Friday, 26 August 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 26 August 2016 - Friday Smiles

Hello everyone! It's Friday again. For me this is an exciting Friday as I am writing this just before going away (well, actually I have written the bulk of this last night and had it ready to copy and paste). Yes, I'm flying to Italy! Remember the photo last Tuesday of my elderly mother with my son and my grandson? Well, that was in Holland. And said son has now returned to Italy and I am on my way to see him and that lovely little son of theirs:
If that doesn't make you smile I don't what does.

We are driving to Malaga in the campervan and spending the night near the airport so I can get my early flight tomorrow. The other reason is that we like to go to Ikea, which is not far from the airport. Last time we were there we bought bedside cabinets. Only we forgot to buy two and bought only one! How silly. So today we have to get bedside cabinet number two!

The postcard today is one I received from South Africa:
This beautiful tiger was sent to me by Niki who wrote to me in Afrikaans. That is fun as it is very similar to Dutch. For my final exams (secundary school, in 1971) I did a special project about Afrikaans. My examiners were impressed and interested as it was something they didn't know much about. Needless to say I got good marks  just for trying something different. I can understand the written Afrikaans and I could write back to her in that language. I'm not sure how I would fare understanding the spoken word as I never hear it spoken of course.
The stamps are awesome:
The top left, bottom left and bottom right are all images of beadwork!

I am linking up with Annie at Friday Smiles and perhaps with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday if we haven't left already by the time Virginia posts.

I've finished my list list of preparations like sorting out my PAYG phone so I can have 'roaming'. I've never taken it abroad. I don't use my phonemuch but my D-i-L does and she might be able to teach me a bit more. I'm a bit of a luddite when it comes to phones! I can just about make a phone call and send a Whatsapp message and that's my limit.

I have packed and weighed my case, printed out my boarding pass (No I don't know how to do it with my phone...) sorted out money and food for my hubby who will be 'home alone'. I have charged everything that needs charging and have put my clothes ready that i will be wearing on the journey. I will be arriving at Rome airport and from there taking a bus to the other side of Italy, the Adriatic coast, which will take three and a half hours. The bus company have let me know that all the roads are OK (there has been an earthquake) My son will pick me up and then we have another half an hour's drive to his house. So if all goes well I will be at my destination at 10 pm tomorrow night...

Here are a few funnies: 
Some of you might identify with this...
Or this?
I can definitely identify with the following:
Sorry that I won't be able to comment much. I'll try but we'll be on a campsite tonight and the wifi at the airport is not very good. (I've tried on previous occasions.)

See you all in a couple of weeks,
Be good,
Have lots of smiles,


  1. Happy Friday Lisca, and have a wonderful visit, your grandson sure is gorgeous. Your funnies had me smiling too, just what we all need to start our weekend, Enjoy, cheers Robyn

  2. Please don't worry about commenting....just have a wonderful time away. Travel safely and stay safe while you are away cos the earthquake pics are dreadful.
    Annie x

  3. Your grandson is a cutie for sure. I bet you are very excited! Love your funnies, especially the bed with the fabric! Hope its a great visit and trip. Hugs-Erika

  4. Oh bless you have a fabulous week, you sound very prepared, I hope you get to learn more about your phone, we are getting more dependent on the technical know how of said 15 year old! How fantastic to be able to understand the postcard - despite the different language!

    Loving the photo of your grandchild, I hope you have a fantastic time with your family!



  5. A wonderful and very happy post from you Lisca. Have a wonderful time in Italy with your son and his family. Your little grandson is absolutely gorgeous. We have been hearing on the news all about the the devastation that awful earthquake has caused in the countryside in Italy.

    What a lovely postcard and beautiful stamps. It's great that you were able to read it. I really enjoyed your funnies. Have a wonderful holiday. Barbxx

  6. Have a great time Lisca. Loved your post today, certainly made me smile. Angela x

  7. Stunning photo on the postcard!
    Love the funnies
    Have a fab time with your family x

  8. What a lovely smiling face. have a wonderful time with your son and his family.
    I hope the journey goes according to plan. It is a long time to be travelling on your own.
    Next time you are down my way i will introduce you to my S.African friend. He is always wishing there was someone who could talk to him in Afikaans.
    The minions post really made me smile. I can identify with that one!. Kate x

  9. It all sounds amazingly exciting....hope your travel goes smoothly, and if not smoothly, with fun and interest!!! Hope you learn about phones and take time to enjoy the most special time with your Grand Boy, Son and DIL!!!