Friday, 5 August 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 5 Aug 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good Morning! It's Friday again. It comes round so quickly! 

No postcard today as I haven't received any sofar this week, but I have lots of smiles to share.

It is raining a lot in the UK I heard. Some people have problems with the water running the wrong way....

It's August and the whole village is in holiday mode. Many businesses close for at least a week and this weeks sees the start of the Feria, a week long fiesta. People that grew up here but have moved to the big city for work all come home and the village is full of visitors.
Last weekend there was a Crazy Car Race. Home made vehicles come charging down the high street. No engines allowed, but the street is sloped. Halfway down the street there was a wooden ramp to make it all a bit more interesting:

As you know we live in a cave house and we sometimes get called Fred and Wilma, after the most famous cave house dwellers the Flintstones. Here is Fred and Wilma's stone age car....

This three wheeler came charging round the corner and nearly lost his balance:

These Ghostbusters sadly ended up in the straw!
Starwars was represented and they were firing water pistols! Everybody loved that as it was a very hot evening.

In many countries (Holland is one of them) the government gives new mums everything they need for a newborn. Including food and clothing, hygiene products, nappies etc (obviously sponsered by some large companies). I propose they do something similar when women retire.... 

I think when you hit retirement
 the government should issue 
a gift basket containing: chocolate, 
wine, pjs, a do-not-disturb sign, 
vodka, free replacement glasses 
for life (for those you lose or break), 
a pet, free Netflix for life, free coffee, 
a landline (to find your cell pone), 
a volunteer teenager to help you 
with your computer and iphone 
and possibly George Clooney.

I'm going to leave you with a little teaser. Does anyone know what this is? I have bought it yesterday in a local shop as I needed one...
I'm off now to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday. I hope you'll join us there.

Have a great week with many smiles,
and blessings,


  1. Hi's good to see the fun you've been watching this week. Those cars are fab. I'm not quite ready for my retirement pack yet but the idea is def appealing :-) is your mystery object a feather duster?.....not that one gets used here very often lol.
    Annie x

  2. Brilliant post today Lisca. The wellie pipe had me chuckling, I might even make one. The car race is a winner as well, how inventive.
    Can I add a gardener, a car valetter, a tree lopper, a wheelie bin cleaner outer to the list please. In fact can I have a good allrounder manservant as mine has still got his head stuck in the back end of boilers haha xxx

  3. Brill pipe photo ... Looks like lots of fun in your village & the retired list... Oh yes!!!! As for feather dusters.... NOT wanted on that list!!!!

  4. Hi Lisca, I had to think for a minute with the wellington, I thought the pipework was somebodies leg! It's a great idea. Looks like you've all been having fun in the village and the retirement list... well I may have to print that off as I have lots of retired friends who will love that. I think it's a feather duster and should prove very useful if you really must Lol!. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  5. That car race looks like a blast. I love how clever everyone was with their vehicles. And I think you bought a feather duster, maybe? Hugs-Erika

  6. a feather duster? I love the pipe idea and the fiesta sounds so fun!

  7. Super post Lisca. I love to see your local Spanish traditions. It look so much fun.
    The welly boot is a great idea!
    That looks like a superior feather duster or a giant tickling stick!
    Have a great weekend. No post again from me as we are up to our eyes in decorating mess.
    Jo x

  8. I saw this wellie on fb and it is very funny. That looks to be a huge feather duster, and if you want to bring it here to try it out, feel free!!

  9. Oh that was a brilliant post, I love the cars racing, we sometimes watch Red Bull Soapbox challenge which is very similar although with a few more obstacles, I bet it is great to see live. I love love love the retirement idea - I'm sure a lot of other retirees would too - I will share it with my Mum later!

    Also think that's a very fancy looking feather duster!

  10. Hi Lisca, happy Friday. What a fabulous fun week you have to enjoy at your village. Do love the gumboot addition to the downpipe...I need a few of them. Have a wonderful weekend, cheers Robyn

  11. Hi Lisca. The car race sounds fun. We have a similar event along the coast at Villaricos, called the Whacky Races, but our cars look rather more like cardboard and string affairs than yours do. The fiesta week is very hot and noisy, but I love the feel-good atmosphere out on the streets. Everyone is in holiday mode.
    I have to say there are a lot of items on your retirement list that I wouldn't thank you for, but it's a nice idea all the same.
    Lastly, I have a real ostrich feather duster too, and very efficient it is. I used it when I dressed up as a cleaning lady for Rev. Pauline's 'good-bye' party. Enjoy the rest of the fiesta. Kate x

  12. Hi Lisca, I love the pictures of the car races - looks like a lot of wok goes in to the vehicles. As for your mystery item - a very posh looking feather duster :)

    Carmen x

  13. Oh how much fun it must have been to be in the audience at the car races. It is amazing what people come up with for something like that. I think your mystery photo is a feather duster as others have suggested. The one I had was always losing its feathers in the most inconvenient places. I hope yours holds up better.

  14. A feather duster? I believe I have one of those...just don't know where it is!
    Love the street car race, such fun!
    I agree with your list but would like Sam Elliott instead of George!
    Hugs, Sue xx