Erika

  3. I am always impressed whe you take us with you on your travels, and I was really impressed with Cartagena. It was a beautiful town and I loved, loved, loved all the sculpture and wall art. It was amazing.

    I was really impressed with the Cafe Asiatico, but was disappointed the photo of how it was made didn't enlarge. It looked like an interesting drink, though.

    Thanks for taking us to Cartagena for Cafe Asiatico and all the incredible art for T this Tuesday. And that DOES look a bit like Queen Elizabeth on the postage stamps. Very unique and fun to see it, too.

    1. I'm sorry that recipe didn't enlarge. I got that off the internet for as a bit of extra information. The photo of the coffee I took myself before I drank it.

  4. Cartagena is really a beautiful town, I visited there many years ago, but I think those statues were not there then. That cafe Asiatico looks very good, I am sure I would have tried it, too. Have a great week, Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  5. cartagena Looks like a town worth to visit. and i like your postcard very much. like you i´m always on the hunt for streetart:)
    have a great t-day and a happy week!

  6. Looks like a wonderful & very interesting place to visit. The coffee looks pretty cool too:):)

  7. Oh my, what a wonderful place you visited. I loved those statues and the old ruins..
    It is a nice postcard, but I am struggling to see a likeness to our Queen, maybe it would be better from a different angle.
    Your coffee looks delicious.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  8. Amazing photographs of a very beautiful place and the coffee looks wonderful

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. What a wonderful trip, thanks for taking me with you! Cartagena is such a beautiful place, I would love to stroll along the harbour under those palm trees :-). The sculptures are amazing, I really like the whales tale, it made me smile! I don't drink coffee but I would love to try the coffee asiatico, it sounds deliciously complicated to make :-). Your postcard is such fun, the rock looks quite corroded giving it a lovely texture! Not something to tell the Queen ... Lol :-). Happy T Day! :-)

  10. Lisca i love when you take us on your travels with you... That lamp post next to the whale tail is amazing!!! I just love all the sculpture and art... what a fantastic trip you had...

    Something funny.... whenever i click to go to your post it always takes me to the END of your post and i have to scroll up to the top.. isn't that weird? Its the only time this happens to me.. wonder why? lol Happy happy T day Lisca!! Hugs! deb

    1. It is because I give the web address of the comments page of my blog, which takes you to the bottom so you can add a comment. I do this because Elizabeth asks to be directed straight to the appropriate page, rather than just my blog site. So now you know...That's why.

  11. Oh my, that coffee drink sounds fabulous! Love all the photos you've shared. We don't see sculptures in rural America very much...gotta go to the big city for that-and these are wonderful pieces you've shared. I can see how the rock on the postcard could be a head, but when I first saw it I thought 'Morel mushroom.' Happy T Day!

  12. All that public art! I'd be in heaven!

    The drink is pretty, isn't it. I'd have to try it for that reason alone :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  13. What wonderful photos, sculptures and street art. Thank you for taking us along on your tour, Lisca. The soldier scupltures are very poignant - so many young men missing the best years of, or losing, their lives.

  14. Love Cartagena so many interesting things to see. Must try cafe asiatico next time I see it on the drinks menu, a slightly different take on a carillo/belmonte I suppose.

  15. Really lovely to see Cartagena in your photos Lisca!
    Super sculptures and street art to enjoy. There is something special about towns on the water. Looks like you had lovely weather too.
    My first thought when I saw your postcard was a kind of wild mushroom called a morel that got caught in the wind. But when it comes to art we all see what we want to see don't we LOL
    Happy T Day to you oxo

  16. Cartagena is a beautiful place, and all the art is fascinating to see. I don't which I enjoyed more, the statues or the street art, or the historical ruins.
    I also thought the Queens Head looked more like a mushroom too....LOL! After I read the description I could see the resemblance.
    Your special coffee recipe sounds like something I would definitely try, even without the special cup to put it into. Special occasions are about the only time I would try a drink like this, but I WOULD try it!
    Belated T-day wishes my friend.

  17. How fantastic to eat in Moorish cafes and get close up to whales. You are blessed to retire to such a place. T will be peppermint, I 🤔.

  18. Good morning and Happy T day but on a thursday lol just now getting to the computer this morning.
    Hi I really enjoyed all your photos from your trip-thanks for sharing with us-enjoy your travels Kathy