Friday, 3 March 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 3 March 2017 - Friday Smiles

Hello Friday peeps,
How have you been this week? I have had a fantastic week. There were so many smiles!
Saturdays are always busy as our friend David comes to help hubby with construction work. (We are still building our house). This time he brought me a present from his wife (my friend):

She crocheted it herself. I thought that was so sweet! 

Otherwise Saturdays are my baking days. I baked two cakes, one of which ended up in the freezer and the second one got shared between a few of us that come together at Intercambio. A get-together of Spanish people that want to practice their English, and foreigners that want to practice their Spanish. We meet in one of the rooms of the Town Hall every Saturday. There were very few of us this time (4).

Sundays we go to church, have coffee, cook and then have dinner at 3:30, than at 5 we go to our local church group that meets in someone's house in the village.

On Monday we did shopping and got the campervan ready, and Tuesday was a public holiday: Andalucia Day. There is lots going on then and there is always a 'romeral' when everybody comes together with their horses and people who don't have a horse go and look at the ones who do. The ladies dress up in Andalucian style and it is always very colourful.

I don't seem to be able to reduce the size of this photo, sorry, it's gone all funny on me.

Later on that day we went away in our campervan. We travelled to Cartagena, where I found a campervan park:
Ours is the first one seen on the right (it's an old camper). If you are able to enlarge the photo you will see my reflection in the window of the little office building.

On Wednesday we visited Cartagena, which is an ancient harbour town. The weather is lovely and warm.
I particularly wanted to see the Roman theater that was only discovered in 1988.

Yesterday we visited La Union, a mining town, and saw the mining museum. That was very interesting:
And as this blog is about smiles, here is one:
We were being handed our hard hats before entering the mine and people were taking pictures of each other. Suddenly someone offered to take our picture and I quickly slammed the hard hat on my head without adjusting the size (it must have been worn by a child before). Hence the funny angle of the hat.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a natural park and also try to get some shopping done. There is an English supermarket along the coast somewhere. But that will all be for next week's blog.

That's all from me today. I hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of my travels.
Now I'm off to Annie at Friday Smiles and Virginia at Rocking Your Week Friday. Hope to see you there too.

Have a good week,
With lots of smiles,


  1. OH what lovely photos - loving the cute crocheted cactus - brilliant! Oh for blue skies at the moment - what I wouldn't give we have grey skies - again! Sigh!

    How fabulous the Roman Ampi-theatre looks - I love historical sites - absolutely amazing!

    It must be brilliant to just set off in your camper van to visit places! The mine looks like fun too - loving the photo!

    I hope you have a brilliant weekend and week ahead.

    Much love

  2. What a wonderful week you've had! Love the horse picture even if it did want to stay very large! And nice to get away and explore a bit more. I would adore that amphitheatre. We visited the one in Verona which was just incredible!!

  3. I'm jealous! what a great week you've had! Love the cactus too. I will try and catch up with you again later. Have fun, Angela xXx

  4. Good morning-wow such a fun week you have had with lots of events-the horses must have been very cool to see. Love your cactus gift too.
    I decided to start sharing posts about recipes and information with cast iron cookware on fridays-Have a great week ahead

  5. What a fun and exciting week Lisca. Loved hearing about all the adventures you had 🤓 Hugs erika

  6. Looks liek you are havinga fun filled week .love teh quirky angled hat :-) Have agreat wekend and keep enjoyong your adventures crafty hugs Andrea

  7. What a lovely week you chose to go off in the camper. The Cartagena amphitheatre is on my list of places to visit. That's a lovely smiley photo of you and Graham, despite the hard hats. I hope you find your supermarket, and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Kate x

  8. If I could just borrow your sunshine I would have a big smile on my face. Glad the weather is lovely for you as I remember you were having it not so wonderful over in sunny Spain a short while ago.
    Love the hard hat picture, you look as if there is a net of some kind underneath. What a fabulous holiday you seem to be having - now to look up where Cartagena is.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  9. Your trip looks fantastic, how lovely to be able to load up your campervan and go on an adventure! The Roman theatre is amazing, such a great place to explore :-). What a lovely way to spend a weekend too, the crocheted cactus is fantastic and the Andelucian ladies look so pretty on their beautiful horses! Thanks for sharing your smiles! J :-)