Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Second on the second -This time two years ago....

Hi everyone,

On the second of the month I post something for the second time (Second on the second) as per Elizabeth's example (Altered Booklover).

This is a blogpost I posted two years ago. I have chosen this one because I am in vacation mode!  And to give my followers down under a bit of sunshine. And, as it is Tuesday,  because it has (several) drinks in it.


I haven’t blogged for a while because I've been away from my computer. It’s holiday time in the northern hemisphere and my husband and I drove to the Algarve in Portugal. A beautiful part of the world!

We went to the westernmost cape and looked over the ocean (nothing between here and America).
There’s a sort of fortress as in olden days this point was of strategic value.

We stayed in this beautiful villa with DS and DD-in-Law plus children. 

When the children had gone to bed we could relax and put our feet up with some supper.

One of the highlights was a boat trip along the coast to see the caves.

 Gorgeous beyond words.

This ice cream parlour had been there for donkey’s years and there was a black and white photo of the proprietors on the wall in the shop. Interesting....

The ice cream was lovely but this part of Portugal is renowned for its fish. 

We went to a brilliant fish restaurant and had a fantastic meal.

Thank you for your interest in what’s going on in my life.

Happy Tuesday,



  1. What a fabulous place to visit - we haven't had a family holiday for a while! Thanks for sharing your Second look photos! Chrisx

  2. That looks like it was a fantastic vacation!! Such beauty in those photos.

  3. I sincerely apologize for not visiting sooner. Not too long after I posted a comment on your T Tuesday post, my internet/phone problem took the wrong time to go offline again. Even the serviceman is confused. Before he could leave, thinking all was well, it went out again. Right now I'm at Sally's and trying to catch up

    This is a wonderful second look at a very lovely post. I really enjoyed seeing a bit of Portugal I will probably never visit myself. The first photo is haunting with the sea and craggy rocks. I really enjoyed traveling with you on your quest for fish, too. It looked so wonderful and fresh.

    Again, my apologies for being so late visiting. Thanks for sharing this wonderful second look on the 2nd.

    BTW, I look forward to seeing your wind farms. They are so scarce here, and we could be putting all that wind to work at our advantage. I notice when I watch foreign TV shows how many are in the ocean. It would be great if we had them everywhere here, too.

  4. So nice to revisit a gorgeous holiday destination, Lisca. The photos are fabulous - hard to choose which was my favourite! I always enjoy it when people post pictures of food, so that you can see the local delicacies etc. and I particularly like that massive door!

    Thank you for visitng my blog and I'm glad you found my physio experience interesting. It certainly was an education for me. One thing to be said for all my recent medical adventures is that I have come through them better informed, and I hope, a lot more empathic towards others!! Today I am quite stiff and sore and finding it hard, thinking all the time about moving in the correct manner, and it feels far from intuitive or natural, but I am sure it will improve with practice, and the physio was very optimistic that as long as I follow her instructions, I can turn this around and regain normal functioning, and avoid permanent damage. I'm going to the monthly relaxation session at the cancer support centre tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to that as I am sure it will help unknot my tight muscles.


  5. Oh Lisca, Portugal is so lovely though we haven't been back there for years but I have fond memories. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, Angela x