Friday, 10 March 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 10 March 2017 - Friday smiles.

Hello dear people, how are you all? 
It seems summer has arrived here in Spain. Boy, it's been so sunny and hot these last few days. That's not fair I hear you say...

Lets look at my card for today. It is a card I am sending from here. I've been writing it tonight and it is going to the USA. It's one of those typical houses in the old part of town and it has a beautiful wooden balcony. 
Baza is our nearest town. We were there yesterday and I shot this picture:
It's not the same house, but the same idea.

So what has happened this week.... Well, Friday we were still on holiday and we visited a beautiful natural park on the coast.
 Completely undeveloped. It featured fossil dunes, which I was keen to see.

And this tall plant. Kate Perry might know what it is...

Isn't it beautiful.

Saturday is baking day usually, but I didn't bake anything that Saturday. In the afternoon I went to Intercambio, to practice my Spanish. It was really cold in the upper room where we meet, so someone suggested we go to a nearby bar! Which we did.

Sunday is taken up with church and Bible study. We had a dedication in our church. (Children get baptized when they can decide for themselves, so a new born gets 'dedicated'.)

Everyone has their eyes closed because I think they just started to pray as I took the picture.

On Monday we went into town as I needed some embroidery thread. There is only one milleners in town and this is it:

They also sell yarn and fabric:

I tried to take pictures of the window display which had the famous Spanish mantilla combs with lace displayed.But there was too much reflection. The combs look like this (internet photo):

It is worn in the Easter week (Semana Santa) with a lace veil (another internet photo):
On Wednesday we went to the market. Hubby bought a couple of belts:

We had lots of little things to do that morning, the most important one was renewing hybby's driving license. It is only valid for 5 years. We didn't know that and inadvertedly let his heavy vehicle license expire. (In the UK you have your driving license for life). Bummer. Hopefully he won't need to drive anything bigger than our campervan.

After doing all our errands, we sat down to have a coffee and a bun. The weather is unseasonally hot, but that's nice, I'm not complaining.

I'm still wearing my gym shirt as we left straight from the gym.

I think I'll leave it at that. I'm off to visit Annie at A Stitch in Time and Virginia at Rocking your Week Friday.



  1. Thanks for sharing your smiles Lisca. I'm sure you will know the ones I zoomed in on...what a fab sewing shop you have there...think I'd be nipping in there often and be very tempted to buy. Lucky you.
    Have a fab week.
    Annie x

  2. Ah a fab week, we unfortunately have grey skies again and it has been that way all day - so we are lacking decent light levels today. The postcard is fab, loving the combs as well, they sit so high on the head - brilliant!

    I hope you have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.


  3. Lovely photos of you enjoying the sun - what are fossil dunes?
    I have so many questions - the combs are beautiful, maybe one day you can take a photo of the shop window but in the meantime is there a reason why the ladies wear all black? They look too young and happy to be widows.
    Now to the fabric shop - my first reaction was "button heaven" but as I looked further into the picture and the next one I realised it was a stitchers heaven full stop. I can think of three woyww'ers who would be in there for days. It's not surprising there are no other fabric shops in the area - who could compete?
    Hope hubby managed to choose a belt!
    Hugs & Thanks for sharing
    Neet xx

    1. No, they're not widows. They are participating in the Semana Santa procession. It is a Roman Catholic tradition celebrating the crucifiction of Christ. As Christ died on the cross, everybody wears black. I don't usually go see the parades as we are not catholic. We prefer to celebrate the resurrection (Easter Sunday) which to me is more important.
      Fossil dunes are produced when ancient (we're talking geologically ancient)sand dunes hardenend into stone under the underlying subsequent material, which later eroded away.They are also called 'petrified dunes'.
      I hope this answers your questions,
      L xx

  4. Great photos Lisca. Your weather is a bit different to where we are! Have a great weekend, off to pack now.
    Angela xXx

  5. Hi Lisca. Isn't it lovely t have some better weather? I think your lovely plant is an Asphodel. There are a loot of different ones of this species. Here they grow much smaller, all along the side of the roads. Yours has the soil and the space to grow properly.
    You are so lucky to have that lovely material and haberdashery shop in the town. We have to make do with a todo or Chinese bazaar for basic threads, needles etc, and it is a trip to Lorca or Almeria if we want anything else.
    It sounds as though you had a lovely holiday, and now it is one long holiday in a way, if the sun keeps shining. Kate x

  6. The sunshine was enough to make me smile and then I read the rest of your post and now I'm beaming from ear to ear :-) . The postcard is so lovely with the beautiful wooden balcony. Then your walk, it looks at lovely place to visit. The shop is amazing and the combs are a lot bigger than I thought and look so very pretty with the lace. The market looks fun and then we find you sitting in the sunshine with a drink. All of which sounds perfect to me :-) . Wishing you a lovely weekend! J :-)

  7. Seeing we are in some terrible bitter arctic cold right now (it is March, isn't it?) your summer like weather sounds really really wonderful. What is the interesting item with you on your coffee table in the bottom photo? I love seeing the views of your week, especially that sewing shop. Very different from many of our stores here in the US. Yours is much more interesting! Glad you had a good week, and did you see the fossilized dunes? Those sound cool to me too. Happy weekend. HUgs-Erika

    1. The interesting item is a cream bun! Hubby likes his cream buns. I don't care for them strangely enough and so I didn't have anything, just coffee.

  8. Another fascinating post! Love that bun you had with your coffee! You are welcome to your warmer weather. I'm GLAD it's turning autumnal here;)

  9. Hi, What a beautiful person you are, Lisca! I discovered you through Postcrossing - a person who sent me a card, sent you also... So, I started to read your blog. Beautiful. Love the love share, and your joy of living. Blessings and love! Sara/Sildiko