Tuesday, 9 August 2016

T for Tuesday - Tuesday 9 Aug 2016 - Finnish aunties ,ATCs, a party, and hall furniture

Good Morning Tuesday gang! And a happy Tuesday to all!

We've been at it again! I mean we've had people over for some food Sunday evening. 

I took lots of photos but when I downloaded them onto my computer I noticed that none of the photos had drinks in them. Oh well, luckily I received a postcard of the aunties yesterday.

Here are 'the aunties':

It is another addition to my collection of postcards illustrated by Inge Löök. Inge is a gardener as well as an illustrator. She was born in the same year as me (1951) and currently lives in Pernaja in Finland.

These 'aunties' have something to celebrate in their little greenhouse and they have opened a bottle of bubbly.  I reckon that qualifies me for T for Tuesday, where we share something with a drink in it on Elizabeth and Bleubeard's blog.

The card was sent to me by someone in Germany and here are the lovely stamps:

Erika from MyNameIs Erika/Bioartgal is back from her trip to Iceland. (I have been drooling over the awesome photos on her blog). Before she left she sent me some happy mail. I haven't showed this yet as I wanted to wait until she got home again. 

A large envelope with 5 beautiful ATCs, two little stamps and what I call 'bits 'n bobs'. 

The ATCs are a series of five on the theme of tea and coffee. Thank you Erika! They are truly stunning! I think I will frame them!

The Egyptian mummy things are actually playing cards! The playing card with the swords is  from a Spanish (or Italian) set of playing cards. I love playing cards as cards are fun to use for crafting. Here is an image of some other cards (from the internet).

Building update: Last Tuesday I showed you the stairwell. Since then I have put a hall table and mirror on the landing by the door to the living quarters.

There is yours truly with camera in the mirror. You can also see that the tiling is still in progress. I have asked my DH to leave it for now and concentrate on my craft room. 

I'm going to do my house work now quickly, then shower and choose something to wear as we are going out for lunch (as we do every Tuesday). I'l try and visit you before we go out, other wise it will be later in the day.

Have a great Tuesday and a great week ahead,




  1. Love those happy Aunties celebrating in their green house - that's the spirit for a GOOD LIFE! Beautiful art and goodies from Erika, enjoy! The work at your house is coming along well, the craft room will hopefully soon be done. Your table of food for the guests has me drooling again! Happy T Day, and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  2. Its a wonderful celebration postcard, the aunties are having a great time, like your guests were having earlier in the week. The hall looks good with the furniture you added, hope you get the craft room sorted soon.
    Happy Tuesday and enjoy your lunch.

  3. Oh you had many visiters and it looks like it was super busy and fun - funny illustration as well and you got awesome mail from Erika! Your mirror and that table looks pretty! Great!
    Happy T-Day Lisca!
    oxo Susi

  4. Gosh I love coming on by and seeing what you've been up to! That is a BIG bunch of peeps to feed and water [even if we can't see the 'water'!!!]. Love that postcard & your little mirror and hall [stairways???] table are lovely!!! Hope you had a nice lunch, too :) And GOOD LUCK getting that craft room DONE!!! Oh! And the ATC group are really, REALLY nice:)

  5. Ha ha. Love the aunties. What fun ladies I think I would like to visit them. Too bad there were no drinks in your group photos. But glad you included one. And thanks for waiting to show my ATCs and packs. What fun to see them on tour blog. Plus the rest of those cards. Wish I had a whole deck but I got a couple on a grad bag once. I think. 😀 Enjoy your lunch out Lisca. Hugs Erika

  6. What a delightful postcard. I like the ATC's and the rest of the mail. Odd cards are indeed fun to have on hand for creating projects.

  7. That's a fun postcard. The tiling looks like it's coming along nicely. Great package of goodies as well!!
    Have T day!

  8. i see you were spoilt with mail, awesome things! i also have a Thing for Cards, hunting on every flea market... the tiling Looks good, very mediterranean.
    wishing you had a good lunch and happy t-day!

  9. marvelous post...love the postcard and photos of your party! And always fun to see an update on the progress with your home. happy T day!

  10. Great post Lisca.
    I LOVE THE AUNTIES!!! What a wonderful post card, and all the goodies Erika.

    Happy T-day

  11. Lisca~ had to respond to your comment on my blog...thank you so much! fun to know that you are enjoying my journal and the day-to-day story. you made my day!

  12. I'd never heard of the Aunties until I visited your blog. They are a hoot, aren't they?

    I would say Erika is very generous, but I have been on the receiving end of her generosity before. She certainly was an overachiever when it came to our anniversary/birthday celebration.

    Thanks for sharing your Sunday get-together, the Aunties, and the lovely new addition to your stairs with us for T this Tuesday.

    BTW, I created some pages for Dianne in a swap that used those cards. I was looking for loteria cards from Mexico, but these were what I used. I had NO idea what they were called, but here is the post I used them in:


  13. Those playing cards are from Spain . I just bought a bunch of them in Barcelona. Your party looked like fun. Happy T Day.

  14. I definitely think celebratory champagne counts! Happy T Tuesday :)

  15. Your Sunday evening food looks yummy and those views in the background are breathtaking! I love your Aunties postcard, they look like they know how to have a good time :-). What a wonderful collection of ATCs and goodies from Erica - they are perfect for framing, great idea! I love the terracotta tiles on your stairwell and your mirror and table matches them so well! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  16. It sounds as if you are enjoying life with your visitors and the progress of the buiding work, Lisca. Well done you, getting your priorities right, getting the craft room finished first lol!! Love the aunties postcard. Thank you for your lovely comment - I'm so glad you enjoyed my tangle in the new book. Have a great time away and I hope you manage to do zome Zentangles.


  17. Thank you for your two lovely comments, Lisca - so glad you enjoyed your virtual stroll throuh our beautiful local woods. I've started organising some of the photos to print out to make into a little album about our day, which will include some Zentangles. Hopfully I'll have something worth desking about next week! (Lol! love your use of "desk" as a verb haha! Must remember to use that one!) I am starved for art after being so busy with all this computer stuff... Today it was getting our new Sky satellite TV and broadband setup installed - more problems! Technology... Love it when it's working, but oh my goodness,when it's not!!

    After what you said, I am now wondering whether to keep my old laptop... Perhaps I could do something with it and make some sort of art piece out of it... At least its hard drive and contents live on, as an external hard drive.

    I didn't remember that song until I searched for it on Youtube and then it came back - lovely! Thanks for the reminder.

    Shoshi x