Tuesday, 31 May 2016

A Postcard a Day - Tuesday 31 May 2016

Good morning lovely T Gang!

Here I am with another postcard to share and some photos about our life here in Spain, with a drink in it. Yes, I am linking up with Elizabeth for T for Tuesday. Anyone is welcome as long as there is something drink related in the post.

This is my postcard:

As you can imagine it is a card from the Netherlands. Not much to do with drink you say... well I could argue it is a milk maker!

So what have I been up to? Socializing! A lot of socializing! Our lovely Danish neighbours have come for a week's holiday. (their house is a holiday home so we only see them a few times a year). So we have had a few intense get-togethers.
My DH is the one with the hat. I'm not in the photo as I'm behind the camera. Our house is the white house top left.
I'm not going to bore you with all our escapades, but one of my girl friends celebrated her birthday by going for a drink in the nearby park. Her name is Conchi and she is the girl on the right.
I am again not in the picture but one of my friends took the camera and on the next picture I am sat on the left.
And here is the owner of the place, doing some waiting. His name is Santi (short for Santiago = James).
My drink is the glass with the red stuff. It is called Bitter Kas, which is like a bitter campari soda without the alcohol. It is very refreshing.

Now enough of the booze. Lets call it a day. 

Happy T-day all of you,




  1. Glad you had lots of opportunities to celebrate. Love the card with the cow, I love taking photos of cows and their beautiful eyes. Happy T Day and have a good week, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love the cow postcard and sounds like life has been a lot of fun. :) And who knew you took glider lessons (as you mentioned on your comment). How fun is that. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your Danish neighbors. Happy T day-Hugs-Erika

  3. What a lovely time you're having with friends and birthdays and drinkies!!! Good on you :)

  4. Love that postcard:):) So nice to everyone gathering round for good times-thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  5. Cute postcard and what fun to see so much merrymaking among friends. Looks like lots of happy times and memories.
    Thank you for sharing and Happy T Day Lisca oxo

  6. Y'all look like you're having such fun, and I'm attracted to that landscape in the background. So different from what I see here. Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Wow, Lisca, you can bore me any day with your escapades. I live vicariously, and enjoy visiting places I will probably never see in my lifetime.

    Cute postcard. Milk maker indeed!

    Thanks for sharing your postcard and your lively entertainment with us for T this Tuesday. Fun to see the non-alcohol as well as the alcohol you drink.

  8. That postcard had me laughing. Very unexpected photo when the page loaded. LOL Fun, food and drink with friends is always a good time! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy T day!

  9. Lisca I adore that cow postcard and in my book it would count for being drink related LOL! But then sometimes i find it difficult to get a photo of a drink... :) So good to see you having fun with your friends and i'm glad you were able to get in a photo!! Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

    Lisca... caulk is what you use to fill in all the cracks and imperfections in your work to make it look nicer... then you can paint over it... You can get it waterproofed to protect from the rain too.. It is a tooth paste consistency... :)

  10. oh, that really Looks like you had a great time with friends. what more can one ask for? the cow postcard is fun!
    happy t-day!

  11. oh, socializing is a very good thing to do! looks like really fun groups of people to spend time with...that is what life is about, I think! and love the postcard...such a cute cow expression! Happy T (coffee, wine, Bitter Kas) day! ♥

  12. A nice postcard! I love cow portraits! It seems you have a lovely time just now! Enjoy Lisca!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  13. That postcard is fun, with the reference to the milk. Super photos, it seems you were all having a lovely time.
    Happy T day.

  14. What a wonderful time it looks that you are all having..what a life

  15. Oh Lisca, what a lovely post and very entertaining.....from the milk maker to the booze!!
    Belated T-day wishes.