Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A Postcard A Day - Tuesday 29 March 2016 T for campervan and pebbles

Good Morning folks,

Have you had a good Easter weekend? Yes, we certainly did. We have been away to the coast (South-East Spain) in our campervan.
On the coast it is always 5 or 6 degrees C warmer than here (near Granada, where the altitude is higher). The weather was warm and sunny (see Friday's blog).

This is a photo on the first day, my birthday. I am still wearing my turtle neck jumper. I changed into a T-shirt shortly after that.

I'll be linking up with Elizabeth and Bluebeard at T for Tuesday. Please join us with your blogpost as long as it has something drink related in it. 

In my case I'm showing the bottle of dry white wine that I treated myself to after a few months of abstination (trying to lose some weight, which I did. But now it's back to the diet...). 
The photo above was taken Wednesday which was my birthday. The wine glasses look very impressive but are actually hard plastic. Still, very pretty I think.

Postcard time! This card is actually one of my birthday cards. It is from my cousin Margit. She writes:"This is how I see you and Graham: both in balance! Happy Birthday!"

That's it for this morning! 

Wishing you all Happy T-Day,



  1. Happy Birthday - great you had such a nice day for celebrationg!!!

    Happy T-Day!

    Please send the sun to us !

  2. Glad you were able to celebrate your birthday with a nice glass of wine - cheers! Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  3. happy T Day. Your birthday meal looks yummy. Glad your little adventure was fun and warm. Hugs-Erika

  4. happy birthday to you! What a lovely way to spend it and happy to see the weather cooperated with you. Great postcard and sentiment! Happy T day to you too.

  5. I really enjoyed seeing more of your trip (I saw the Friday post last week) and your lovely postcard. But I was especially impressed with the birthday meal and wine. Looks like you were having a bit of fun by then, too. Hard plastic is preferable in a moving vehicle. Wise choice, and classy, too.

    Thanks for sharing your birthday wine and your trip with us for T this Tuesday.

    To answer your question, for Second on the 2nd, all you need to do is share a post, any post you want to bring back for others to see.

  6. Well happy birthday! That was a charming card your cousin sent you. Happy T-Day! Oh, and I like your shorter hair, too! :-)

  7. Happy Birthday! That camper van looks handy. Great way to get about. Happy trails.

  8. Happy Birthday!...love your photo, you are so cute and looking happy on your special day. :) those wine glasses had me fooled--they are pretty. if you hadn't told me they are plastic I would not have guessed. Fun to peek inside your camper van too... Happy T day!

  9. "both in balance" I love that :) Happy birthday!

  10. i love your look and the birthday Card really is Special! good idea to replace the glass by unbreakable material in a Caravan! cheers on your b-day, and have a great week!

  11. What a lovely card and photo of the birthday girl celebrating.
    It is always so nice to have a change of scenery and some warm sunshine too.
    Thank you for the info about the Walking4Fun.
    Mr Magpie and I enjoy walking but not for days and weeks and months at a time LOL. It will be interesting to see the virtual Appalachian Trail.
    Happy T Day Lisca oxo

  12. I am glad you found some sunshine for your birthday - Belated Birthday wishes to you! Happy T day! Chrisx

  13. Looks like your b-day was lovely. Great motorhome you have!