Friday, 13 May 2016

A Postcard A Day - Friday 13 May 2016 (Photo heavy) Friday Smiles

Hello Friends! I'm back again! We have been on a little holiday so I wasn't able to blog last week. But I don't like to be away from my computer for long.

We live in Spain so Portugal is not really that far. We drove to Portugal with one overnight stop. The reason I wanted to go to Portugal was that lovely white wine they sell over there called Vinho Verde. (see photos on Tuesday's blog). 

Having bought several crates of the stuff, and spending one night over the border, we drove back to Spain and stopped in Seville. 

 The weather is lousy at the moment and has been for two weeks now. Cold and rainy. But when visiting a city it is better to have cool weather than sweltering hot.
I love doors and in an old city like Seville there are many interesting ones. The first photo shows a wrought iron door to a 'patio', the courtyard around which old Spanish houses are built. (I love having a peep).

These wooden structures are called 'Las Setas' (the mushrooms) for obvious reasons. They cover an archeological site from Roman times:
Sevilla is known for its horse drawn carriages. Of course these days it are the tourists who mainly use them. 

Our budget didn't allow for a ride but i did like looking at the beautiful horses.

 This tower is called La Giralda and used to be part of a mosque. When Spain was conquered by Christians and the cathedral was build in medieval times, the tower became the bell tower of the cathedral. The copper spheres, so typical of a mosque, had fallen off during an earthquake and have been replaced by bells.
Interestingly there are many replicas of this tower in the US. For example in the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City.

The old centre is completely pedestrianised and every little street is clearly named, so it was so easy (with a map) to negociate the warren of allyways. 

The parks are large and beautiful.
And the key to this door would certainly not fit in my rucksack! Compare its size to the modern key hole just next to it....

I hope you liked our little outing to Sevilla! And I hope it made you smile. 

To finish, here is a little funny:
I'm linking up with Annie at Friday Smiles and later on with Virginia at Rocking Your World Friday. Please join us with the good things that have happened in your week.

Have a lovely weekend and a good week ahead, full of smiles!



  1. Thanks for the tip off with the wine....we are flying out to Portugal next week so I'm sure we will hunt some out. :-) Love your looks like a lot of walking but well worth a visit.
    Annie x

    1. It is a light wine, and this particular one (see photos from Tuesday) is ever so slightly fizzy which is a lovely feeling on the tongue. A typical summer wine when the weather is warm....

  2. I really enjoyed this visit to Seville. It was fun to see the architecture and the buildings. I kept thinking that old mosque/church looked familiar and nearly fell over when you said Kansas City. It was the tallest building in the Plaza and you could see it for a long way, especially when it was lit at Christmas with the lights. That alone, put a smile on MY face.

    Of course, I really enjoyed the voyage with you, too. Have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend!

  3. A lovely post Lisca with beautiful photos. It certainly looks as if you enjoyed your holiday. Last week we had some lovely hot sunshine while apparently continental Europe was having lots of rain.

    How lucky you were to get bargain prices on you favourite wine. That lot should last a while - Enjoy!

    Have a lovely weekend. Barbxx

  4. Beautiful Photos Lisca, bet you had a great time. The weather here is all over the place and today has been quite dull but yesterday was really warm. Have a great weekend, Angela x

  5. There's a thing we have in common, doors !
    I love a good door. When we had a new front door I refused to have the same as everyone else and chose an old Victorian one with stained glass set in.
    Looks like you've had a lovely time.
    Lynn xx

  6. Gorgeous photos, Lisca! We have visited Seville and loved it. I love Spanish architecture! And like you, I love doors, and have lots of photos of them. Thank you for your visit and your lovely comment on my 2 blog posts - sorry to be so long getting back to you but it's been an extremely busy time recently. So glad you liked all my various actiities and the finishing touches to the two rooms. Our kitties don't play much these days either but Phoebe does a bit sometimes - they are both getting a bit old for such childish pursuits but it was fascinating to see how they remembered all about their kitty castle! My hubby is taking it to its new home tomorrow. I sang a song called "I'll never let go of your hand" by Don Francisco at church and it went down very well! I had my follow-up appt. with the surgeon yesterday and he's very pleased with my progress. Kermit (my stoma) continues to behave very well, I'm pleased to say!

    Have a great weekend, and happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #52

  7. Ah I missed you last week, so glad you enjoyed your trip (and got your wine), the tour of Seville was fantastic - thank you for sharing - I loved LOVED the mushrooms - how absolutely amazing!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend and week ahead - much love

  8. Thanks for sharing your day out in Seville which looks beautiful even in the rain (although I think it was probably dry in the photos). The 'mushroom' structure looks amazing and so huge, I would love to see it for myself.
    I too love looking at doors and was sorting some postcards out an passing them on (why keep them all?) but the door ones had to stay with me. One day I will get around to that collage of doors I keep promising myself.
    Hugs, Neet xx
    ps are you still willing to have Flat Susan visit?

    1. Yes, I'm still interested in hosting Flat Susan. Where is she now?

  9. ooh Seville looks amazing, never thought of it for a city break but I like what I see (especially the mushrooms). I also have a fascination with doors and have taken many photos over the years I joke I could make a book!

    Thanks for visting my desk already