Friday, 27 May 2016

A Postcard a Day - Friday 27 May 2016 - Friday Smiles

Good morning lovely Friday people!

I'm late this morning as we had a late night last night. (a bit of socialising with our Danish neighbours. There were 7 of them!) We were on the terrace until very late! It has only been warm weather since two weeks so not all the terrace furniture was out. With seven Danes coming we decided it was time to put the big table out. It has a metal frame and a glass top. It is too heavy for Graham, even with a friend, to bring up the stairs. So the four men were set to work as soon as they arrived. The table base, the glass top and the six chairs are now on the terrace for the duration of the summer. 
My DH (L) and one of our Danish friends.

Here is my postcard for today:
It's from Japan. The image is an old woodblock art print by Utagawa Kuniyoshi called 'Goldfish', 19th century, Tokyo National Museum.

Natsuko, who sent me the card, used some really nice stamps:

Here is something that made me smile. I had seen this on the internet a while ago but the caption had the F word in it which I don't like. Now I have found one with a similar caption without offending swearwords. 

It makes me smile because I am that grandma. I wish I had grandchildren who could explain the mysteries of the iphone. I can make a call. I have wifi on it but have not used it. My grandies would go grrrr too I guess. I am still writing my blogs on a computer, that is why I can't blog when I'm away.

That's it from me today. Annie is recovering from a well deserved holiday in Portugal, but she still posts Friday Smiles. Please join us if you have something to smile about.

Have a good week everyone and keep smiling!




  1. If I had a grandchild I would be that Gran too.
    Love the photo of the get together - sounds as if that is the same as our outdoor table - now awaiting one son to come up and help move it to the patio.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  2. Seems we all need help my table came out 2 weeks ago when my daughter and partner were here. I like you have a smart phone and am slowly learning how to use it. My daughter bought me a kindle fire for my birthday it is great although somewhat larger than the phone but better for my eyes.

    1. Can you make phone calls with a Kindle Fire?. Graham's Kindle is playing up. It was one of the first so I think he is due a new one. Apparently we are not allowed to buy them in Spain (or we have to register with the american site), so we'll have to wait until we come to the UK in September.

  3. haha I've seen that caption before as well. It makes me chuckle everytime, its so true.
    Looks like a great evening had by all. Wish we could get outside proper. Fingers crossed for next week when we are at the caravan
    Lynn xx

  4. We had a long day travelling home yesterday so now we have refilled the food cupboards I can finally catch up with this weeks smiles. We really loved Albufeira but it's so good to be my own chair and sleeping in our own bed :-)
    It looks like you've been making the best of the weather too :-)
    Annie x

  5. Hi Lisca I had to smile when I read caption on the photo you shared. My little six year old grandson knows more about my phone than I do! I loved reading about your start to the summer season and your Danish neighbors. I have lots Danish neighbors near my home in Turkey. Being half danish, It's always a joy to visit with them. Enjoy your weekend, Pat xx

  6. Love the get-together photo and the postcard is amazing.Japan is always enchanting!