Friday, 3 February 2017

A Postcard A Day - Friday 3 Feb 2017

Hello everyone,

I'm on my way home from a nice 'holiday' in Holland, visiting my mum together with my sister. So I have lots of smiles as you can imagine. I'm doing this on my tablet which hasn't got a slot for my camera's SD card, so photos from Holland will have to wait until next week. (I have one or two on my tablet so here we go:)

I really had a great time seeing old friends and family. We have only one (female) cousin, and we saw her the other evening. We met in a town called Leiden. It is a university town, so lots of nice places to have a drink or a meal. We had dinner at a restaurant called van der Werff, and as I love architecture I want to show you a photo of the building. 
It is an image from the internet as it was dark when we were there. This is the interior:
We sat at a table at the right, by the window. It was great to see my cousin again. I hadn't seen her (in the flesh) for many years.
I'm the one in the middle, my cousin on the right and my sister on the left. 

While we were in Spain, my sister was preparing something for a friend's 60th birthday. We looked in mum's encyclopedia of the 20th century and found the year 1957. We thought the article about Benidorm was very interesting (considering this birthday girl also lives in Spain):

We flew to Rotterdam airport, which is a small regional airport. In fact it is so small that you don't know whether you are coming or going as Departures and Arrivals are off the same entrance hall. 
One last photo. This one is from 1971. My younger sister (with the mini skirt) was leaving for the UK (She never returned. She still lives in Cheshire). This photo was taken at Amsterdam airport just before she was due to fly.
That sister is the same one as in the photo at the restaurant. (I only have the one sister). The other people in the photo are me and my parents.

So, those were some of my smiles from this past week. Have you had a good week? Feel free to share your smiles. Seen nothing but clouds? Remember every cloud has a  silver lining! 
Please join us at Annie's A Stitch in Time. I'm also going to link with Virginia's Rock your World Friday blog.

Happy Friday, Keep smiling.


  1. I love old photos....we all have ones from back then that look so familiar. :-) There was something so special about those old black and white photos....I guess there was a mystery about what actual colours the clothing was.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Annie x

  2. Fabulous photos....such a wonderful thing to catch up with your cousin & I love the mini skirt photo.... a blast from the past!!!

  3. Hi Lisca, glad you're home safe and had a fun time visiting. It's great to see family that you don't get to see often. I love it when my cousins visit as I only get to see them every couple of years.
    I have to laugh at the airport as when I was young I flew into the Whitehorse Yukon airport on a small plane from Vancouver and they rolled the stairs out to the plane and we disembarked right on the runway! There was one small building that housed everything and it looked so silly to me, the "big city" girl.
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Loving your family photos, I just love old photographs. I had to smile at the airport. We have used many small regional airports in France and there was one that we went to were the barman served you at the arrivals then went through a curtain and served you in departures we couldn't believe our eyes but it was funny. Before I forget, you mentioned about white pens. The one I used on my card was actually a Sharpie and it's been the only one so far that I have found I can write with on most surfaces and I can tell you I have tried loads! Have a great weekend, Angela xXx

  5. Ah catching up with family is an absolute treat isn't it - loving the history and the older photo! Fabulous! Have a great weekend and week ahead.

  6. Hi Lisca - published your comment, I've been out all day and love to come back and read them before they publish to my blog, it prevents spam that way! Much love

  7. Oh, it looks like you had a wonderful happy time visiting with family and friends! I love seeing your smiles from the last week, thanks for sharing :-). Have a great weekend! J :-)

  8. Lovely post, Lisca, and how lovely to meet up with your sister again. I have very fond memories of Rotterdam airport, small though it is. I was part of a group of PAs/secretaries who were flown as as special visitors to the airport 18 or so years ago. We were treated to a tour of the entire airport, a visit to Delft, and then a very special send-off on our return home. So small it may be but it's big on its welcome. Thanks for sharing, you've sparked some lovely memories :) Have a wonderful week. Elizabeth xx

  9. Oh what a lovely blog post. My sister lives in Oxford so I don't see her very much but when we meet up it's so nice
    Lynn xx