Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A Postcard a Day Tuesday 24 May 2016 - T for Wedding!

Good morning my lovely friends! Happy Tuesday to you all! 
I'm here to share a postcard with you and photos of a wedding we were privileged to be invited to last Saturday. I'm warning: it's photo heavy, but you don't mind that, do you? Just settle down with your favorite drink and enjoy.

I will be linking up with Elizabeth with T for Tuesday where we all share something that has a drink in it. 

Here is my postcard:
It's called (not surprisingly) Russian Beauty. It was painted by V.Nagornov, based on an original painting by K.Makovsky "Kissing Bowl". Well, it does not look like a bowl to me but I'm sure there is something drinkable in there. Perhaps some hot coffee or tea... I hope this qualifies. 

Saturday my DH and I were invited to a wedding. Our neighbour's daughter, Anais, got married to a young man from the village Jesús. (Yes, Jesús is a normal boys' name here in Spain). They have already been living together in the village for 8 years and now she has a permanent job, they are tying(have I spelt that right? I don't have an English spell checker) the knot. The photographer was busy taking pictures at her father's house, so I took advantage and clicked away. Isn't she beautiful?
Their little dog is called Fiona, and was also dressed up!
Here is Anais with the photographer:
The young people decided they would play a practical joke on the bride groom and Anais' cousin dressed up as a bride. (I'll explain in a minute what they did):
The wedding was to be held outside in the garden:
When all the guests had gathered, a large tractor with a chair on the front drove up with the bride... (her dad is a farmer)
Everyone applauded, and the groom looked at her eagerly only to realize that it was a fake bride!!
Here comes the real bride! On horse back!
This is the lovely horse she rode:
Andalusians love their horses. Dressage is something they are particularly good at here. This horse is saddled in a typical country way that everybody uses here. I'm sure they also have leather saddles, but here out in the sticks they do it like this. 
The bride was 'given away' by her father and the groom by his mother. (I don't know if this is the custom.) No bridesmaids, only a couple of witnesses.

We then went to the restaurant, 

where there were drinks and canapés and eventually a meal. The wedding cake had all sorts of figures on them depicting something from their lives. But the main figures were Shrek and Princess Fiona that obviously had  a special meaning for them and they cut the cake with a sword.

There was dancing afterwards. My DH was wearing his kilt, which caused a bit of a stir, with the usual requests to know what he was wearing underneath.  The answer is: nothing. But he has had problems with drunken young ladies at weddings before so for weddings he wears boxershorts under his kilt, just to avoid embarrasment.

We had a really lovely day. I hope you liked the photographs. 

A happy T-Day everyone!


  1. What an interesting wedding. I bet it was a fun and luckily it was a beautiful day too. And another nice postcard. Have a great day and Happy T day!

  2. What a fun and interesting wedding, good luck to the bride and groom. Love the idea of arriving on a white horse. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. What a wonderful wedding, looks so interesting, the cakes especially! Love the joke played on the groom and the bride arriving on horseback! Oh! Your T picture - beautiful! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. What a lovely bride! It's so interesting to read about the customs in other countries. Thanks for sharing the wedding :) Happy T Tuesday.

  5. what a special - and FUN wedding event! the bride looks gorgeous and I love seeing the dressed up horse along with some of the other customs. Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous day. Happy T day!

  6. Your Russian beauty is truly lovely with her coffee pot ready to share a drink with us.

    That was an elaborate and seemingly expensive trick to play on the groom-to-be. I'm sure it was great fun, though. The bride was lovely, and that was a LONNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG train.

    Thank you for sharing the wedding, the unique customs, the cake and drinks, and your gorgeous postcard with us for T this Tuesday. I think it must have been wise of your husband to not take any chances with his kilt, too.

  7. Oh my goodness we needed a picture of your hubby in his kilt! :) Such a lovely bride. Love that she rode in on a horse. And like Elizabeth said that train is out of this world gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing the brides day with us. Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  8. Oh Lisca, what fun this is!! I guess pretty much 'anything goes' for weddings these days, and I think it was quite charming that the groom's mother 'gave him away' but wow...that practical joke was the best! The REAL bride really was quite beautiful and such a stunning dress. arriving on horseback...so cool! and a marvelous postcard for tea today. Thank you for sharing smiles with us today!~

  9. She is a very beautiful bride, thank you for sharing the photos and to hear how the bride arrived for the ceremony on a horse, Wow.
    Happy Tuesday

  10. Great post card and that bride is beautiful... looks like the wedding was fun and so glad the weather agreed.

  11. Lisca thank you for sharing these lovely photos. The bride looks beautiful and her dress is gorgeous. Awesome postcard too.
    Happy T day

  12. A beautiful bride indeed and what a lovely wedding. Can we see a photo of you and DH in your wedding finery :-)
    The postcard is gorgeous. Anne x

  13. Oh my gosh! Thank you for sharing this wonderful wedding with us !
    Just AMAZING !!

    Thank you for the link to the walk4fun ... that looks super to me!
    Happy belates T-Day and happy WOYWW as well!

  14. Being a visual person I can almost not sit still for posts that have only writing and no pictures.
    Photos help tell the story and you know we all wanted to see your husband in his kilt ;-)
    Lovely bride and so funny about the faux bride trick too.
    Weddings have really turned into extra special events.
    Thank you for sharing that beautiful Russian postcard too Lisca.
    With our beautiful spring weather yesterday got away from me as I was playing in the garden.

  15. I had to come and look at the wedding photos - they are gorgeous - I love the one of the bride with her train hanging over the balcony - that is something special! going back to the WOYWW post now to comment there too!

  16. Love the wedding photos.She's so beautiful!Love the russian postvard!It's amazing!