Friday, 19 August 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 19 August 2016 - Friday Smiles

Hello Friday gang! 

I'm back! We've been away for a week. My husband works very hard and he is no longer a young man so we do need to go away regularly as he never stops! We took our campervan to a mountain campsite with lots of trees (for shade as it is very hot here).
But what happened on the last day? It rained! It doesn't rain here at all in the summer, so it was a memorable occasion. So unusual that I took a few photos. Here you can see the rain pouring down the awning (by the pole):

Hubby had to clean all the pine needles off the awning before rolling it up. Luckily all this happened the evening before we were due to go home.
I know this blog is about happy things and smiles. Well, here a bit of rain is a happy occasion as the land needs it so much.

I just looked at my previous (Friday) blog and of course you were all quite right that my 'mystery' object was a feather duster. 
It works a treat! Very posh. I had never seen one like that. This is what I am used to:
So there, I now know why they call it 'feather' dusters....

I have been smiling a lot this week. My son from Italy took his wife and baby to see my 92 old mother in Holland. They sent me photos every day. What a momentous occasion! 

How about a postcard? I have so many to choose from as I have received loads.
 This one came from Holland. It is a poster that used to hang in school class rooms (a  little bit before my time) probably by the famous illustrator called Jetses. 
This is the letterboard that Dutch children used to learn to read from. A lot of the subjects are found in the larger poster. My mum was taught with this method. 

Now for a final 'funny':
Caption left reads: Finally it's Friday! On the right: I have to work Saturday!

I'm off now to link up with Annie at Friday Smiles and with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday. I hope you'll join us there.

Have a great week with many smiles,
and blessings,



  1. I knew you were away cos I'd seen your pics on Facebook....the rain one sure made me chuckle cos it's raining here too today and I breathed a sigh of relief too because the gardens need it and it's cooled things down a bit too. Gorgeous photo of your mum with the family...can see why your smiling. Thanks for joining in the fun....I have to say that some of our Lego was mine as a child too :-)
    Annie x

  2. Hi Lisca, Well I got up this morning, opened the curtains and so "oh no, it's raining". We do actually need it too but it has been wonderful to wake up to sunshine for so many days on the trot. I think we've been spoilt.

    That's a lovely photo of you Mum when your son and his family visited her. She certainly looks very happy. I'm sure they all enjoyed their time together. The picture of the letterboard is very interesting. I seem to remember we had something similar on the wall when I first started school. Love the faces of those babies. Thanks for the translation. It's good to be back and I enjoyed reading your post. Have a good week. Barbxx

  3. Lots of assorted smiles today Lisca. What an event to get some rain. We usually get a lot here but not this year- we are in a drought, so I think rain would really make me smile right now. Days of it. :) And you have a very handsome son and very cute granddaughter. And I love the 2 babies joke. That made me laugh. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs-Erika

  4. I am glad you had a lovely week away, and it wasn't ruined by the rain. We could really do with some down here too. The postcards are interesting this week, and that is a lovely photo of mum with her family. I laughed at the cartoon at the end. So glad I don't have to 'work' any day any more!! Kate xx

  5. Hi Lisca, you're not the only one as we've had rain too though I know it's more common here than where you are. You asked if I live in Lincoln and yes I do though I have moved around during my teaching career. We have lived here since 1988 and we love it so will probably stay here now. The City is quite small in comparison to most that are in the UK, the countryside is lovely and the weather is very kind which is probably why farming is still the main industry here. I am taking my mum to the East Coast soon and I will have a look to see if I can find you some good old fashioned postcards. The comic ones are not so popular as they were but I shall look out for some. Have a great weekend with lots of smiles, Angela x

  6. Hello Lisca, it looks like a beautiful place where you went camping. I love rain and down here in southern California we are in the midst of a horrible drought. I loved seeing the photo of your beautiful family. I'm sure you Mom enjoying the visit very much. I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to next time reading your blog. Pat xx

  7. Happy Friday Lisca, Oh we can relate to the rain...never rains ha ha ha, and then especially when you're away camping yep down it comes...but we too could do with some good soaking rain we're in drought here and on level 3 water restrictions which means we can only water our gardens twice a week for 2 hours with a hand held hose. So glad your mum got visits from your son and family - my mum enjoyed her time here too with the great grand kids. Have a fab week cheers Robyn

  8. how lovely for your Mum to have special visitors, happy camping lol

  9. Oh escaping to the forest for a week sounds like bliss despite the rain! Glad you are OK and glad you managed to get hubby to stop for a bit! Loving the postcards all very pretty! Hope you have a great weekend and week ahead.


  10. We bought a caravqn earlier this year and can't wait for warmer weather tomgo camping. Itnis wonderful that your mother got to meet her great grandchildx

  11. LOL! That last postcard REALLY made me laugh. Sort of a mean card in a way;)!!!! Rain...oh yes, I 'get' that it is needed and celebrated living in Australia. And your photo of your Mum and Boys...FABULOUS! What a treat for her:):)

  12. It's raining here as I type this...but the gardens do need it!
    Your break in the forest sounds wonderful and just what your husband needed.
    Sue xx

  13. Escaping to the woods sounds like a perfect holiday. It looks so lovely there too. We are used to the rain here but I would still welcome some right now - it's to hot for my liking.

    Loving the postcards especially the one that teaches you the words - am trying to teach myself to read French at the moment. I might look for a similar visual aid.