Wednesday, 23 March 2016

WOYWW 355 Decoupage (remember?) and a new digi layout

Good morning! Today is another chance to spy on each other's desks. If you don't know about this desk hopping, go to Julia's blog Stamping Ground where all is explained.

Here is my desk this morning:
There are some more freesias from my little courtyard. They are lovely and fragrant. Next to the monitor there is a pile of birthday cards that I am going to open as soon as my DH comes down with the breakfast he is lovingly preparing. Yes, it's my birthday today! Tada! I'm 65!

I'm typing this early as later on today we are going away in our campervan to the coast until Monday. I have a bottle of Chardonay in the fridge for our lunch on the way and tonight we shall 'dine' in a restaurant. 

The other thing on my desk is... decoupage! Yes, it was fashionable years back and I still have a box full of decoupage sheets. I know most of you would shudder at the thought of fussy cutting in this age of Silhouette cutting machines, but I enjoy doing it and find it relaxing to do for an hour or so when I sit outside on the terrace in the sun. I did quite a few and I have put them all on some white paper for you to see.

Yes, definitely posed. Now all I need to do is make the cards....

I'm still continuing to do the free digital scrapbooking for beginners course at The Scrapaneers. I have finished my second lay out. Like last week it was complicated as I had to 'translate' from Photoshop Elements into the Adobe Photoshop CS6 that I have and then into Spanish as I have Spànish software! 
I still have a problem resizing photos. In PSE if you resize them by the corners, it will be proportionate. In PSCS it doesn't do that and I don't know how to keep the photo in the same proportions. Anyone know?

A while ago, one of you was making a load of cards and asked if anyone would like a birthday card. I wrote back: "yes, please as I don't get many." Well, it arrived a few days ago, my mystery card from Canada. I've just opened it and it is beautiful!

It's from Michelle in Whitby, Canada. If you are reading this Michelle, a huge thank you! I am so 'chuffed' as they say. By far the best birthday card I received and the only handmade one.

That is it from me today. I'm going to open the rest of my cards now. 

Oh, and I might not be able to do many visits or comments as I don't know if the campsite has wifi and if they have, how good it is.

Have a good week all of you and Happy Easter for those that celebrate our Lord's resurrection!

He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!



  1. Your cut outs look so pretty and the LO is fab. No idea on technical photo stuff. Have a lovely time in your campervan and a very happy birthday.
    sandra de @27

  2. Happy Birthday Lisca!! Ooooh freesias, one of my favourite fragrances of all, they bring back happy memories too. I love fussy cutting too and I still think floral decoupage cards are very pretty and worth the effort. Have a lovely time :o) Annie C #25

  3. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a delicious breakfast and then a fun little trip. Come back with lots of photos and enjoy! Hugs-Erika

  4. Happy birthday Lisca ♥ ♥ ♥ Thanks for the link to Scrapaneers - will mention it at the craft group today. I love your decoupage bits esp the large lady with the drum and large maracas! Have a good Easter in your campervan x Jackie 33

  5. Sending Birthday Wishes to you! Hope you get to do something wonderful although a cooked for me breakfast would be wonderful! Happy WOYWW!
    Glenda #27

  6. I am doing a very quick whistle stop tour of my fav blogs in my lunch break today. It's pretty manic returning the bungalow to a little nearer normality for when our Dutch friends arrive tomorrow so please forgive me that it is such a quick visit.
    The important thing for you to do today is to enjoy your visiting blogs just have a ball :-)
    Annie x # 11

  7. enjoy your b-day and your trip with the campervan.
    About the resizing, I'm no computerwizz myself but is their maybe a box where you can tick keep proportion? Happy B-day and WOYWW Vicky #9

  8. Happy birthday Lisca - enjoy evey minute. Your freesias are lovely - my favourites too - I had them in my wedding bouquet! x Jo

  9. Happy Birthday! Hope it was grand!
    In PSCS if you are using the crop tool, there is a drop down box to choose that is by default set to unconstrained. There are several option for sizing. For my blog I use the 4x3 proportion. After the cropping then you can resize it by pixels as well such as 800x600...which is a good size for blogs.
    Email me if you want me to take some screen shots of the menus.

  10. Happy Birthday to you! I hope you have a wonderful time on your mini-trip. That's a beautiful card you were sent.

    The scrapbook page looks great.

    Sharon K #51

  11. Great card and hope you have s happy Easter!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #32

  12. Hi Lisca, and first of all, Happy, Happy Birthday to you. Have a wonderful break at the coast. Second of all, Please will you email me your snail mail addy? As you love decoupage so much, I have a present for you. I bought loads of decoupage sheets when I first started cardmaking, but as I got into stamping, I stopped doing it. I have a mass of sheets just sitting in a box and will never get used. It would please me greatly to send them where they will get used. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz#29 xxx

  13. Happy Birthday!! hope you're having a wonderful celebration. Helen #2

  14. Hi Lisca wishing you a wonderful birthday! Hope your wine, dinner & weekend away are all top notch! Ali 68 xx

  15. Happy birthday Lisca, hope you have a lovely time away and a great woyww. Angela x 23

  16. Happy Birthday - have a wonderful time away. I like fussy cutting as well :-) Anne x #24

  17. Happy belated birthday Lisca. Oh my that is a lot of work to fussy cut out but they are just so beautiful. The card Michelle sent you is so pretty and how sweet to recieve in the mail to. Hope you had a great time with you DH fir dinner and may the two of you have a wonderful Easter Hugs~Anne L#7

  18. I am definitely not technical. Love the layout in the fresh flowers. I wish we could grow those here. Blessings to you, glory to God.

  19. Hartelijke Feliciteerd, Lisca, hope I have spelt it correctly. .
    I'm afraid I am one of those who was never enthusiastic about Decoupage, it always looked a bit amateurish, maybe because I was so rubbish about cutting out neatly.
    That card is lovely, and those freesias, I can almost spell them from here, quite my favourite flowers.
    And a Happy and Blessed Easter weekend to you.
    He is risen indeed, hallelujah.
    Chris #31

  20. What a pretty handmade card from Michelle and I don't own a circut so it's fussy cutting for me too I don't mind at all do it all the time
    hugs Nikki 6

  21. Happy belated birthday - hope you're having a great weekend. I love 3D decoupage and also find it relaxing to cut round the designs.
    Have a crafting Easter (if you can!)
    Take care
    Christine aka Bishopsmate #36

  22. Thanks for popping over Lisca!
    Lovely post!
    ...I still do 3D images as I call them or decoupage, I dont own a cutting machine or plan to buy one.
    Well done on your card from Canad,a very generous size too as post over there is dear..
    Many happies for Wed. .. and happy blessings of the LORD this Easter time!
    Praise God, for He is risen indeed as He said!
    Shaz in Oz.x *8